Police Grant UP’s Mo Ali 48 Hours to Return

Mo Ali on shouldres of his supporters at the Police headquarters yesterday.

— Based on lawyers’ request for further consultation with their client

The Liberia National Police has granted the Secretary-General of the Unity Party, Mo Ali, 48 hours to reappear at its headquarters for his post on social media that the LNP considers a matter of security concern.

The mandate followed Mr. Ali’s first appearance after an invitation was extended him to appear on March 18, which he did not honor on an excuse that he was not well and wanted to undergo medical treatment. The Police then declared him a “Wanted Man,” which the Unity Party and the Collaborating Political Parties claimed was contradictory to the law.

However, after sometimes of hauling and pulling, Mr. Ali accompanied by top officials of the CPP and the Unity Party went to the Police Headquarter yesterday in adherence to the call of the state security, but told to return in 48 hours with his lawyers.

Moses Carter, spokesperson of the LNP, confirmed the ultimatum to journalists on March 22 at the headquarter amid the presence of top opposition officials including former Vice President Joseph Boakai, All Liberian Party political leader Benoni Urey, Chairperson of the CPP, Senator Nynoblee Karnga Lawrence, and Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.

On March 1, 2021, Ali wrote on his Facebook page, “Dear National Elections Commission (NEC), we understand the ploy. But try it and you will see what’s gonna be the end result.”

Again, on March 4, 2021 Ali posted saying “I don’t believe in the integrity of the Supreme Court. Most of the Justices have been corrupted. Justice Nagbe is a hardcore tribalist.”

 Following the two social media posts, the home of Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe was attacked with petrol bomb and the National Elections Commission (NEC) were attacked with petrol bombs by unknown individuals.

It was predicated upon the attacks that the Liberia National Police (LNP) invited the UP SG to explain the motives of his posts, but he did not appear until yesterday March 22, 2021.

“This morning Mr. Mo Ali was accompanied by his lawyers and a host of other political actors from the opposition community. We appreciated all those who accompanied him and he was acquainted with the reason while he was wanted by the Police,” Carter said.

He said on March 1, 2021, Ali did a Facebook post threatening the NEC and on March 4 he also wrote on Facebook referring to the Justice in Chamber, Joseph Nagbe as crook and a tribalist.

“And subsequently the Justice was attacked at his home by a petrol bomb, and a few days later, the NEC was attacked with petrol bombs. With these findings, we as a law enforcement agency thought it wise to make Ali to appear for questioning so that he could explain to us his motive, considering the events,” Carter said.

The Police Spokesman said Mo Ali was declared wanted because he failed to show up at the headquarters of the LNP, even though his lawyers earlier on Friday confirmed that he was on his way.

“We became concerned and declared him wanted because at 11 a.m. on Friday March 19, his lawyers came to us without any medical report and said that he could not appear because he was not well,” added.

According to Carter, the granting of the two days to Ali and his lawyers, as well as his political supporters to reappear and answer questions is not a sign of weakness but an act intended to demonstrate that the Police is interested in protecting the country’s peace, ensuring that no citizen’s freedom is tampered with in the absence of due process.

“This is neither a witch-hunt, nor a clamp down on free speech. We understand that the Constitution guarantees all of us free speech, but we are held responsible for what we say or write when it borders on national security or the safety of other people,” he explained.

He noted that “No one should consider this as weakness on the part of the Police. We are a law enforcement body and our role also calls for protecting lives and properties and ensuring that there is peace and stability in the country.”

Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, chairperson of the CPP, said the political alliance is standing with Mo Ali and will make sure he is accompanied again to the Police headquarters on Thursday.

“We know he has done nothing wrong and so we are confident that the burden remains government’s own to prove him wrong. This a country of law and we will not sit and watch, not only our fellow partisans but any other citizen who bears undue consequences for expressing his or her view openly or on social media,” Senator Lawrence said.

Also speaking earlier, Musa Bility, chairman of Liberty Party (LP), said there is no ground to arrest Mo Ali nor imprison him.

Bility, however, said should any unbiased investigation prove that a member of the CPP is responsible for the attacks on the Associate Justice and the NEC, the law should be applied accordingly.

“Until then, the government has no case against Ali,” he concluded.

Joseph Nyumah Boakai, former Vice President of Liberia, said the country has degenerated into a situation never thought of by any patriotic citizen.

“This country has degenerated into a situation that all of us are concerned about. This is why we are bringing these things to their attention to address them compellingly. If not, we will do what is right when we assume office.

