Police Raid Criminal Hideouts in Ganta

This police pickup was given to Ganta Police Detail by a NGO, but it has been down for several months.

Police call on residents to step-up community policing as lack of logistics hinder operations, amid increasing crime rate

The Ganta Detail of the Liberia National Police has raided several criminal hideouts in response to increasing criminal activities across the booming commercial city.  The mission led to the arrest of some high profile criminals, including a ring leader identified as Rufus Gologolo popularly known as “Goddy win”.

Ganta Police Detail Commander, Adolphus Zorh, told reporters that the police performed the raid because the criminal activities across Ganta were increasing, and peaceful citizens were finding it difficult to go about their normal business.

“The level of broad day hijacking has increased in Ganta and we are going after those criminals in their hideouts to have them arrested and forwarded to court,” he said.

Inspector Zorh explained that they arrested about 20 suspected criminals on the first day of the raid and they are still running after the most notorious ones in their hideouts around Ganta.

Lately, Ganta has experienced a high wave of criminal activities. In one instance, some men armed with cutlasses and other sharp weapons hijacked an elderly man around the Total Filling Station and took away his bag around 8 p.m.

There have also been several reports of a burglary in a number of communities in Ganta creating fear among the citizens, especially during rainfall.

Recently, the Commander of the Crime Services Division in Ganta, Redeemer Toe, was on a local radio, calling on community leaders to revamp community policing so as to enhance the work of the police, arguing that the police cannot be deployed everywhere.

“All those we have been arresting are armed robbers who were caught with sharp weapons,” he said.

In April, during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, Inspector Zorh outlined constraints experienced by his detachment, especially the lack of logistics, in fighting crimes.


  1. Bravo to the police,i think more is needed. We are faced with the same problem in yekepa. Last month criminal broke into our church(Lutheran) in area R n took away all our plastic chairs, grass cutter, speaker, mixer and other valuable items. These criminals live in the community (Area O, N, sand field n other parts of yekepa.


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