Amb. Neh Dukuly Tolbert Petitioned By Bomi Citizens


Residents of one of the Sime Darby Community, one of the most densely populated communities within Bomi County, on Saturday, February 22, petitioned Ambassador Neh Dukuly Tolbert to contest the upcoming special senatorial election.

The citizens, in their petition, said: “Residents of Bomi county have unanimously agreed to petition you as the choice of the people that will bring the expectation of Bomi citizens to fruition.”

Their expectations include good schools for their children, water and sanitation, medical facilities and agricultural programs across the four political districts of the county.

They described her as the “political light of Bomi County.”

According to the citizens, the career of Ambassador Tolbert has blazed a historic and stellar path for the county in the most difficult moments. They added: “It is now time that the international stage can produce direct benefits for the people and country she loves and where like her distinguished ancestors, she will make contribution.”

They expressed the hope that Ambassador Tolbert would reconstruct, prioritize development needs, and  create business opportunities, things they said her father— Former Secretary of State Momolu Dukuly—did for their county.

According to the citizens of Bomi County, it was time to change the  political playing field of the county. They envisioned that under her senatorial leadership, Bomi will become a county of paved roads, many schools and vibrant human capacity.

The citizens, who gathered at the Sime Darby Central High School to petition the Ambassador, said it was time to demonstrate a true ideas of dedication of democracy for which the county can have a genuine representation at the level of the senate.

Responding, Ambassador Neh Dukuly Tolbert expressed gratitude to the people of the county for their position and promised to work collectively to ensure that the hopes and dreams of the people are achieved.

The Special Senatorial election is  scheduled for October 14, 2014.


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