Police Promises to Protect Informants

Albert Peters’ and Victoria Lamah’s lifeless bodies were found on October 2, 2020, on Broad Streets in a parked vehicle belonging to Peters, in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

In mysterious suspected murder case

By Joaquin M. Sendolo and Abednego Davis

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue has thrown out the challenge to the public to protect fully anyone who will provide the police with information surrounding the mysterious death of Gifty Asmah Lamah and Albert Peters, whose remains were discovered in Peters’ vehicle on Broad Street near the Catholic Sacred Heart Cathedral on October 2.

“We call on the public to remain calm as the Liberia National Police is doing everything to investigate the incident surrounding the death of the two persons.  We are equally welcoming anyone who has useful information that can aid the investigation, and we will treat that information with confidentiality and the person will be fully protected,” said IG Sudue in a live press conference on Monday, October 5.

The Liberian public is keenly attentive to know circumstances of the mysterious deaths of the two ranking staffers of the Liberia Revenue Authority as fear grips people viewing how their corpses were discovered.

It can be recalled that on October 2, 2020, Albert Peters and Victoria Asmah Lamah (also known as Gifty) were found dead in a parked vehicle belonging to Peters, with Madam Lamah’s vehicle also parked nearby.

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the vehicles were brought to the scene and parked on the early morning of Friday, October 2, by a huge man, wearing a cap.

Amid disclosures by Madam Beatrice Andrews Peters, wife of Albert Peters, that her husband does not stay out late and has not slept out without her prior knowledge in the 25-year period the couple had lived together, families and the public are bewildered by the mysterious deaths of the two and the condition under which their remains were discovered.

Peters was discovered in the driver’s seat of his vehicle in underwear, with one ear cut off and some skin peeled off his body, according to His wife, while Lamah was discovered fully clothed, with even her makeup intact and with a broken neck. As a puzzled public debates the condition in which the two bodies were discovered, many have dismissed the possibility or even relevance of any extra-marital affair between the two. Moreover, expert investigators suggest that the two were murdered elsewhere and their bodies planted in Peters’ vehicle, driven up to Snapper Hill, Broad Street, and parked in front of the Roman Catholic Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Both Peters and Lamah were ranking employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority, one of Liberia’s integrity institutions, as an assistant commissioner for internal audit and a manager in the Tax Payer Services Division, respectively.

Madam Peters has also dispelled any concern of her husband and Madam Lamah having sexual relations, emphasizing that they have always treated Gifty as a daughter.

Briefing the media on October 5, 2020, Inspector General Sudue acknowledged discovering the bodies of the two LRA officials in a car and said police used the same car to take the bodies to the John F. Kennedy Hospital, where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

He said they have also transferred the bodies to the St. Moses Funeral Parlor for further preservation and to conduct a rigorous investigation to establish the cause of death.

“However, considering the circumstances of the incident, anyone that has credible information to provide the police to aid the investigation can rest assured that he or she will be safe and protected, and all information provided will be treated confidentially,” Sudue promised.    

The Inspector-General of Police also noted that the report from the ongoing investigation will be submitted to the Justice Ministry and, if need be, there will be another autopsy conducted to establish the facts and truth surrounding the death of the two persons.

IG Sudue also called on the public to desist from spreading rumors and falsehood to give the investigators the chance to perform their duty as unsubstantiated information spreading on social media has the propensity to distort truths and facts surrounding an incident.

While removing the bodies from the place they were uncovered, the police did not use an ambulance but the very vehicle in which they were found, something IG Sudue said was an error on the part of the police due to pressure.  He, however, said the error was not egregious to destroy the evidence and therefore cannot undermine the investigation.

Sudue said police were compelled to treat the two bodies in the vehicle the way they did because there were a lot of bystanders who were photographing them, “So the only thing we could do was to use their own car to drive them to the hospital.” 

However, the vehicle in question had dark tinted windows all around, which significantly protected the sight of the corpses from viewers on the outside.

