Police Clears Rep. Moye of Rape Charges

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The Liberian National Police (LNP) has cleared Bong County Electoral District #2 Representative Prince Moye of an allegation of statutory rape.

LNP spokesperson Sam Collins said after thorough investigations, police did not find any evidence to link Rep. Moye to the allegation, and

“Therefore, the case was closed in accordance with the LNP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).”

Collins added: “Facts and findings and the inconsistent and uncorroborated statements of facts, the Women and Children’s Protection Section of the LNP assigned at the Roberts International Airport office’s investigation at this time is yet to establish probable cause to charge Prince Moye, the alleged perpetrator. Until evidence important and germane to the investigation is established, the allegation/complaint filed last October by Miss Kumba Kollie, the mother of the victim (Ma Mary), is closed in accordance with the LNP SOP Chapter 7 Section 7.5.3”
Collins, however, outlined nine points of which, he said “both direct and circumstantial evidence needed to support the charges are not present as the statements of the allegation are inconsistent.”

According to him, among the unconvincing “findings” the alleged victim said she rode in a small gray car with Rep. Moye and drove towards Boy’s Town, while witness Anthony Bobby Sohn said he saw the victim and Moye along with two other people in a jeep heading towards ELWA Junction in 2014.

“The (victim) has failed to assist police investigation with relevant information in giving the name of the boy, who shuttled between her and the alleged perpetrator as well as her cell phone number and Rep. Moye’s cell phone number used to exchange calls….the victim and her family have failed to assist the police in doing due diligence to retrieve the phone allegedly seized by the school principal used to exchange calls between her and Moye,” Collins said.

The “Report” was under the signature of Deputy Commander Toilee Menden of the Women and Children Protection Section/RIA Police Detachment and approved by Inspector Janet G. Fanyan, Commander of WACPS.

Rep. Moye was accused of an alleged statutory rape of a 16-year-old girl identified as Ma Mary of the Rock Hill community on the Robertfield highway.

According to her mother Kumba Kollie, Rep. Moye exploited the vulnerability of her daughter as a teenager and had sexual intercourse with her.

She said Rep. Moye had been consistently embarrassing her daughter and finally lured her into sexual intercourse against her will. She also claimed that following the act Rep. Moye requested not to be exposed under condition that he was going to pay her schools fees; but the alleged victim stated that she rejected the offer on grounds that it cannot remedy the damage done to her.

House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay rejected media reports of an “alleged rape allegation” against Bong County Representative Prince Moye, saying it had “political reason.”

The Speaker said the allegation lacked evidence, and was only intended to taint the lawmaker’s character.

The House Press Director, Isaac G. Redd, said members of the House of Representatives were aware that there were setups and mind games to extort money during the coming election.


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