Political Stalemate Hampers Agriculture Sector

P. Luogon Lah, CEO ARS

Says Luogon Lah of ARS 

The ongoing political stalemate is said to be hampering the agriculture sector in the country, Mr. P. Luogon Lah, Executive Director of the Agriculture Relief Services (ARS) has disclosed.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Sanniquellie recently, she said, most of their activities have been stalled, due to the ongoing political crisis in Liberia. He explained that his entity is no longer receiving long term projects for implementation, since the political activity in Liberia started and it even worsen when the November 7, runoff election was cancelled.

The ARS is involved in the training of farmers and farming groups in Nimba and other parts of Liberia. They had been training farmers around the Mount Nimba Concession area, operated by Arcelor Mittal in the “Conservation Farming Method”.

This new method of farming helps curtail deforestation, where farmers are trained to conduct farming a particular area perpetually.

Mr. Lah said the ARS is currently implementing project for Welthungerhilfe, a German based organization, but said the life span of the project very limited.

“We are hoping that the political stalemate will soon finish, so we can resume actual activities again,” he said.

“We have training farmers from all walks of life, with some of them very trained in diverse farming activities,” he said.

In a related development the movement of goods and services across the Liberia borders with Guinea and the Ivory Coast have also slowed down significantly, something many said was due to the current political crisis in Liberia.

“We are still waiting to see the end to the political situation in the country, before importing huge goods,” said Alpha Sow, a dealer of electronic devices.

“People are not even buying, how can we come in more goods?” said a slippers seller.

However, the importation of dry cow skin from the Republic of Guinea, for food consumption, has recently increased.


  1. This Agriculture sector has always been hampered by laziness, corruption and transportation. This stalemate is recent, The Agriculture sector has been terribly bad off for decades.

  2. ‘A girl had two kids at age 21 while another had had three abortions just at 18.’ it’s the tendency of our society to prejudice the 21 yrs old lady simply because the consequences of her actions are visible and literally ignore the brutal unseen atrocities carried on by the teenager of just 18.
    The deaden Liberia’s Agriculture Sector should not only be blamed on the present Election Stalemate simply because it’s happening now. The root causes of our inabilities to feed ourselves as nation can be traced to the days of Adam. Liberians are undoubtedly lazy and lack self esteem of positive and or workable vision.
    Let’s get to the soil and forget about the government. You nature resources are being exploited during broad daylight right before our watchful eyes and nothing is being done to revolutionize the situation simply because the harmful tolerance of corruption in this nation is at the rampage ever in the memory of our history. Probably Liberians need their Messiah like that of the Jews in the biblical era.


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