“We just respected their dignity and never wanted people to treat them anyhow. This was why we did not use the ambulance but their own car that was found on the crime scene,” Sudue said, justifying the action of police.


  1. Relevant information won’t rush in based on police promise to keep identities of “informants” confidential in a cynical political space. With rumors already rife about the deaths being “officially sanctioned”, Justice Minister Dean should be asking for USD $15, 000 as reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomsoever perpetrated the acts. It sends a message of commitment that the Criminal Justice System would spare no expense in catching the culprits.

    Meanwhile, police shouldn’t wait for cause of death (COD) report from a pathologist before embarking on full scale investigation. The perpetrators took away the trousers of Peters to convey impression of a sexual tryst gone awry. Let a medical examiner tell immediately whether sexual contact between the two took place. It would eliminate wasting time on that notion.

    We want to encourage, not discourage, the police, but it’s disheartening that some police officers used the purported scene of crime (car) for transporting the corpses to a funeral home. Even though it was most likely a staged scene of crime, proper forensic technicians’ examination of that car would reveal some evidence. When an incomprehensible mistake as such is made, it gives ammunition to those who claim the killings were officially sanctioned therefore the police not interested in solving them. (Be careful, the COP needs a pre-December 8 street protests).

    • Police untrained…..They are no credible and do not even have the forensic and technological capacity to uncover the killers. The crime is an organized crime.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Very serious, Mr. Moses ? One question though, has that country ever had a non-political police force with independent thoughts ? Come on now, you were once part of the security apparatus of that country. Tell the reading public which investigations carried out at the time you were MOS( Member Of Service) that was not politicall influenced ?
      The footprint of Ellen Johnson’s regime that this too occurred or happened is everywhere and being practiced by the regime or its official.
      The US, European Union, Latin American Nations, Human Rights Commissions as activists, they all know when political killings take place. They have seen and experienced it first hand. The bodies of the victims are usually never hidden from the public domain or view. They are openly displaced for all to see as a message. This is not a mere killing for some other reasons .
      Now you are suggesting that the Ministry of Justice put out a reward. As something that the Ministry is not aware of to do. Did you put out as top ranking MOS in that country, did you ever put out a reward for a crime like that ? Political as well as non-political crime ?
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, a political party police force speaking about giving protection ? Oh Well. But nice try Mr. Moses for your suggestions. But the public is advised to be on their Ps and Qs. Nothing to do with elections.

  2. Sad time in Lib, another employee died in road traffic accident(RTA) Three deaths in d course of 3 days from one ministry. God have mercy.

  3. Mr. SGMoses,

    Well said. But if the people decide to protest, it will not be a COP initiative. It will be because of the to the incompetent and ridiculous manner in which the Voter Registration was carried out. Complete mess, if you ask me, but no body is asking me.

    Hopefully someone from the police department will read your fine piece and heed your advice. Rumors are already flowing that the government is the culprit. Conclusions have been arrived at.

    Justice Ministry should offer a handsome reward, like you rightly suggested, to hasten the process to arrive at a just and timely conclusion and lay this whole thing to rest once and for all.

    Thank you Sir.

  4. There is no tow truck in Liberia?
    What other investigation has been carried out? Last phone calls they received on Thursday, not missed calls but incoming calls between the hours of 6:30am to noon because that’s their last known time alive. Every number is registered to a person with an ID.

  5. Police tampered with the evidence by touching doors of the card. What about the fingerprints of the alleged driver who drove the car to Snaperhill location? By the way, do police in Liberia do fingerprints analysis? Wow!

  6. When you put Black Money Boys in Charge of a country, you will get Black Money Results. By giving and blessing Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf’s family with political and economic powers, all Liberia and the People of Liberia get in exchange from Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family is to heartlessly leave Liberia and its people into the hands of Black Money Boys. Certainly, Liberia and Liberians are in deep and uncontrollable trouble. But God is sitting on the Heavenly thrown and watching over us.

