CDC Lawmaker Disrupts Court Hearing


A lawmaker of the main opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), was thrown out of the Monrovia City Courtroom last Friday for arguing with the judge at the start of a pretrial hearing involving four partisans of the party.

Solomon George, who is Montserrado County District #7 Representative, got into a heated exchange with Magistrate James Dudu, who had sent his party’s youth chair Jefferson Korjee to jail, on Wednesday, November 5.

The confrontation took place when Rep. George entered the courtroom as Magistrate Dudu was presiding over the case of Mulbah Morlu and two other CDC members.

Without regard for the hearing taking place, Rep. George called out to Morlu, “My general in the struggle, this is truly a CDC general.”

His action was met with a swift response from Magistrate Dudu: “Who are you? Don’t you know that we are in session? Who do you think you are?”

The Magistrate then warned the CDC lawyer that he would be thrown out of the courtroom by officers if he continued to misbehave.  Later, Magistrate Dudu advised Rep. George to sit down or politely leave the courtroom.

Rep. George was however forced to leave the courtroom. As he was led outside, he made these threatening statements: “I want you to remember that there is a time and season for everything. This is your time, but one day our time will come and you people will see what we will do with you.”

The altercation took place at the start of a hearing that was supposed to focus largely on lawyers securing a criminal appearance bond for Morlu and other co-defendants.

Korjee, Morlu and the co-defendants were charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping and sent to jail when their lawyers and fellow CDC partisans failed to raise the bond in time for their release. 

They were accused of torturing one Gbeh Salinto Montgomery, believed to be one of the youth executives of the party.


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