‘Corruption is Liberians’ Daily Bread’


The Archbishop of the Catholic Church of Liberia, Archbishop Lewis Ziegler, said corruption has eaten up the fabric of the Liberian society.

The Catholic Archbishop also stated that it is becoming the daily bread for Liberians at all levels.

The prelate said corruption begins within families and is carried to the pinnacle of society; the governance of the state.

He served as the keynote speaker at the National Fast and Prayer Day service organized by the Liberia Council of Churches on Friday April 11, at the Providence Baptist Church on Broad and Ashmun Streets.

Archbishop Ziegler noted that greed and selfishness, among other evil vices, are leading the nation to a place where its people are discussing same sex marriage, while others are depriving their fellow citizens of their livelihood.

Along with those vices, the Archbishop also added that Liberians take corruption, greed, selfishness and homosexuality for granted and these vices are hurting the country and holding it back.

“As a nation that has God as its Father, how can we be discussing same sex marriage? Where are we going as a nation? We are calling temptation upon ourselves, corruption has become our daily bread,” the Catholic prelate said.

Archbishop Ziegler indicated that the greed and selfishness of Liberians, especially its political leaders, is compelling a vast majority of the population to fast continuously and without choice, because they do not have food to eat.

“Today you and I are fasting, we are praying, what are we going to do tomorrow? What are we going to do in our offices? In the market places, in the streets, or wherever we find ourselves? Are we going back to business as usual? If that is the case, then there is no need for fasting. Yes, we are fasting for only one day, or we may have fasted throughout this week; but that is not enough. What about our brothers and sisters who are compelled to fast every day, they are compelled because they do not have the means.”

“We need to be grateful to God, the Almighty Father, we need to seek pardon for our many sins, we must pray for good and healthy living in this country. Not only pray, but we must also work towards it,” Archbishop Ziegler urged his fellow countrymen and women

The cleric said more attention should be given to the issue of hatred amongst Liberians because it is making citizens poor and hungry.  He said, “Let us pay attention to the issue of hatred for one another, to the issue of lying on one another; this is a very serious problem in our country.”

“The issue of corruption that has eaten up our society stems from the wicked words that we say about others. It comes from the self-centeredness that prevents us from responding to the needs of others, and the greed that keeps all we do only for ourselves”, said the Catholic Prelate.

He added, “Because of greed some Liberians do not care about others and are allowing others to be poor and go hungry. Why are they poor? Why are they hungry? We may excuse ourselves and say they are lazy to work, that is not always the case. Why don’t we question if we are the ones being too greedy? Are we too selfish to see? Is it not because we are so self-centered?” he asked.

He continued, “For example, if you use funds given to you that were meant to be used for the common good, do you not realize that you are depriving thousands of others the good things in life?”

The Archbishop said it is a common practice for people to take away what is meant for the majority while leaving others in poverty. “If you use drugs that were given to you so they can be used by hospitals and clinics, do you realize the number of people you are sending to their early graves? If you rape that poor little girl, that poor child, are you not aware that you have destroyed her life and many others? All of these actions, my dear brothers and sisters, are acts of greed. Because of greed we are selfish, because of selfishness, there is no love for God in our hearts,” the Archbishop lamented.


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