    Our Condolences to the families of the Gifty A. Lama and Mr. Albert Peters. Rest in Peace our Dear Brother Albert Peters and Sister Gifty Lama. God is still in Heaven and will fight your battle.

    When you put Black Money Boys in Charge of a country, you will certainly get Black Money Results!

    Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf’s families, left Liberia and its people into the hands of George Manneh Weah and his BLACK MONEY BOYS.

    And so today, Liberians and Liberia are getting BLACK MONEY RESULTS!


    Sundaygar Davis
    A Concern Son of Liberia
    Resident of the United States of America

  7. Why didn’t Mrs Peters drive the bodies to a nearby hospital? Her driver discovered the victims in her husband’s vehicle. The key was still in the ignition.
    How quickly does an ambulance come to a scene of that nature?

  8. Wow, are you telling me that Mrs. Peters is more security minded than the Liberian National Police? This lady failed to touch her husband body or move the vehicle; Instead she called the authority. The excuse given by the LNP is very poor. Their mistakes have caused the public to turn to Facebook for answer. Why the LNP moved the vehicle without proper crime scene investigation? To destroy evidence or keep the public in suspend until we forget about the case? We want to know who did this to Mr. Peters and Mrs. Lama.

  9. James Davis

    You’ve made some very solid points Jimmy. How can CDC police indict and prosecute itself?

    Continuous reports exist the Liberian National Police Force (LNPF) does nothing when the ruling party thugs are committing mayhem and other heinous crimes against peaceful demonstrators and members of the opposition camps. It always stand-by and look; as a matter of fact, if they were to take any minimal actions in quelling any uprising, they would instead join the ruling party thugs, who ought to be blamed for the violent insurrections, and inflict more injuries on the defenseless marchers, than to come to their rescue.

    What an incredible event that would be if the justice minister was to put a $15,000 USD bounty on the heads of the murderers! Nevertheless, that might never happen as speculations surrounding the gruesome murders say they were state sanctioned. In other words, they were well planned and executed with the blessings of Weah and his clique.

    So, if the justice minister wants to protect his job, his own life, and stay off the wrath of the ruling party, he might as well just go with the flow. This is Liberia as we know it!


    The accounts reported in this story truly sadden me. May the souls of these departed folks rest in peace.

    I am also distressed by the level of professionalism, or lack thereof, exhibited by the LNP.
    In the USA, police are called about discovery of corpses. The first person [ or group of police] to arrive are considered “first responders”.

    They would proceed to seal the crime scene by establishing a perimeter with yellow tape. We’re accustomed to the signs that read “POLICE LINE. DO NOT CROSS “.

    Crime scene investigators are called. Photos are taken of the appearance of corpses and other relevant facts observed. Even the trunk of the car may be examined. All of those photos are numbered.

    CSI personnel and other police would wear gloves. They would check for fingerprints They may document other contents of the figures and the corpses. It means no theft of jewelry, etc.
    In the UK, they go one step further by placing white tarpaulins around the area while they gather information from the crime scene. They may prevent onlookers from taking photos.

    As part of the investigation, witnesses are interviewed and identified. Who called for the police ? Who noticed the presence of the vehicles? Who saw the vehicles driven to the location?
    They would ask for description of persons of interest? Height, six (usually estimated weight), color of clothing, etc. When did the witness see such person(s)?

    After gathering relevant information, the corpses are placed in body bags and transported via ambulance for further examination by a coroner, not deposited at a funeral home like St. Moses’.
    The coroner may examine the body for marks suggesting the causes of death (strangulation, blunt force, etc.)

    There may also be toxicology analysis to determine whether the victims had alcohol and/or drugs in their bodies. Coroners can determine time of death.

    The vehicle(s) would be towed and taken to an impound lot, not driven by the police.
    Investigators may use the estimated time of death, along with statements by relatives of the deceased, to build up a timeline between the last moment(s) they were seen alive and the discovery of their corpses.