“This is not the way we want this country to move,” former VP Boakai said, adding “It is hard to advise people who hardly take advice.”


  1. I suppose, CPP has legal counsel(s). They should have been the only ones escorting Mr. Mo Ali to Liberia National Police Headquarters; for questionings. It did not require a [MOB] of Liberia’s so called lawmakers and others; who were not invited by the police… It’s a shame. Those who have been selected to guide the nation, behaved very [CHILDISH] No wonder! Liberia have become the laughing stock, Among African Nations. OmG! Bless Liber mom

  2. WHAT A SHAME REALLY!!! But what else should be expected of a Joseph Boakai who wants others to believe he Joseph Boakai has the credentials of a democratic leader or the qualities of an ambassador, but would (after been beaten humiliatingly in a presidential election) go about plotting numerous hidden agenda of treason, sedition, and other threats and attacks upon the nation (arson and bombing on the NEC, and the home of an Associate Justice).

    Anyway, Boakai is notorious of such a mob mentality to the extent that he Boakai would bribe party stalwarts to oust the then Unity Party Chairman Wilmont Paye because (unlike Joseph Nyumah Boakai who plotted and financed the unconstitutional removal of the government) the then U.P. Chairman Wilmont Paye shared the democratic view of the ANCS Chairman Cummings that an unconstitutional removal of this government or any Liberian Government is unacceptable.

    And what has actually characterized the leadership of the CPP A DOOMED MOB MENTALITY COLLABORATION, is that unlike the recently past chairmanship of Alex Cummings who publicly rejected any unconstitutional removal of government, the CPP now has a corrupt, and lawless chairperson (Nyonblee) notorious of election violence and extremely indiscipline to the extent that she would, while in plenary, pour boiling water on the head of her senatorial colleague, because she had an opposing position to that of his position on an issue.

    Now, many at home and abroad including former colleagues of ours representing international organizations and states in New York, Geneva, Brussels, are now telling us, ”now you people can see why the diplomatic community in and near Monrovia have implied that besides their obvious stance on democracy or constitutionality, they the diplomatic community and their sending capitals have no confidence in the opposition in Liberia, nor see the required amount of national leadership political responsibility nor actual integrity in that opposition in Liberia.”

    • For the first time ever, Sister Kou Gontee has recognized the moral decency of the ANC leader, Alexander B. Cummings.

      However, CDCians should rest assured that there will be no unconstitutional change of government in Liberia. Some leaders of the CPP are decent people. VP Boakai, who I know very well and highly respect, will in no way ever be associated or indulged in any subversive actions in Liberia.

      We have a major scourge in Liberia called the CDC Party.
      You guys should stop manipulating the justice system. Stop making the police a militia and thug group. Stop imposing your wills by coercions.
      Liberia should be contemplating development; let’s all put in our brains that the war is over. We have fought enough and seen the limits of our cruelty, let’s try something different, something characteristic of the weak people but which have proven worthwhile for leading countries; let’s try civil peace and implement the rule of law!

      To you the arbitrators (justices) and enforcers (police) of our laws, be mindful! Be mindful and keep our peace, we beg you!

      Well, if the diplomatic community near Monrovia can work with the mundane authority of the CDC, and then we are told here that they do not have confidence in the opposition of intellects and responsible people, then I think Jesus is on HIS way back soon to restore laws and orders.

      Have a wonderful day, Sister Kou Gontee!

  3. The Liberia National Police has granted the Secretary-General of the Unity Party, Mo Ali, 48 hours to reappear at its headquarters for his post on social media that the LNP considers a matter of security concern.

  4. A CPP birthed out of the rabble-rousing repertoire of Costa, and, for a time, which embraced resistance threatening antics of Rep. Kolubah can only be taken seriously if ANC leader Alexander Cummings and other sober-minded actors put their feet down. Perhaps, its strategists should study inability of Labor Party to lead Britain since Tony Blair (2007) despite winning some big electoral victories in the past 14 years.

    The party is liked, but majority of Britons abhor its increasingly radical ethos under Millibrand, Corbin, and so on. Let’s say Liberians like law-abiding voters elsewhere (especially in postwar countries) prioritize a sense of stableness the most. There is value in studying comparative political practices, even though the consensus at home has become eulogization of mobocracy: Rubbish!

