CDC Primaries Controversy Deepens

The Congress for Democratic Change’s (CDC) nationwide primaries, that just recently began, have continued to be characterized by accusations of manipulation and malpractices from elements within its ranks.

The most recent episode took place in Bong County where protests against results are claiming the attention of the partisans.

In Maryland and Bomi Counties, results have reportedly been nullified due to what partisans consider as “fraud”, which they believe must not be accepted by the leadership of the party.

This time around, controversial CDC Vice Chairman for Operation, Mulbah Morlu, is in the spotlight as CDCians in Bong County have accused him of manipulating the process that brought on board Mr. Augustus Flomo as winner of the primary.

The CDC Bong County chapter, through its Vice Chairman for Operation Aaron Larteh, and Vice Chairman for Administration, Delino Kollie, voiced its frustration about how the process was conducted last week in Bong County under the watchful eyes of the National Vice Chairman for Operation.

At a press conference in Monrovia on Thursday, June 12, Kollie accused Morlu of continuously transgressing against the laws of the CDC, thereby bringing the party into public disrepute.

“The CDC National VPO unilaterally reinstated suspended Bong Chapter Chairman, Victor Wesseh, who is considered as a close friend to him (Morlu), in order for them to carry on their clandestine acts to the detriment of the people of the county,” Mr. Kollie said.

A statement compiled by the discontented group recalled that, “Victor Wesseh and other members of the CDC Bong chapter were accused of bad administrative practices, such as unilaterally presenting a senatorial candidate to Amb. George Weah in the presence of national executive committee members, which did not meet the consensus of the county executive committee members, consequently leading to his (Wesseh) suspension.”

According to Kollie, Morlu supported suspended Chairman Wesseh in Bong County in violation of the party’s constitution.

Kollie further alleged that out of the nine executive members of the CDC Bong Chapter, only six were invited by Morlu during the announcement of the primary results.

He said nine key executive members of the county including Delino J. kollie, vice chairman for Administration, Aaron J. Larteh, Vice Chairman for operation; Emmanuel Korkoya, Vice Chairman for Political Affairs; Emmanuel Porkpa, Vice Chairman for international affairs; Cllr. Mohammed Golagalay, Vice Chairman for Legal and Governmental Affairs and Mr. William Lablah, deputy secretary for record and research were not part of the primary that was conducted by Mr. Morlu and others during mid-night hours.

He said only six executive members in the county were present at the “so called primary” conducted by Mr. Morlu.

The local CDC official said, “The primary clandestinely and dubiously started mid-night and ended at 2 a.m., when more partisans were at sleep. After this secret operation, the primary committee members escaped to Monrovia, leaving us uninformed.”

Amid the allegations, efforts to contact Mr. Morlu failed as some of his contact numbers were perpetually off while others went unanswered.

In thir letter to CDC National Chairman George Solo, the Bong County Chapter executives said, “Based on the above reasons or points against Mr. Morlu and the suspended Bong county Chairman, couple with the way in which the primary was conducted, we therefore ask your honorable office to please probe into the matter by constituting an investigative team to investigate chairman Morlu and others concerned, as we continue to condemn the decision taken by the primary committee in Bong County.”

They called on Chairman Solo to also denounce Mr. Augustus Flomo as winner of the primary in Bong County until the investigation is completed.

“Chairman Solo, we are with strong conviction that if nothing is done about the matter, we will remain as CDCians in the county, but will support an independent candidate of our choice to deliver our County in the 2014 election. We are also contemplating that the issue enters a court of competent jurisdiction if nothing tangible comes from the headquarters of our beloved CDC,” they warned.

Meanwhile, Maryland and Bomi Counties were the hardest hit by the flaws in the primary exercise, leaving the party with the option to nullify the results from the two counties.

Results from Other Primaries

Other candidates that have so far emerged from other primaries are George M. Weah, Montserrado (won on white ballot); former Unity Party stalwart and CDC newcomer Dr. Foday Kromah, Grand Cape Mount County; Nathaniel McGill, CDC secretary general, Gbarpolu County and Prof. Ansu Sonii will lead the party for Margibi County. It must be noted, however, that all went unchallenged.

In the most contested race, Cllr. Teplah Reeves defeated two other contenders, Emmanuel Toe and Rosina Shaack for River Cess County seat while Solomon Murrey was the lone candidate for Grand Bassa County, putting an end to speculation that CDC was prepared to support football star, James S. Debbah, who attempted joining the CDC to grab the seat.


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