‘Political Women’ Dissociate from “Weah Step Down Campaign

Nuwoe A. D. Scott, COPPWIL's vice president for political Affairs, said if for any reason political parties disagreed with this government, they should patiently wait for 2023 to unseat them through the ballot box.

…Denounce freedom out of ‘ballot box’

The Coalition of Political Parties Women in Liberia (COPPWIL) on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, distanced themselves from the December 30th “Weah Step Down Campaing.”

The women denied being in support of the planned.

COPPWIL described the removal of President George Weah through protest as illegal and unconstitutional adding that “we do not support any freedom that is out of the ballot box because it undermines the peace and security of our country.

The women told reporters at a news conference in Monrovia that the country has had a long, dark past that its citizens do not wish to be repeated.

The Council of Patriots (CoP), headed by Henry P. Costa, on November 11, 2019, communicated with Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean for protection to stage a protest requesting President Weah to step down because of a constitutional violation.

Nuwoe A. D. Scott, COPPWIL’s vice president for political Affairs, said any reason for an individual to remove an elected government without going through the ballot process or legal means is a serious threat to the security.

She said the removal of any government is not common but a process, the end of which no one can determine.

“We as women in politics think that there is no reason why we should remain quiet on such issues that will affect our children,” Madam Scott said.

She said while it is true that the government is faced with many challenges, which include the economy, they believe that the government should be given the chance to go through its six-year term.

She said if for any reason political parties disagreed with this government, they should patiently wait for 2023 to unseat them through the ballot box.

“We are victims in these processes that lead to violence,” Madam Scott said. “We are mothers, sisters, and we cannot sit back anymore and allow anybody to disturb our peace.  There are some of our women who could not continue their education because the war took away their youthfulness and they became adults too early; so we are not ready to have instability now.”

She said the illegal and unpatriotic removal of a sitting leader has never brought Liberia any positive results but division and hate.

Scott urged Liberians to resolve their differences instead of creating a situation that will lead to instability of the state.

She, however, called on women in politics and the private sector to distance themselves from this ‘unconstitutional protest.’


  1. The protest march will not be insurrectional, do not be afraid our dear women. No one will ask him to resign. The protesters want him to provide the better living conditions he promised. Let him pay at least the salaries worked for. Our people want to celebrate chirsmas.
    As for unconstitutional behavior, the two houses must decide. If they sit dumbfounded to see a single man breach the constitution, history will hold them accountable.

  2. My fellow Liberian women of goodwill, I applaud you for disassociating and distancing yourselves from such unconstitutionality, and lawlessness, headed By this boy Costa who is not even actually living in the country, but living in a foreign land.

    You have done what any group of responsible and patriotic women or roganization should do in such political climate.

    As for the Government, I can tell you that I have worked as a senior international civil, servant for years at the regional, international, and global, levels for years! You have done the right thing to allow “good offices principles” with the Council of Churches etc. seeking dialogue. But you do not have to overdo dialogue, especially in an intended act of treason as this led By someone living abroad and making stupid and treasonous demands.

    In other words, as far as far as how a State controls itself regarding the march of history or purposes or causes in such a situation as this, where the losers of recent or past elections are bent on seizing power or dsetabalizing the country, the powerful international actors or the larger suprasystem (eg. ECOWAS, AU, UN) considers any reaction on the part of the State or government to deter, prevent, or overpower treason as legitimate and acceptable.

    For example, recently in Senegal, sometimes ago in Egypt, in South Africa when the government gunned down protesters, or in Ethiopia, or in Rwanda under Paul Kagame. And even with the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government! What did anyone at home or abroad do when the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government gun-down protesters or brutalized protesters? NOTHING! A HINT TO THE WISE IS QUITE…..?

    • Our people will proudly and gracefully be in the streets come December 30. Gun them down and nothing will happen. Go ahead blood thirsty vampires. They are going to come out and exercise their constitutional duties.
      Pay their salaries, improve their lives, make them to educate their children. These are your promises, fulfill them!
      These are all legitimate demands from the people to its leadership in a civilized society. Gun them down and live peacefully. We are anxious to see the day come by and go.

  3. Gracefully, women participation in our national sphere is of concern; now you the advocates are toiling with the reality. Do you expect, and really so a 30% allocation in governing positions which is not democratically acceptable. Notwithstanding your platonic support to a cause is so much confusing – the leaders of any women association must stand up and defend this nation as other women before have initiated and advocated for.


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