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      “There is value in studying comparative political practices, even though the consensus at home has become eulogization of mobocracy….”.
      That’s the point, in that the country or that God Forsaken Country is too primitive to understand any higher level of comparative political practices in a democracy.
      But one thing though, Mr. Trained Educated British Man, lets focus on the American political culture for a while. Perhaps, just to understand the the political situation going on in that God Forsaken Country with no chance of learning.
      Shall we ?
      The former President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, in what was considered a free speech, to a crowd of his supporters, came to be known as the Capitol riot, some called it insurrection against the US Congress. Others called it an attack on US democracy. Almost the same was said by the Liberian Senate when the the headquarter of the Elections Commission hit with a petrol bomb.
      That free speech by Donald Trump stirred up political emotions leading to death and injuries and destruction of US government property. A Federal crime.
      Some disapproved that the speech was a protected free speech under the US constitution.
      With all that said , one would like to know if the Federal government through its law enforcements agency like the Justice Department and FBI ever called in to investigate, question for his speech ? Mind you, this is the United States of America that boast of itself that no one is above the law. And what does that means ? The government or the administration is not above the law.
      The comparative study will focused on the law, and its reaction. Rather than the political theater that took place to impeach, or rather than to have the Donald arrested after he leaves office. The US constitution provides for that Prosecution. But the speed was not recognized as a Crime by law enforcement of the United States Justice Department. Although the speech was inciteful leading to a death of Federal police officers. A very serious crime.
      People too in the US can be held accountable and responsible for the speech that very speech made by Donald Trump. Likewise in Liberia.
      A post was made on Facebook. Before the petrol bomb attacks or after the petrol bomb attacks that has not been established.
      And if before, why was the author of the post not arrested for his free speech ? And if the speech was after the petrol bomb incident, how can that possibly be linked to him. Where’s the evidence ? Well, Mr. Moses, you will say that’s the reason he’s called in for questioning. To use your own word, Rubbish !
      Comparative study practiced by a high level democracy, a God Forsaken Primitive Country like Liberia will never never never understand that.
      Even about why Donald Trump was never arrested after leaving office, and is still shooting out his mouth.
      Now that is a study for you. Both countries have similar laws, and similar political institutions. But one is so primitive that comparative studies are useless. Although most of its trained lawyers, politicians and so on were trained in the US. What has comparative study done for that country.
      Do take it to the British, right here in Liberia and the US. 173 years as a failed republic, still talking about comparative studies ?
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      The real petrol bomber is laughing. And Justice Nagbe is shaking his head. And his family is kind of political worried about the next time. Because so many killings went on solved by the same regime. Waste of Time.
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

      • James Davis, are you justifying Mo Ali’s terrioristic posts that threatened both the NEC and the Associate Supreme Court Hon. Joseph Nagbe eventually resulting to bombings?
        Your hatred for Mr. Weah is reminder of how when late president Doe would talk about the danger of rebels war, the more the excitement became for the citizenry inspired by MOJA-liked figures like yourself who were in the driving seats of political propoganda that the rebels were just after Doe and no one else.
        31 years on of still the devastating effects, you, Tiawon Gongle, Koffi Woods, and other hardcore misguided politicians continue to glorify violence and using the same tactics of inciteful rhetorics to plunge Liberia deeper into a sea of poverty and suffering!
        You have been very vocal parading on this platform an interim government concept thus calling for the overthrow of a democratically elected constituted government with the likes of Yeke Kulubah, Mo Ali, Joseph Boykai, Alexander Cummings, and the hooligans CPP and COP.
        What a silly argument of your narrative of events in the US compared ro Liberia when in fact Donald Trumph as a sitting US president under American Law cannot be arrested but rather impeached which was done!
        The hard truth is, many of you old failed unsuited Liberian politicians continue to not believe the paradim-shift of the generational dispensation, rather than retiring, many of you with nothing new to offer this generation, continue to assert a false sense of experience when 21st contemporary society has excelled your rubbished 19th century educational mindset.
        Liberia will go forward only when all of you old dirty politicians die and leave the scene!
        That will happen eventually!
        What’s a disgraced hate-filled James Davis, you are, who encouraged Yeke Kulubah in his madness to insult a sitting president as a “dog,” and justify a new breed of Fulani terrorists for bombings on Liberian soil and Liberian institution!

  5. During his 8-month presidency, Alexander Benedict Cummings “coordinated issues”, offered local scholarships, met with Liberian diplomats and local leaders. This is not an endorsement, but rather an observation. Lastly, I hope Cummings’ ardent supporters will see the moral decency in me.

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