Police IG, Nimba Authority Broker Peace

Citizens of Vayenglay in discussion with police under the tree

For Nimba post election disputants

On Monday, April 16, 2018 a high-powered delegation led by the Inspector General of Police Patrick Sudue, along with Nimba County Authorities led by Supt. David Dorr Cooper, broke peace among the citizens of the town of Soe Vayenglay, who went at loggerhead in post election violence, which left one person injured by gunshot wound.

The police, backed by the local authority, including Representative Samuel G. Korgar warned the citizens of Vayenglay, mainly supporters of former Rep. Garrison Yealue to desist from any unlawful acts and respect the rule of law.

The incident began on Friday, when the Supreme Court announced the verdict in the long standing election case in Nimba District #4, precisely between former Rep. Yealue and in coming Gunpue Kargon over election bad practice in one of the centers in the district.

The town Chief of Vayenglay, Mr. Emmanuel Karzruah, explained that when the verdict was announced, the supporters of Gunpue were coming with jubilation to one of their fellow supporters, John Miah, in Vayenglay.

“Entering the town of Vayenglay,” he said, ” the Vayenglay citizens, many of whom are supporters of Garrison Yealue, went and stopped them from entering Vayenglay.”

The action of Vayenglay citizens led to confrontation, where, according to Mr. John Miah, his fence around the farm was destroyed by Yealue’s supporters and at the same time they burglarized and looted his warehouse.

Mr. John Miah has been at loggerheads with citizens of Vayenglay for a very long time, especially, during Garrison Yealue’s leadership, when he (Miah) was beaten by the citizens years ago for allegedly engaging in witchcraft.

He spent two weeks at the hospital in Sanniquellie and the perpetrators were apprehended, but what became of the case is yet to be established.

Since that incident, Mr. Miah has maintained strong opposition to Yealue, especially this election period, pledging his support to Yealue’s key opponents, Gunpue Kargon, a decision that really provoked the citizens of Vayenglay.

Vayenglay is the home town of Garrison Yealue and the also the home to John Miah, who is a key supporter of the Gunpue Kargon.

John Miah explained that he has received man insults as well as threats on his life because of his opposition to Yealue’s leadership.

Upon the destruction of his fence and looting of his warehouse, John Miah ran to police in Karnplay for rescue and, when police came to arrest those responsible for breaking in his and allegedly looting his ware house, they refused to go on the call of the police.

View of Vayenglay Town, Nimba County

On Sunday, the situation intensified when police tried to enforce the arrest order. Still, those involved resisted the police order. The situation escalated to gunfire, causing citizens to flee for the bushes, leaving the town deserted, with school, clinic as well as all houses closed.

On Monday, April 16, 2018, a 49yr old man identified as Barcus Sayeh was shot by an unknown, while was going on his farm to distill his oil palm.

The shooter is yet to be identified, but police has launched a manhunt to bring the perpetrator to book forward them for prosecution.

After long explanation, Representative Samuel Kogar stood up and found the supporters of Garrison Yealue guilty of the lawless behavior and looting the warehouse.

He, however rallied the support of citizens, where they were able to collect about L$12,500 and US$20, which was presented through Superintendent Cooper to Mr. Miah as token to forget and forgive the citizens for the wrong they have done.

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue, concurring with the approached taken by the Rep. Kogar, also gave US$50 to the wife of Barcus Sayeh who was shot, so as to cater to her husband and children.

In a separate interview, Inspector General Patrick Sudue said that he will ensure where there is conflict, they don’t have to used force, rather they will go in for peaceful solution.

The situation ended peacefully, where the citizens returned to town jubilation as the convoy of police left the town.

“We hope that this solution brings the end to our situation or problem in this town altogether,” said a lady.

John Miah explained that the underlying factor in the conflict against him is Garrison Yealue, but Supt. Cooper assured that the dialogue will continue, ensuring that all the parties are brought for total reconciliation.


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