Police IG: “Sen Dillon’s Threat Was Code Red”

Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Patrick Sudue

— Will continue to undergo vigorous security search at executive functions

The Inspector General of Police has described as “Code Red” a verbal threat by Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon last September, to stone the Presidential convoy of President George Manneh Weah, since the Senator himself was attacked by stone-throwing loyalists of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

Col. Patrick Sudue, appearing before an Ad hoc committee of the Liberian Senate yesterday, recalled that on September 13, 2020, Senator Dillon threatened that if any of Council of Patriots programs was disrupted, “he will definitely, consciously, intentionally, directly attack the President’s convoy, and we see it as a national security threat to this Republic; and we are under oath and obligation as members of the joint security to protect the President of the Republic of Liberia, and protect the integrity of the state.

IG Sudue told the hearing that when the President’s life comes under danger, “definitely we as members of the joint security should act so. Honorable Dillon statement he made at the time, we saw it as national security threat, and when we did our research, we came to find out that the threat was at the highest, it was Code Red; so we from the angle of the joint security, we have labelled the threat from Honorable Dillon on the President of the Republic of Liberia ba crucial threat. Honorable Dillon will be checked up at any time when he goes to public Functions where the President is; it is under our obligation to check him up, because he has threatened the President and his conduct…”

Col. Sudue’s appearance at the Senate was prompted by a letter by Senator Dillon, addressed to the Senate, narrating instances where he alleged public humiliations were meted against him by officers of the Executive Protection Services (EPS) and called for an immediate stop.

In his communication, Senator Dillon noted that the latest of the unprovoked and targeted gross disrespect to him and his office by officers of the EPS was at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex on Sunday, January 31, 2021, during the finals of the National Sports Meet (County Meet) between Montserrado and Lofa Counties.

“Even with a VIP ticket clearly displayed for entry in the stadium, I was embarrassed and blocked from entering the VIP section of the stadium in the presence of the EPS Director and other state security officers; I had to leave the stadium without entering the field to watch the game. It would have been worse and chaotic had I not held restraint as a leader,” Senator Dillon noted.

As a means of covering up the attack and disrespect to him and his office, “the EPS has issued a public statement, suggesting I was in breach of protocol set in place for protection of the President of Liberia (who was playing exhibition football involving former and current Lone Star selected players).”

Flashback: Senator Abe Darius Dillon said he had two VIP tickets for him and his security to enter to watch the County Sports Meet Finals on January 31, 2021, but they were denied.

“Mr. President Pro Tempore and distinguished colleagues, as stated above, this was the fifth time officers of the EPS have behaved so unruly toward me, including at the Capitol Building during delivery of the last two Annual Messages, 2020 and 2021; I feel personally threatened, and I am concerned about my safety and the safety of my family. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue; I request you my distinguished colleagues, to take seize of this matter and act accordingly to ensure justice and fair play in the best interest of peace and stability,” Senator Dillon’s communication concluded.

“More concerned to me, Senator Dillon told his colleagues, ” is when the deputy director of police, Marvin Sackor goes to the radio on two different days, to declare that I am a target of the executive and enemy to the President; that is putting me in harm’s way. Even the one week this Senate has decided to investigate this matter, I could be out there in Gardnersville or anywhere far away from where the President is, any officer from the executive can see me, consider me and come at me as a target, according to the deputy director of police.”

I am not an enemy of the executive and I want to make this clear; I do not hate the President of Liberia, I have got no malice towards the President of Liberia. I did not want the President of Liberia to become President; I did not vote for him,” the firebrand Montserrado County Senator clarified, adding:  “I exercised my democratic right to vote against his interest of being President; he won because it is democracy; the President of Liberia exercised his right  not to see me as Senator. I am senator by the grace of God, and because we are in a democracy and the majority of the people say so; it’s time for us to work together, and in working together does not mean, should never ever mean, that we must agree with everything, even if somethings don’t make sense.

As lawmaker, Senator Dillon emphasized that he was elected to ensure check and balance, provide oversight, “and in the performance of our duty sometimes we may clash out of issues… not personal. This public humiliation has gone beyond… I am here for nine years and some people have just got to get used to it. The humiliation has reached the point that the bus must stop immediately.”

The matter was turned over to the Defense, Judiciary and Executive Committees, to report to plenary in one week. The Ad Hoc committee is expected to report to plenary soon before the Easter break.


  1. Stop making Liberia a police state!

    Why will CDCians continue to torment this meek senator? Is it because he flatly and shamefully beat you guys at the polls in Monrovia? We beg you man, leave Senator Dillon alone. He is in no way a threat to Weah. Stop your “Code Red” alert on him.

    You see, CDCians do not withstand fair competition, and they do not express their ideas through intellectualism but violence.
    Why do you continue to mystify Weah to the point of constantly humiliating a presidentiable senator?

    IG Sudue, you took the oath of office to protect all Liberians, including senator Dillon. He may become your commander-in-chief; would you look him in the face to ask for favor or job? You have children and relatives, IG Sudue.
    Be fair in enforcing the law. Justice should be blind. Stop intimidating other politicians. We do not all adhere to the CDC platform. Leave the other people with their freedom to choose and serve their country from another perspective.

    You may just be an agent of instability if something should happen to the physical integrity of the honorable senator someday.
    Stop disturbing Senattor Dillon. He can do no harm to Weah. Leave him alone and respect him as a senator of the people.

    No more war in Liberia!

  2. See one idiot in a Police IG call Patrick Sudue with his heavy tongue. another criminal with no direction heading such important position in my native country.

  3. If Dillon has said publicly that “he will definitely, consciously, intentionally, directly attack the President’s convoy, he will be checked at all entrances where the President is. This is just the beginning for he and security people.

  4. Lawlessness like forest fire is fueled by lethargic response: Overhaul & empower the Security Sector. Unless the leadership sees a sense of stableness as indispensable to economic recovery hence job creation & poverty reduction, the next calamity waits around the corner.


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