    Since clothing were removed, fingerprints gathered may be matched with any other fingerprints on file, in case the suspect has a police history.

    Since one person was partially unclothed, there may be examination for any prior sexual activity, including but not limited to fellatio.

    There may also be examination of victims for “foreign” DNA since victims may normally put up a fight against their assailants leading to clawing and accumulation of assailant’s skin cells on their ( victim’s) fingernails.

    If suspect(s) is/are eventually identified and arrested, he/she/they have to be questioned in the presence of his/her/their lawyer(s). If charged and subsequently forwarded for prosecution, the defense counsel needs to examine the evidence that prosecutors have gathered. That’s called the ‘DISCOVERY PHASE’.
    Sadly, the LNP has already bungled the case so even if a suspect is identified, it may be difficult to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the suspect(s) was/were responsible.

    This may eventually go down as a stain on the Weah administration’s record as conspiracy theories linger.

    This may also frustrate the international community who spent money on rebuilding the LNP during the Sirleaf administration.

    This should serve as a wake up call for all of us to examine the quality, strength, and other characteristics of our law enforcement agencies.

    Do we have enough troops ? Are they properly trained ? Do they have appropriate logistics ? Are they paid well?

    We need answers.

  11. I don’t know to what extent the Liberian National Police (LNP) is investigating this case. My comments here are largely based on information we are getting from the media and police handling of the crime scene. I would comment on the latter first. After watching a few crime series/movies even a kid will be better prepared to process the crime scene than the LNP (well, we don’t know where it happened, but for the purposes of the investigation we treat where the bodies were found as a probable crime scene).

    First off, officers arriving at the scene of the crime did alarmingly little to process the scene with due caution as expected of crime scene technicians so as to avoid contamination of the scene. Police or what might be expected to be crime scene analysts/units arrived armed with little more than cheap Chinese gloves and cell phones, poorly equipped to process the scene. I did not see any of the “forensic technicians” in any forensic crime scene examiner suits ( I guess there are still PPEs from the Ebola days for worst case scenarios where LNP has no suits). There were journalists and others within the perimeter of of the barricade tape, intended to prevent contamination. Individuals not involved with the analysis of the scene were constantly interfering and the immediate vicinity that might have material/physical and/ or DNA evidence that might turn out to be relevant for future prosecution of the case was not be gathered. Now , let’s assume that this is Broad Street and people can’t just keep their hands off any vehicles as is the case, there is still vital DNA evidence to be gathered just from the vehicle and the vicinity of the crime. By now LNP should be competent enough to gather vital DNA evidence from processing in an advanced lab anywhere in the world. I remind the reader that the LNP has a huge network of fellow officers around the world that would be willing to guide them (digitally or otherwise) in collecting evidence from the scene. The LNP in my opinion was not at all interested in doing so.

    Anyway, let me get away from physical evidence and focus on “helping” the LNP gather digital evidence from both the 4G mobile network (it is customary here in Liberia to subscribe to the two cell phone service providers Orange and MTN) as well as the internet (aka cell phones and device the victims had). We assume here that the court has approve the search/analysis of above mentioned devices. I believe both victims had cell phones (smart or not) and computers some time before the murder took place, and one way or the other these devices will contain pieces of information that might lead to a breakthrough in this case(these cases?).

    I will roughly and briefly explain in layman terms how this works. As a mobile device (person holding a mobile phone travels from point A to B) moves around, the device/phone connects to different cells performing “handovers” ( connecting to a cell closer to the mobile phone with stronger signal) for better coverage. There are several cells/towers placed around the city (those long towers strategically placed around the city for coverage are called cells – some are actually base stations, or simply put the mother for the amount of cell assigned to it). Now as the mobile phone moves around from one location to the next, approximate information of it’s location (with GPS in smartphone location is much more accurate) is stored at a switching center in either a Home Location Register (HLR) or a Visitor Location Register (VLR). I stop here for the scenario of gathering information from the cell phone at the cell phone service provider level , this is not meant to be a course in Telecommunications/ Wireless communications. The LNP can request vital location information/data from the aforementioned cell phone service providers and spatially analyze it (use location data with GIS expertise- talk to the boys at LISGIS if you don’t have GIS expertise within the LNP, they will help you map location information obtained with time stamps so as to enable you can get the probabilistic picture of the movement of the victims prior to their to their death).

