CDC Demands Morris Dukuly’s Resignation

Morris M. Dukuly.jpg

The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is demanding the resignation of Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly for controversial comments attributed to him recently in Monrovia, the party chairman has announced.

Minister Dukuly reportedly referred to Grand Gedeans as "chicken rogues," indicating people of that county are continuous troublemakers in Liberia.

It is also alleged that Minister Dukuly further accused Liberian journalists of being fans of Peace Ambassador George Weah, a statement that has received criticisms from the public.

The Internal Affairs boss made the comments at a Peace and Reconciliation Initiative between Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties.
Reacting to his comments, CDC chairman George Solo called for Dukuly’s immediate resignation, stating: "His comments shows that he lacks the capacity to head such critical ministry and moreover lead any peace and reconciliation process in the country."

Solo: “I'm disappointed like every other Liberian and more disappointed as a Grand Gedean for the Minister to refer to people of a particular region in such manner.

Let us look at this from two perspectives. One point is that, the Minister comments were emotionally deeply hurtful and if it was intentional, we need not to have someone like him in the position to connect the hinterland with central government. If you have someone with such deeply evil mind about Nimba and Grand Gedeh then, we have a problem.”

“On the other hand, the Minister was struggling to find an analogy that compares to the complicated situation of Grand Gedeans and Nimbaians and all Liberians when it comes to reconciliation. If we look at it from that point then we say, his analogy was very poor and out of place. Knowing all of that, then we question his capacity to lead the peace process because if he is someone who quickly express  these damaging comments then he should not be in such capacity," Solo stated.

CDC believes that Dukuly's comments can never be repaired, and as such, he needs to step aside in an effort to give reconciliation a chance. The party now considered the Internal Affairs Minister as one of those standing in the way of peace between Nimba, Grand Gedeh and the entire country for which his existence in formation of government clearly scares traditional people from interacting with him.

The party then frowned on the "angry and harsh" reaction from Grand Gedeh Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, adding that such reactionary comments from the lawmaker were unnecessary at that time.

According to local media, Minister Dukuly had since apologized for his comments.


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