Police Hunt 3 for Rape in Caldwell


Two unidentified men allegedly molested and raped an underage girl and two women during a robbery attempt in the early hours of April 13 in Caldwell.

Neighbors said they awoke to the sound of cries of the women at around 4:00am. “First I heard female voices yelling, rogue! Then they started yelling for help. We all ran to their aid and met them messed up and crying,” stated Jebbeh.

Another neighbor, a teenage boy who asked not to be named, said he was the first to take notice of three men lurking around the Matches Box community.

“I was sleeping when I heard a male voice, telling me to open my door. I refused so he left. I looked out of my window and three men were leaving while checking money,” he explained, “but I never knew that they were going to my next door neighbors.”

Minutes after the alleged robbers left the teen’s house, he said he suspected that they went to the next house where up to 12 people, including children live.

 “I never heard a sound or a cry, so I never made the attempt to tell anyone or yell rogue after them,” he added.

Witnesses said two rooms were broken into and the women, one of whom has recently been operated on, begged them not to hurt her.

‘She begged and told them that she had a c-section and begged them not to rape her. That’s how they left her room,” stated a member of the household.

One of the victims said, “I was asleep when I heard our door being kicked in. Before I could understand what was happening, one of the rogues told me and my two sisters to stand in the corner to wait our turn.”

All the three victims later sought treatment at the Redemption Hospital, in New Kru Town.

Meanwhile, the Zone 7 Police Depot was notified and immediately upon arrival began their investigations. No arrest was made.


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