Political Parties Pledge Support for Sustaining Peace


The leaders of several political parties have pledged to help uphold the current level of peace in the country and support the preservation of peace during and after the 2017 elections.

The political leaders made the statement Monday at the United Nations Peace Festival, which marked Liberia’s 13 years of peace. The event was organized by Liberia Crusaders for Peace and held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

Speaking at the peace festival Vice President and standard bearer of the Unity Party Joseph Boakai pledged his support and called upon other political leaders to avail themselves for national leadership in various capacities to maintain the peace that Liberia now enjoys.

“As we all aspirants offer ourselves for national leadership in various capacities, let us in all of our engagements and interactions think Liberia, love Liberia, so that we remain on course to build Liberia.

“We must avoid the temptation of raising political contest to the level of a conquer or perish duel. Let us be mindful that no position, no matter how high or lucrative, is worth a drop of the blood of even a single Liberian, or be worth the breakage of any person’s property.

“It is needless to remind ourselves of the bitter lessons and heavy sacrifices that our past inflicted upon us and have left on our shoulders such a huge demand for tact and sobriety.”

He explained that the only right option is for everyone to tread the path that goes to reinforcing and expanding the peace that we have relished for the past decade.

The responsibility for peace and national security has reverted into the hands of Liberians, which he said, cannot afford to jettison the respect and honor “we have earned thus far by allowing the greed for power to blind everyone to the need for sustaining the nation’s unity and harmony.”

He noted that it is not unusual for elections to be characterized by rancor and disagreement but there is room for that in the democratic space.

“But these must take place within certain confines. We should not forget for a second the need for respect for the rule of law and civility, for they serve as effective lubricants that smooth the turn of the wheels of the electoral process.

“It is even more germane to reecho here the admonition given by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf against indulgence in acts of violence as a means by which grievances are conveyed. This government should not be expected to preside over a drift back into the days of jungle justice and the survival of the fittest.”

The standard bearer of the All Liberian People Party (ALP) Benoni Urey assured Liberians that the peace that Liberians have enjoyed for the past years will be sustained.

He called on Liberians not to panic about the upcoming elections but to continue to work together in sustaining the peace even before and after the elections.

“We are committed to stand by our country. There will be no more war and together we will fight for peace for the betterment of our citizens,” Mr. Urey assured.

Dr. Mills Jones, standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), said “Peace is essential in building and delivering our citizens from poverty.”

He, therefore, called on the government of Liberia to improve services and give Liberians access to economic empowerment.

“Together we will have peaceful elections and will contribute to the sustainability of peace in our country,” Dr. Jones said.
Other political parties’ standard bearers, including Rev. Kennedy Sandy, also pledged their support to sustaining the peace Liberians have enjoyed over the years and to a leadership that will foster peace and unity.


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