Police Vows to Curb ‘Accidental Deaths’

Partial view of Senior Police Officers at retreat; (at right), DCP Nelson Freeman_web.jpg

Over 50 senior officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have resolved to tighten measures against causes leading to accidental injuries and deaths in and around the country.

The Police made the commitment at the end of a one-day Public Safety Annual Retreat in the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The retreat was attended by senior officers assigned in the counties from the four departments within the Public Safety Section: Traffic, Highway Patrol, Ticketing, and Motor Pool.

The annual retreat was intended to review the previous year’s plan of action of the four departments and ably plan for the following year report.

The Deputy Chief of Police, J. Nelson Freeman, said the ‘Action Plan,’ approved by the senior officers at the close of the retreat, will be transmitted through inner workshops to maintain and promote public safety in the country.

He said the officers were reminded to aggressively implement the public safety’s laws in the traffic against speed, drunkenness, fatigue, sleepiness, and phone-in-calls amongst others.

Making special remarks, during the retreat, the Director for the Press and Public Affairs Department of the House of Representatives, Isaac G. Redd told the Public Safety Officers that the National Legislature was not responsible for the deep slash of the Police’s allocation in the 2013/2014 budget as speculated.

Redd clarified that the Police proposed budget of about US$25million was cut by over US$15m by the Executive. The Legislature had added about US$900,000.

The one-day retreat was climaxed with an hour confrontational meeting with the Transport Union in Buchanan which brought to the fore vehicles and motorbike riders for a football game.


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