CDC Suspends Three Lawmakers


Based on last Thursday’s exchanges of vulgar languages that disrupted the regular working session at the National Legislature, the leadership of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has with immediate effect suspended ‘for time indefinite’ three of its lawmakers reportedly involved in the brawl, the Daily Observer has learnt.

Lawmakers affected by the party’s decision are Montserrado County Representatives Solomon George, Acarous Gray and Thomas Fallah of electoral Districts #s 7, 8, and 5 respectively.

Of the three, according to report, Mr. Gray has accepted his suspension, but called for a probe to establish what really transpired at the Legislature. Up to press time, Representatives George and Fallah are yet to comment on their ‘indefinite suspension from the CDC.’

While in session debating the way forward on the indictment of House Speaker Alex Tyler from the recent Global Witness Report on bribery involving him and other officials, the three lawmakers were divided on the debate. They eventually resorted to verbal exchanges, as Mr. George, who attempted getting at Gray, was heard saying, “This place is smelling with opium scent. Some among us (lawmakers) have come from smoking weed (grass)…”

At the same time, Rep. Fallah became enraged, asking Rep. George to verify his status, to which Rep. George replied, “If you don’t know me, then I am your mother’s boyfriend…”

In the ensuing screaming match, Rep. Gray was waiting for George to exit the session before taking his seat. That never materialized as Rep. George resisted any attempt by any of his colleagues to convince him to move – attempts that were meet with violence.

The situation was later brought under control when the embattled Speaker suspended the session until the following day, Tuesday. Yesterday’s session was also tense when the issue of the suspended “Roll Call” was brought to the floor.

Meanwhile, the CDC Executive Committee, in its action to suspend the trio, noted that the rude behavior on the part of its lawmakers has brought ‘public disgrace’ to the political institution; a situation the Committee said it will not overlook.

Accordingly, the Committee said the suspension of the three lawmakers will remain enforced until those involved see and admit that what they did was not in conformity with the party’s norms.

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