Police Discover Family of 9 Unconscious in New Georgia

A side view of the house where nine people were found unconscious on Saturday.

Two children reported dead, another suffering leg pains

Forensic police investigators said they were baffled by  Saturday morning’s discovery of nine unconscious family members in a house they shared with another family in New Georgia’s Bassa Town.

Neighbor D.K. Wonsaleah J. Marbiah told the Daily Observer on Saturday that police officers were called in when a young man, who was returning a phone belonging to one of the victims in the house, heard muffled sounds.

“He said the voice of the owner of the phone resembled someone asleep and not aware of what was happening to him,” Marbiah said.

He said the man who reported the incident had peeped into the window of the apartment and what he saw convinced him that either something bad was happening, or had happened to the family.

“We immediately called the police who did not waste time and came to find out what was happening to the family,” he said.

He said that when police officers forced the door of the house open, they discovered nine persons, including a twin and a 4-month old baby, unconscious.

Baffled residents could not explain what was responsible for the strange event because the house does not have electricity or generator.

“These are good, God fearing people,” another resident said. “They have devotion every morning and it is their devotion that wakes many of us to get ready for our businesses.”

While an official report is yet to come from the Liberia National Police after the investigation, residents told the Daily Observer that “we believe it’s a spiritual attack,” though they could not explain who might be responsible for the ‘attack.’
A report reaching this newspaper said two persons, including one of the twins and the 4-month-old baby, had already died; and another, identified as Jomah, complained of pain in his legs.

Marbiah said since the incident he has found it difficult to sleep in his room.

Incidents of people dying in their sleep have been reported in Monrovia but there has been no official report on these strange happenings from the Ministry of Health or from the local chapter of West African College of Physicians. Without a professional explanation of these incidences, many attribute them to “witchcraft.”

It may be recalled that in 2014 four members of a family in ELWA were discovered unconscious, when neighbors checked on them, but survived their ordeal.

In December 2016, a man and his wife, who had returned to the country from the US to visit family members, were discovered dead in a house in the Chocolate City community along Somalia Drive. The recriminations that ensued separated family members, some accusing others of being responsible for the tragedy.


  1. Stop this nonsense about spiritual attack. it could be food poisoning, it could be some noxious air from some chemical waste thrown near the home, it could be a leaking acidic battery. it could be a number of things. Liberians call themselves Christians but are quick to jump on the voodoo bandwagon.
    “they discovered nine persons, including a twin and a 4-month old baby, unconscious.” So where was the other twin?
    I am glad they all lived. maybe the fish or meat they had with their food was contaminated, maybe they left the food in the hot sun and it began to go bad and they ate it, … Try using reasoning. We are not in the dark ages. This witchcraft this and that will destroy this country.

    • Comfort, there’s no evidence that food poisoning leads to unconsciousness.

      Take into consideration the swarm of flies in the country that hover over foods and the consumption of rotten meat, fish, and other food items. So if the contamination of food in Liberia resulted in unconsciousness, then a lot of its residents would be in a comatose state.

      I agreed with you that there might be other factors responsible for the unresponsive condition of these people, but the food is not one of them.

      Just My Opinion!

  2. To whomsoever is Comfort, thank you for roping reluctant reason like a horse back to the stable – topic!

    No wonder that laboratory – created viruses in foreign – operated institutions on the continent, which result in mass deaths, are cynically attributed to superstitious mumbo jumbo by some racists still exhibiting a Joseph Conrad mindset of Africa as Heart of Darkness. It is painfully worse when few dishonest political leaders pocket payments for such mindless deaths, and then keep their greedy mouths shut.

  3. “Food poisoning refers to illness brought on by ingesting foods contaminated with living micro-organisms, toxins produced by microorganisms, poisonous chemicals, or poisonous fish, shellfish, or plants (such as mushrooms). The digestive tract is most commonly affected. However, botulism, a life- threatening form of food poisoning, primarily affects the nervous system and may cause respiratory failure.

    Food poisoning may result from improper storage and handling of food, such as inadequate refrigeration or touching food with soiled hands or machinery. Symptoms generally develop within one to 48 hours after eating. Some types of food poisoning (notably cholera and shigellosis) may take from three to five days to produce symptoms.

    Food poisoning is suspected when sudden, acute gastrointestinal symptoms arise. It is difficult to prove that food poisoning is the cause of illness unless several people develop symptoms after sharing the same foods or after eating in the same restaurant…

    Some of the most dangerous cases of food poisoning are those that generate nerve toxins. The symptoms of nerve toxin food poisoning include blurred vision, double vision, muscle weakness, droopy eyelids, distorted speech, dry mouth and difficulty in swallowing. In these cases, permanent damage, paralysis, or death can result if left untreated. Among these are fugu poisoning (erratic heart beat, low blood pressure, numbness, weakness, nausea, vomiting); botulism (from improper food preservation, resulting in blurred vision, droopy eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing and muscle weakness); and poison mushrooms (sweating, hallucinations, shaking, coma and death). – online

  4. All the analysis maybe correct, but the best people to explain are those who survived from the incident. They will have to come up to tell the public what happened the day or evening before the incident, instead of people guessing about spiritual attacks, food poison, dead meat, chemical waste around the home etc. We will all know in the days and weeks ahead the actual story from the victims themselves.

  5. In cases like this it the best time to find out course of death. can doctors, or is there any lab 🔬 in Liberia 🇱🇷 that can be use to find out the course of death?

  6. We need to understand between biblical spirituality and natural phenomenon. This incident is far from food poisoning. This disaster is clearly the attack of some kind of demonic manipulation to afflict this Christian family. They came under attack from the thief who came to steal, loot, kill and destroy. Police crime solving investigation will point to nothing persuasive about the cause of the ugly incident.


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