Capitol Building Shuts Down Following Sudden Death of House of Reps. Deputy Sergeant at Arms


The leadership of the Liberian Senate yesterday announced the suspension of normal activities while health workers carry on fumigation of the entire Capitol Building and grounds.

The Senate decision came hours after the House of Representatives announced the closure of its wing of the Capitol Building following news that the Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms, Captain James Morlu, had suddenly passed away under unclear circumstances.

Legislative sources told the Daily Observer that the remains of Capt. Morlu were immediately cremated through the advice of health authorities.

The House of Representatives,  following news of the passing of Capt. Morlu, asked staffers to stay away from the premise of the Capitol Building for at least 48 hours after the fumigation.

The Director of Communication at the Senate Secretariat, Jarlawah Tonpo, who confirmed the suspension of normal activities, said the decision was in line with that taken by the lower House as the two bodies share the same building.  He was not,  however, sure when the Senate will resume sitting.

Bong County Senior Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, who regretted the sudden death of Capt. Morlu and the subsequent decision by both Houses to shut down normal activities, told our reporter yesterday that it was a necessary preventive health measure.

Senator Taylor told our reporter that activities at the Senate will be suspended for atleast three days following the spraying of building and ground.

Staffers of the Senate were yesterday seeing in groups discussing what is obtaining at the Capitol Building,  wondering whether other stringent measures would be put in place in addition to the hand washing and testing temperature of workers and visitors with the latest development.

The shutdown of the Capitol Building came hours after the United States President Barack Obama announced that his country will be sending 3000 soldiers to Liberia to help the main countries affected by the Ebola pandemic, and ahead of his statement expected to outline his government’s assistance package for the countries hit by the disease. 


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