Police Detain 76 Yr-Old Woman for ‘Criminal Assault’


Police at 12 a.m. Wednesday, August 29, 2018, arrested and detained a 76-year-old woman, a resident of Police Academy Community, on a “criminal offense” charge.

Old lady Kemah Nyanfahn was picked up by police late Wednesday night on grounds that she assaulted a 12-year-old Jemel Cassel earlier in the day at a well where they all fetch water for their various household activities.

An eye witness, Sallay Davis, informed the Daily Observer that the reported fight between the old lady and Jemel Cassell, a daughter of Madam Juah Cassell, Deputy Justice Minister, ensued when old lady Kemah was informed that Jemel had emptied her water for her personal use, after the well had already been locked by the owner.

“After the ‘old ma’ drew her water, she went out in search of potato greens for her daughter-in-law, who was not around. While getting the greens, one of her sons informed her that Jemel had taken her water for her own use,” Davis said.

She added that Jemel’s alleged collection of old lady Kemah’s water prompted an argument between the two that subsequently ended in a fist fight.

Another account said  when Madam Cassell returned home from work, she went to inquire why her daughter was allegedly beaten, but she did not wait for a response. She called officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), who reportedly handcuffed the old lady and took her to the Zone Five Depot where she spent the rest of the night in a cell.

The Daily Observer, visiting the Zone 5 Police Depot, received information that the arrest of old Lady Kemah was not effectuated based on Madam Cassell’s status or position in government.

“The case is not a civil matter; that is  why we went there at that time [12 a.m.] to keep calm. We tried negotiating between the two parties, but there was no understanding,” Zone 5 chief of Police, Massaquoi, said.

Massaquoi, code name CO5, said after 48 hours, that is, as of the time Old Lady Kemah was detained at the police depot, she is entitled to freedom unless there is a need for court proceedings.


  1. LNP officers should have done their due diligence and should have accepted that 12 years old Jemel Cassell had wrongfully taken the property of another, which is an offence under our laws. By engaging in an altercation, both were to be charged with infraction of the peace and forwarded to the nearest Justice of the Peace court. The LNP officer used excessive and unnecessary coercion and restraint to handcuff and arrest at midnight, an elderly person for an infraction of the peace. Then to read that the LNP Zone 5 Commander said she will be kept for 48 working hours, is a clear indication of the abuse of powers by the LNP and the exercise of arbitrary arrest.


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