    The scenario could be like so: At time t1 victim one called victim two. At the same time caller one was calling both victims with 5 mins interval. Caller 1 was located at point A, while victim 1 was located at point B. Victim 2 was x miles away from victim 1 at the time of these calls. Confirm if both MNT and/or Orange locations are approximately exact. At time t2 both victim1 and victim 2 were at the same location. Did they make any calls to anyone (vice versa) during that time. When were their last calls made and to who? Analyze the billing information several months back… who called the victims often. Who called them the last hours before they were heard from no more? Be critical, were their cell phones moved around the city by another person after their death? Did anyone else answered calls from family members? Which individuals were connected to cells/towers that might be persons of interest? Where were the cell phones positioned for an extensive period of time (likely crime scene?)?

    Analyze all the emails/digital communication especially work emails. It will take time but passwords can be obtained from service providers. Considering the phone is not yet recovered, has it been switched on lately (highly unlikely)? The main take away here is which “persons of interest” phone location coincided with the location of the victims for an extensive period of time? Who did not call that would call usually according to metadata from call logs? Did anyone’s geo location change from the victims prior location to the probable new location where the car was found (that is if the killer had any phone on them at all).

    The list of investigative questions is exhaustive based on various theories of what might have happen. I hope LNP will use the resources available to it to resolve this case. Too many deaths occur under mysterious circumstances in this country. There must be an end to this! I haven’t commented on here for a while but this case caught my attention!

  12. Liberians living in the USA commenting on how our police should conduct investigations, stop wasting your precious time here!
    Our reality is in Liberia, you are living in a country called “Utopia”!
    Can you ever employ qualified personnel who would accept to be paid between $50-75? Given the living standard of Liberia, qualified people would consider at least $500 US to accept a risky job like policing.
    If the guys are paid $75, do you expect to see qualified scientific police? Come on!

    The GOL will hypocritically vote budgets just for themselves and people who would accept to do their dirty jobs.
    To see Liberia move forward, our security and safety, teacher corps, administrative and all civil servant personnel should be paid decent wages to serve the country professionally.
    Can you achieve such goal with a constant annual budget of half a billion dollars? No!!!!!!!

    Set the pace come December 8. Vote out the for-nothing people and usher in people of countenance, then finish the revolution come 2023. The ANC should begin with a budget of $2.5 in the first year.
    The problem of Liberia is poverty, it must be eradicated by the equal distribution of wealth on the children of Liberia in Liberia, not overseas!

  13. POSTED AT 7:20 PM EST on Friday, October 9, 2020

    Must be desperate for attention or simply a perpetual juvenile.

    I am a Liberian residing in USA who simply posted what the LNP would have done if it launched a homicide investigation.

    I am not naïve to think that America is the same as Liberia. I am, however, aware that the post-war LNP was trained by expatriate persons, some of whom were police officers from the USA. So, it’s disappointing to note that the LNP failed to follow western standards.

    I also wrote recently in another news thread about corruption in Liberia. I did the math and discussed the average salary of a GOL employee which is about US$403.19 per month [ US$329 million payroll expenditure for 68,000 persons]

    I provided examples of police officers, teachers, civil servants, etc. who may resort to corruption due to low salaries.

    My comments are still available in the new thread captioned “Dusty Wolokollie Responds to EJS’s ‘Devilish’ Legislators Jab” [ See October 6, 2020 ‘DAILY OBSERVER’ story]

    So, I don’t see why someone, who appears clueless about accounting, economics, and public policy issues, has chosen to regurgitate the same problems I already pointed out.


