As Lofa Senatorial Race Heats Up in Earnest


As the Lofa County senatorial race heats up in earnest, two out of the multiple aspirants have begun to muscle in and put their resources to work.

In a week-long survey and sampling of views from citizens and residents of Voinjama and Kolba Cities in Voinjama and Kolahun Districts, Counselors Steve Hamadu Zargo and Joseph Kolako Jallah have made their presence felt.

The two distinguished Liberian lawyers are eyeing the single seat that is up for grabs in the pending senatorial elections slated for October this year.

Henceforth, the two Liberian lawyers continue to parade the seven administrative districts, hoping to win the hearts and minds of their people.

Opinions suggest that the aspirants are both great, but differ on every socio-economic and political front in Voinjama and Kolahun Districts in Lofa County.

Opinions from administrative districts in Lofa County say that Cllr. Zargo leads the poll and currently is the front runner from Lofa.

He lost the previous senatorial race to current Senator George Tamba Tengbeh though the race was fiercely contested amongst several candidates.

In a similar situation from the past, Cllr. Jallah lost the election but has come back to contest in Lofa County.

Since then, Cllr. Zargo has concentrated business people in Voinjama District some parts of Lofa County.

Besides that, Cllr. Zargo has remained Lofa County. Said he: “I, Citizen Zargo believe that living with the citizens and doing what I can to uplift, is what I am about.”

His work with county officials, chiefs, citizens, and residents towards making things better in Lofa County shows what his focus is.

Cllr. Zargo has been identifying with student groups by providing motivation, encouragement and critically needed funds in the form of scholarships in some of the administrative districts in Lofa County.

The practicing Liberian lawyer told the Daily Observer recently in Voinjama City, that the several investment initiatives in Lofa County are aimed at making improvements in all areas, including infrastructure. A majority of Cllr. Zargo’s assistants are people centered around community-driven projects in Lofa County.

In a brief chat with a political youth activist in Voinjama City recently, he noted that Cllr. Zargo has socio-economically and politically managed to get hold of the political key to the pending senatorial contest in Lofa County.

Youth activist Jallah Mulbah Baysah intimated that the several development initiatives undertaken by Cllr. Zargo and team speak volumes of his commitment and dedication to see Lofa County at another formidable level.

Even in Salayea and Zorzor Districts, Cllr. Zargo has an eighty percent commanding lead in popular opinions from well established Liberian business people and keen development partners in that part of Lofa County.

For his part, Cllr. Jallah according to some popular opinions in Kolba City in Kolahun District has done exceptionally well in the empowering of the educational sector of the district.

However, several political pundits have pointed out that Cllr. Jallah needs to spread his political wings to all parts of Lofa County as demonstrated by Cllr. Steve Zargo of the Voinjama District.

Meanwhile, many citizens and residents are of the opinion that the pending senatorial race and contest in Lofa County would mean putting money in the pockets of the electorate.

At the same time Cllr. Jallah has visibly extended largess to his kinsmen and women at the Lofa Community College, providing critically-needed scholarship funds to some of the students.  


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