Police Officer US$10K Theft Case on Course

Defendant Kelleh dressed in black suit being escorted to the Monrovia Central Prison_web.jpg

After denying a submission to dismiss the US$10,000 theft of property case levied against policeman, Mamadee Kelleh, Assistant Magistrate James Dudu, on Tuesday, February 24 scheduled the trial for next week Tuesday, March 4.

Kelleh is the chief of operations at the Zone one (1) police depot around the National Port Authority community.

Magistrate Dudu’s action followed after he denied a submission to dismiss the case for lacks of jurisdiction.

Dismissing the submission, Magistrate Dudu said the “crime was committed in Monrovia and so it is under the jurisdiction of the court. Therefore submission of the defense team is hereby denied and the trial will commence on Tuesday, March 4. It is so order. Matter is hereby suspended,” he instructed.

But, at Tuesday’s hearing, the lawyer representing defendant Kalleh contended that the Monrovia City Court lacks jurisdiction of the trial, arguing that the crime was committed outside of Monrovia, particularly, around the J.J.Y Community in Gardnerville outside of Monrovia.

The Prosecution on the other hand, argued that defendant Kelleh was sent by Madam Lee, while the two were at her 9th Street residence in Monrovia, so the act was committed in Monrovia.      

Defendant Kelleh was accused by a Chinese business woman, Lily Lee of collecting US$10,000 from one of her business partner around the J.J. Y. Community, in the Gardnerville area before escaping with it.    

Madam Lee also claimed that while at her 9th Street, Monrovia residence, along with Kelleh, she received a call from her partner, asking her to come to the J.J. Y. Community to collect the money.

That was when she decided to send the defendant for the money; he received it and went into hiding.

But, when Kelleh first appeared at the Court he was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison to await trial.

He was released after his lawyer secure a bail bond for his day to day appearance in court, because the crime is a bailable offence under the penal code.


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