    The recent budget passed is US$570 million. It is based on expected revenue. Projected revenue is usually a combination of taxes and possible grants and/or loans.

    Anyone posting rubbish about Alexander Cummings commencing with a US$2.5 billion budget in 2024 is engaged in CYBER MASTURBATION.

    What next? A GDP of US$10 BILLION or US$15 BILLION? Will we also launch a military satellite and even send an astronaut to the international space station?

    When it is time to analyze the policy positions of the ANC and its political leader, I’ll rely on information submitted by those authorized to speak, not an imposter injecting his pipe dreams into an online discussion.

  14. Mr. Defender of weak causes,—
    I am not here to suggest that, $50 – 75.00 per month is a good salary for a cop in Liberia. I wish the cops could be paid a little more. However, on several occasions, you have argued that the Liberian lawmakers’ salary should and will be increased when your party wins in 2023. You just can’t deny it!

    Question: If it doesn’t make sense to you for a cop in Liberia to earn a salary of $50 – 75.00 per month, why do you want to increase the salary of a Liberian lawmaker?

  15. Renford Walsh

    Wow, I did not know that’s how deep I have gotten under your skin. Sir, you are an adult and a responsible man, boldly address me directly and stop beating around the bush. I don’t insult or kill, I look you in the eyes and tell you the truth, then I leave you to do what you can.
    This altitude has cost me many friends and even eloigned closed relatives. I hope you have not started preparing a war for me too, I don’t fight though.

    Desperate for attention, why? If it were the case, long time I would have been in Liberia talking rhetoric to get people’s attention and get a fat job in government. But working with the GOL doesn’t even click my mind.
    Perpetual juvenile, maybe! That’s what most friends usually think about me, not you alone, but eventually respect me for my lucidity and clairvoyance, if I should put it this way.

    Mr. mature Renford Walsh residing in the USA, where were you when Senator Kolubah repeatedly and boastfully said he was one of those who trained most of our police? Is Senator Kolubah an expatriate?
    Do you expect a post-war police force trained locally and mostly by former warlords to adopt western standards?
    Let me set the record straight for you: our standing army, which I am very proud of, was trained abroad and in Liberia by expatriates and professionals from some of the finest military academies in the world, this is a fact. We don’t just speak rhetoric, but with facts.

    You need to desist from always referring people to your distorted or naïve analyses on this blog. Remembered I first rebuked you on this blog when you were practically forcing people to accept your unprofessional, immature and selfish ideals and analyses on this blog. You want to present yourself as a reference and yet your intellectual outputs do not portray you thus.
    Observe me on this blog, there are people I always congratulate for their contributions, and there are people I completely ignore.

    Mr. Renford Walsh, I think you are rather the clueless human being on this blog when it comes to Finance and budgeting.
    I am not an economist; I obtained my first degree in Accounting. If you had been following some of my major posts on the feasibility of the $2.5 billion budget dispassionately, you could have been challenging me on some points objectively but I see that your ego and wicked bloodline from the Charles D. B. King’s root still run alive in your veins.

    With the status quo of the economy, there can never be a better budget than the constant half billion dollars. The reason is simple, we have a selfish system put in place by your grandparents and parents. We want to get rid of it, and you may no longer be revered as a god when you come back to Liberia, so I understand your agitations.
    Some of us understand why you opted for Weah instead of old man Boakai when your time was up, but don’t worry, the system will go, by hope or by crook.

    I am neither an official voice nor a member of the ANC, but I read the ANC’s platform, carefully listened to the leader who is spearheading the project, and then agreed with him on points he developed based on my educational background.
    Consult his 2017 platform, come back and let’s argue on policies. Stop copying and pasting foolishness from your selfish roots you call policies.

    If little Togo, a country with a land area of 56,785 km2 (half the size of Liberia) with a population of almost 8 million people (31.25% more than Liberia) which depends practically on groundnuts as its economic mainstay, can vote a budget around $1.5 billion every year, why can’t Liberia vote a budget of $2.5 billion with huge mineral reserves and lush rainforests for agriculture?
    It becomes impossible for selfish people of your kind, that’s why you will do everything to soil and blemish the good reputation of Alexander B. Cummings to blind the people in detesting him.

