Political Asylum Seeker Exposed


Liberia Labour Congress (LLC) at the weekend exposed one of its members of seeking “political asylum,” an act LLC described as a complete violation of their standing rules.

John Nyema Natt, Sr. LLC secretary general was “suspended for time indefinite pending the determination by the extra-ordinary convention.”

At a news conference, LLC president general C. Alfred Thomas announced the decision by the board.

Date and time for the extraordinary convention is yet to be decided by the organization, but according to president general Thomas, the decision was based on Article 28 of the Congress’ constitution.

“The Executive Board of LLC convened its Extraordinary meeting to address an urgent request by the Executive Committee on matters related to breach of the LLC Constitution by secretary general, John Nyema Natta, Sr.

“Having met in full session at the J. B. McGill Labour Center on Wednesday, September 10, and deliberated on those issues as required by the constitution in relation to Article 28 establishing the act of administrative ineptitude that brings the LLC into public disrepute, the Board hereby endorses the report of the Executive Committee and suspends with immediate effect the secretary general Natt,” Thomas asserted.

Reasons behind the suspension, Thomas disclosed, included that “Natt traveled to Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, without the consent of the organization.” While away, Thomas added; “Natt was constantly engaged in faking the signatures of some senior members of the Congress in favor of the organization and doing business with international partners.”

He asserted that Natt secretly negotiated with the Bulgarian Immigration seeking “political asylum” on grounds that the Liberian government was after his life due to his role in advocacy on labour related abuses in the country.

When contacted by the Daily Observer for his reaction, Natt declined to comment, stressing; “I have decided to face the board on Thursday of this week.”

He denied ever engaging in seeking political asylum while away. “You think I will seek political asylum and still be in this country, my brother?” he wondered.

“I reserve all comments until I can meet the board. This world we are living in only God is the Judge, so let’s wait for Thursday,” he maintained.


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