Police Nab Notorious Armed Robber in Ganta

Arrested Armed Robber, Tamba Fallah, handcuffed at the Police Station in Ganta after armed robbing a motocyclist along the Sanniquellie Highway

The Ganta Police Detail has arrested a notorious armed robber noted for terrorizing peaceful citizens and hijacking motorcycles in Ganta.

An investigator in the office of the Police Crimes Services Department in Ganta told the Daily Observer on October 22 that suspect Tamba Fallah, 30, on September 18, arrived in Ganta from Kakata at about 7 p.m. local time.

Upon his arrival, he hired a motorcyclist who was riding a red TVS Star Motorbike to take him along the highway under the pretense that he was searching for someone. According to the police account, as Fallah and the motorcyclist left Ganta and traveled along the Sanniquellie Highway, he (Fallah) took a silver knife in an attempt to stab the cyclist.

When the cyclist noticed his action, he reportedly dropped the bike and fled for safety in the bush, and the robber took the bike and escaped with it to Monrovia for sale.

The CSD said the motorcyclist immediately reported the case to the police the next day and the police launched a manhunt for the suspected robber.

Having been on the watch for the arrested suspect, the police on October 22, 2020, police collected him on the main street of Ganta after being spotted by the same motorcyclist, Albert Cooper, whose bike Fallah made away with on September 18, 2020.

According to the police, Fallah has confessed to armed robbing Albert Cooper of his motorbike.

Police described Tamba Fallah as “one of the notorious criminals in Kakata” who has been terrorizing the residents of Katata as well as travelers.

Suspect Tamba Fallah briefly told the Daily Observer that while in Kakata, he, along other criminals, was involved in stealing goods from trucks that were passing through the city.

“We sometimes got on the trucks or trailers passing through Kakata on the highway to steal the goods whenever they are parked,” he said.

Suspect Tamba Fallah also linked two of his accomplices (names unknown) involved in the recent motorcycle saga and they have been apprehended, pending their transfer to Nimba for prosecution.

The wave of hijacking and armed robbery appears to be increasing in Ganta, with many travelers and residents victimized.

Recently, the Community Liaison Officer of ArcelorMittal Liberia was allegedly hijacked and his bag containing several thousands of U.S. Dollars forcefully taken from him on the main street of Ganta at about 8 pm.

Mr. Ambrouse Gbormie narrated that, while tussling with criminals, people were standing and watching the scene without any attempt to help or rescue him.

Police officers in Ganta have for many months complained of logistical constraints affecting their quick response to emergencies and crime scenes around the city. The Liberia National Police detachment in Ganta had only one vehicle that was used for patrol but has been out of order for a while.

Based on the logistical constraints, the Ganta City Authority on October 17, 2020, launched a rally to raise funds for the repair of the police patrol car, especially the one assigned to the Ganta Detail.

The used two-cabin pickup was given to the Ganta Police two years ago by an American NGO, known as Kaizen, to enhance the movement of police across the business-booming city.


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