    Due to your obstinate comparison of policies, I analyzed two policy points for you sometimes back. You did not come back to rebuke or debunk any point, why? Simply because you realized you have been spewing rubbish for the world, not only for Liberia alone. The entire world cannot fathom why your ancestors, brought in Liberia since 1821, could not build a republic that everyone can be proud of. They understood the real cause/s of the war in Liberia, that’s why they are closely watching on unraveling in the country. Those days are gone, Liberia will rise again.
    Never again will you see the country asses touting your feces to government toilets.
    Never again will you dehumanize the country asses by marking them with hot iron. Those days are gone, and forever!

    I am not, in any way, speaking for the ANC, but I agree with the budget proposed in their platform. If you want a debate, challenge me as an intellectually, we will get into it.
    But if you come barking at me like those old rusty congau dogs, I will SMELL in your nose like a real country ass from the foot of Mount Nimba.



    #1. Regarding Mr. Dolo’s assertion for me to “….boldly address [him] directly and stop beating around the bush…”, I think he’s a very slow person. The fact is, I’ve never addressed anyone directly on the Daily Observer platoform. I usually refer readers to what “John Doe” or “Jane Public” said but I have never addressed anyone directly. It’s no different from George W. Bush referring to what Saddam Hussein or Charles Taylor did without actually addressing them. I don’t recall Bush taking up Hussein’s challenge to a debate and Bush did not call nor email Taylor. He only addressed the public and referred to them.

    #2. My reason for indirect addresses stems from the fact that I have interacted with persons of Liberian descent in the past on Africaonline forum [August, 1997 – December, 2003] and Coalition of Concerned Liberians (CCL) forum [April, 2004 – December 31, 2008]. I saw people display rudeness, issue threats of violence, stalk me from one forum to another, hack my email accounts at least THRICE, defame my reputation, and create accounts using my name. Some of them hid behind login names and changed their identities from one forum to another. I was compelled to fight fire with inferno and disregard the kind of home, church, and school training I received. Eventually I announced that I would depart CCL forum on December 31, 2008. I vowed to never have any contact with them after December 31, 2008. So, I made the deliberate decision to only address what others say without addressing them directly. If Mr. Dolo didn’t realize this until early October, then he is one truly slow individual.

    #3. Regarding Mr. Dolo’s assertion that — “…..Some of us understand why you opted for Weah instead of old man Boakai when your time was up, but don’t worry, the system will go, by hope or by crook.….”, he showed once again why I have good reason to despise him. For the record, my name is Renford Walsh, not Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. I have not stepped on Liberian soil since 1998 and I haven’t lived there permanently since 1995. So, I don’t know how my “time was up”. I also do not support any political party or personality so I don’t know how I could have “…opted for Weah instead of old man Boakai”.




    #4. But since Mr. Dolo has introduced EJS’ name into the discussion, I find it necessary to refer readers to the website of the EJSCenter which is ejscenter[dot]org. They’re seeking a COO and there’s an October 30, 2020 application deadline.

    The composition of the board is diverse. Two of my cousins – Seward Cooper and Joyce Mends-Cole – are there. A generation Xer – Baku Tubman Zawolo- is there. A Lebanese from the Abi Jaoudi family is there. There’s George Werner who is a CDC partisan. There are a couple of American women and a couple of African women. But there is one name that is interesting — that’s Alex B. Cummings Jr.

    #5. So, this begs the question. If EJS is such a horrible person who is included in Mr. Dolo’s list of past “useless“ presidents, why is Alexander B. Cummings Jr. sitting on the board of her organization? Hopefully Mr Dolo has a good little “spin” for that. Or, maybe, he is just an imposter who really doesn’t know nor understand Cummings well.

