CDC Declares Police ‘Enemy’


The opposition party Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has declared the Liberia National Police (LNP) as an “enemy”, thereby warning all its partisans to steer clear of the police during this Special Senatorial Election period.

According to CDC vice chairman for operations and deputy Campaign manager, Mulbah Morlu, the LNP is being used to clampdown on political opponents of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s son— Robert A. Sirleaf.

At a news conference held in Monrovia yesterday, CDC narrated that their latest call came as a result of the “[LNP’s] continued interference” into elections or campaign related matters in the country.  CDC named the continued harassment of its partisan Musa Kenneh by officers of the Police Support Unit who, according to CDC is being followed by uniformed police officers and other security personal daily; forcing him to live in hiding, away from his home.

The party at the same time condemned the alleged constant harassment of some of its members by state security, adding that “the police under the regime of Director Chris Massaquoi and Deputy Director Abraham Kromah have turned out to be [an] instrument used against the ordinary masses to protect the interest of the President’s son and few officials of government in the country.”

During the news conference, Morlu accused Deputy Police Director Abraham Kromah of leading large number of police troop to Thinkers’ Village, where Montserrado County Senatorial candidate George Weah has his fishpond and garden, terrorizing workers; thereby forcing them to flee the area.

According to CDC, their political leader George Weah’s life is being threatened and does not feel safe under such an environment and as such, wants the Liberian people and international actors in the country intervene.

CDC believes that the police have already taken side in this election period, leading the party to warn all its partisans and sympathizers to stay clear from the police in an effort to protect lives and properties.

In response, Deputy Police Director Kromah told reporters that the police anticipate an official reaction to the allegation.

He noted that while the public awaits the official reaction from police, state security do not trust comments from personalities like, Mulbah Morlu and Representative Acarous Gray.

According to the Deputy Police chief, Mulbah Morlu does not have the “moral background to support such argument while Representative Gray is an alcoholic.”

Based on these factors, Kromah believes CDC’s assertion is another form of propaganda intended to endanger the character of the police.


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