CDC Warns Liberians of Rob’s Bloody Threat


Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is warning Liberians to stay away from Robert Sirleaf because he has vowed to “make Liberians bleed.”

The local media last Saturday aired remarks made by Mr. Sirleaf in which he vowed to “brutalize Liberians that will protest against him and make them bleed till their stomachs come out.” Mr. Sirleaf made these statements at an Ebola awareness event at Red Hill Field in Virginia outside Monrovia.

Addressing a news conference yesterday in Monrovia, the CDC condemned the Independent Senatorial Candidate’s attack on ordinary Liberians, describing it as “an attempt to reinvent his mother’s legacy of terror and bloodbath as a sole [pathway] to power.”

“CDC is troubled and terrified by Sirleaf’s horrible campaign strategy as he vows to spill the blood of sons and daughters, of mothers who continue to be struck by the unbearable memories of war and destruction engineered by the leadership of his mother and others.

“The Leadership of CDC believes Sirleaf’s bizarre avowals to ‘beat kids until their stomachs come out’ expresses his devilish admiration for his mother’s history of viciousness and bloodbath as a means of acquiring political power,” CDC’s vice chairman for Operations, Mulbah Morlu, declared.

According to Mr. Morlu, CDC is greatly troubled by candidate Sirleaf’s insensitivity and utter disregard for the national health crisis and the acute suffering inflicted on victims and those who have lost families to the deadly Ebola Virus in a country that continues to count a terrible human and economic cost in its struggle to survive.

“Sirleaf’s horrifyingly articulated strategy to ‘make kids bleed like an Ebola virus’ is symptomatic of his insensitivity to the struggles of Ebola victims and the challenges encountered by their families. This callous disregard for human life as espoused by the son of the President, exposes the candidate as being absolutely out of touch with the daily pains of the ordinary citizens.   

‘While the CDC is accustomed to the growing intensities of political debates in the domestic sphere, it considers as repugnant and horrible Sirleaf’s agenda to lead a campaign of blood and violence against innocent people.

The CDC is, therefore, calling on all Liberians to restrain their children (especially young men and boys) from Robert Sirleaf’s campaign programs in order to keep them safe from “Bleeding till their stomachs  come out,” as threatened by the candidate.  The CDC believes Sirleaf is capable of many evils…and should be avoided,” the CDC statement warned.

At the same time, CDC wants Deputy Police Director for Operations, Abraham Kromah, be dismissed by President Sirleaf.

CDC cited the “unrepentant hostility to law and order repeatedly carried out by Col. Kromah” as the cardinal reason to dismiss the Deputy Police Chief.


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