Capitol Hill Sounds Alarm over Mistakes in National Budget

The Capitol, Seat of the Legislature

Representatives on Capitol Hill have expressed dismay over discrepancies they claimed have been identified in the approved 2013/2014 National Budget.

Plenary Thursday, January 30, said that it is concerned these irregularities have the propensity to confuse the electorate and create tension in the counties.

The Lower House’s concern is based on a communication addressed to the plenary from River Cess County Representative Francis S. Paye. Rep. Paye pointed out what he believed to be several inconsistencies in the published Citizens Guide of Liberia.

The Citizens’ Guide is a document published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Ministry of Finance detailing all concession companies, how much financial benefits a particular county has and what projects are to be undertaken in these locations.

According to Rep. Paye, interchanged budget lines intended for River Cess were shifted to River Gee County.

He made specific reference to pages 52 to 55, involving US$732,000 worth of Social Development Funds allotted by concession companies operating in River Cess County that was placed under River Gee County.

“Anardarko Block 10, Chevron LB11, Chevron LB12 and EJ & J Logging Company and AmLib were all transported to other areas of outside their required places,” Representative Paye claimed.

“The much-talked about Block 13 that was previously rumored to be located in River Cess County, was rather seen under Grand Bassa County. Now the same budgetary transfer is occurring in the case of River Gee; this make us believe that there must have been some politics involved in denying River Cess its justifiable benefits,” Rep. Paye pointed out.

Rep. Paye, a former River Cess Superintendent, demanded corrections for the record’s sake to all errors identified in the final and approved Budget.

According to Rep. Paye, “by doing so we will have socio-economic growth and development for all of our various political sub-divisions.”


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