Polish Philanthropist to Implement Projects with WACA Foundation in Liberia


A Polish humanitarian and philanthropist, Dr. Daria Mejnartowicz, has expressed her interest in helping vulnerable children in Liberia after seeing the major challenges the country is faced with after the civil war that destroyed the country and leaving the health and educational sectors in shambles. Dr. Daria, who visited Liberia in February to launch a breast cancer program, said she has seen the need to help the people, especially children of Liberia, with her own initiative program that she has launched in all of Africa, Middle East and other parts of the world.

After taking a tour around Liberia and meeting with several schools, organizations and other prominent people of Liberia, the Polish humanitarian said her interest has been drawn to the educational and health sectors and that she will do everything humanly possible in order to give vulnerable kids and people the necessary health, education and other supports.

Dr. Mejnartowicz who is the President of the International Medical Hospital in Warsaw, Poland and Salveo Medical Care, disclosed that her interest has been drawn to a local organization Warrior Arts Christian Aademy (WACA), which nurtures creative and problem solving mindsets in children through the offering of free arts education.

Warrior Arts Christian Academy Executive Director, Latty Zarwu

The Philanthropist said after meeting with other local groups in Liberia, she will focus mostly with the level of works she has stated doing with the Mr. Latty Zarwu, the CEO and Founder of WACA during the outbreak of the COVID-19 that shocked the entire continent.

During the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Daria was very instrumental in providing necessary health gear, food and other household items to many slum communities in Liberia, through the implementation of the WACA Foundation. Based on the level of works which she said the local organization has implemented from her organization, Salveo Medical Care, she will continue  by directing her education and health projects to to WACA for implementation.

According to her, there is plan underway to get more than 60 kids into school when upon the resumption of academic activities in Liberia. She also promised to use her connections to ensure that more children get the necessary health, education and other support in order for them to achieve their potentials.


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