Bassonians Split over Superintendents’ Resignation for Alleged ‘Misspent’ Ebola Funds


The women, elders, paramount and clan chiefs of Grand Bassa County have distanced themselves from the recent petition of the Aggrieved Bassa   Citizens (ABC), calling for the immediate resignation of Superintendent Etweda A. Cooper and Assistant Superintendent for Development, Adonie Z. Greaves.

 The Aggrieved Citizens want the Superintendent and her Assistant to resign for their alleged misappropriation of the County Ebola Fund (CEF).

But the Governors of the county’s five districts, the  Traditional Council Chairman and the County Supreme Grand Zoe have distanced  themselves from the position of the Aggrieved Citizens. 

In a petition to the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus dated Monday, October 13, 2014, the  Traditional Council Chairman and the County Supreme Grand Zoe argued that there is no substantial proof to the alleged mismanagement of the CEF.

The Bassonians, under the name “Traditional Council of Grand Bassa,” also condemned the recent demonstration in Buchanan orchestrated by ABC.

The ABC had staged several street protests in the county petitioning the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus to ensure  the resignation for the Resignation of the two top officials, the Superintendent and her Assistant for Development on charges of embezzling over L$100,000, intended to be used to buy personal protective equipment (PPE), medicines, thermometers, chloride, buckets and other items for  the fight against the deadly Ebola disease.

However, the Bassa’s women, elders, paramount and clan chiefs as well as Governors and the Traditional Council Chairman said they are not a part of such plan.  They argued that the anti-Ebola fight should supersede all personal or unsubstantiated claims.

The Traditional Council of Grand Bassa, represented by  Elder Isaac Toe, stated that the ABC’s petition, which called for the resignation of the county’s two top officials, on charges of alleged mismanagement of the County Ebola funds, has no foundation because these officials have not been investigated.  The charges against them is, therefore,  an unlawful attempt to undermine productivity, Elder Toe asserted.

He and the Traditional Council  maintained that any act of unlawfulness in the management of County Ebola Fund must be investigated by the General Auditing Commission to prove the alleged offense for appropriate action under the Law.   

Another county youth group,  the Concerned Youth of Grand Bassa, also call on the county’s  Legislators to join forces with the county government in the fight against Ebola

 “Our position is clear. In this Ebola crisis, we do not need any confusion and should be directing our full attention combating this deadly pestilence.

Elder Toe further stated,  “If there were anyone who has unlawfully mismanaged our County Ebola Funds, we think it is prudent  to carry out  investigations to ascertain the  facts before taking an action against our leaders.”

“In this regard, therefore,” he stated, “we do not support the argument of the ‘ABC’ who went against the organic laws and traditions of our county by organizing unauthorized demonstrations and street protests calling for immediate resignation of our County Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Development in the absence of substantial proof which in this case could best provided through an audit report.

“We remain steadfast in our fight against Ebola and will never allow anything to divert our course.”

House Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue, receiving the Traditional Council’s petition on behalf of the Legislative Caucus, cautioned Bassa citizens to be civil and respectful in their dealings with officials of government.

The Grand Bassa District # 1 Representative disclosed that people may disagree on issues of interest but does not in any way warrant gross disrespect to national leaders.

District # 4 Representative Byron Brown challenge the Traditional Council to join forces with the Caucus in finding what he considers as common ground for peace and unity among the Bassa People.

Representative Brown argued that one of the cardinal responsibilities of the Traditional Council is to initiate  programs that will promote peaceful coexistence among the various groups in the county.  

For his part, Senate President  Pro Tempore Gbehzonhgar Findley told the groups that their interventions were timely and lawmakers had no option but to work together for the common good of the citizens.

The Grand Bassa Lawmaker said politics should take the back stage for now, while they confront the common enemy, Ebola.


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