    #6. Regarding Mr. Dolo’s assertion that I should — “Consult his 2017 platform, come back and let’s argue on policies”, I think he has, again, demonstrated how slow he is.

    I’ve been saying for a long time that I look at POLICIES of parties and candidates. So, I scour every available resource for political positions and I am aware of ANC’s website —- ancglobalgroup[dot]com which caters to its diaspora membership. There is nothing there about any proposed US$2.5 billion in the first year of office after election. That figure is Mr. Dolo’s fantasy. Perhaps, Mr. Dolo needs to provide information about ANC’s main site.

    #7.Mr. Dolo also wrote —– “ I see that your ego and wicked bloodline from the Charles D. B. King’s root still run alive in your veins.”. ONCE AGAIN, he has lied. I don’t have any familial relations to Charles DB King. King’s father was CTO King Sr. of Sierra Leone. According to C. P. Burrowes, King’s mother was Elizabeth Hamelberg. The Hamelbergs of Liberia have connection to Sierra Leone. I read somewhere that they are of mixed race [ part Sierra Leone/ part Austrian heritage]. To the best of my knowledge, CDB King is not related to me.




    #8. Regarding Mr. Dolo’s comparison of Liberia to Togo as part of his claim that Liberia could have larger budget, I think he obviously does not understand economics and the effect on accounting. So, let me school him a bit.

    When comparing countries, it is necessary to commence with GDP and also note the populations for determination of GDP per capita. With higher GDP, higher revenue may be generated. Countries set their budgets based on revenues, not fantasies manifested in CYBER MASTURBATION.

    If Mr. Dolo takes some time to do some research on the CIA World Factbook, he’ll find out that Togo’s GDP was as high as US$12 billion back in 2017. In comparison, Liberia’s highest GDP was US$ 3 billion ( witha per capita of US$1,000), back in 1998. The civil war of 2000 – 2003, led to a drop in GDP. Even though Liberia commenced its recovery under EJ Sirleaf, the ebola epidemic resulted into a decline. The last I read, Liberia’s GDP was about US$2 billion in 2019. That’s a fraction of Togo’s GDP.


    #9. Regarding Mr. Dolo’s assertion —-“Due to your obstinate comparison of policies, I analyzed two policy points for you sometimes back. You did not come back to rebuke or debunk any point, why?”, I think he’s wrong.

    I did address Mr. Dolo’s comments. I debunked the points he raised about Ghana’s Akosombo hydroelectric versus Liberia’s hydroelectric. My comments were posted at 8:12 PM EST on October 9, 2020. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he may have missed it.

    All he should now do is type the search terms for “liberianobserver[dot]com Akosombo”. One of the results will lead him to the discussion on president Weah being a “benevolent dictator”. As of October 9, 2020, my comment is the last in that thread.


    #10. Regarding Mr. Dolo’s assertion —- “The entire world cannot fathom why your ancestors, brought in Liberia since 1821, could not build a republic that everyone can be proud of…”.

    ONCE AGAIN, HE HAS LIED. For starters, the earliest of my Americo-Liberian ancestors arrived on March 13, 1825 from Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

    Secondly, a lot of students and scholars of Liberia have noted the challenges faced by the settlers during Liberia’s slow and painful evolution. The country often operated with deficits and sometimes required loans to stave off collapse.


    #11. But since we’re talking about my ancestors, I wonder what does Dolo think about involvement of Alexander B. Cummings’ ancestors in the evolution of Liberia? According to the records of the Maryland State Colonization Society, members of the Cummings family sailed from Baltimore, Maryland, USA to Cape Palmas on May 17, 1837, along with the Tubmans.

    Their names are all there : Rachel Cummings, John Cummings, Jacob Cummings, Stephen Cummings, Shadrach Cummings, Osborne Cummings, Meekee Cummings, Antony Cummings, Aquila Cummings, Margaret Cummings, Eliza Cummings, Polly Cummings, Judy Cummings, Silvia Cummings, and Julia Cummings.


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