Police Charge 2 with Murder in Ganta

The late Violet Richmond Thompson

More than two weeks after National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) employee Violet Thompson Richmond and her 13 year old ward Annie Johnson were found dead in their apartment in Peace Community , Ganta, Nimba County the Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested two persons and charged them with murder.

In a radio interview in Ganta last Sunday, the LNP disclosed the names of the two alleged murder suspects as Exodus Wamah and Justin Dolo, residents of Sanniquellie.

According to police sources, a SIM card belonging to the late Richmond was found with Justin Dolo who later admitted his involvement in the killing of the two women.

The motive is yet to be revealed, but it appears that Thompson was killed for money, which amount is yet to be specified.

Her alleged boyfriend, Exodus Wamah, is yet to admit his role in the killing, but police sources say they have gathered all evidences that substantiate their charges.

The LNP also revealed that Exodus was always in the habit of harassing the late Violet for money, and SIM card records show he made the most number of calls to Violet Thompson the night she and her ward were allegedly murdered.

The Daily Observer has also gathered from sources within the LNP that Exodus’ fiancée, Oretha Dolo, is currently undergoing investigations, after some valuables, including jewelry, and an Apple laptop belonging to the late Violet Thompson were discovered in her possession.

The killing of Richmond and her ward has raised alarm in Ganta and its environs and also raised fears among the residents, opening the old wound of the gruesome killing of a motorcyclist in 2015 that led to riots in Ganta.

Public opinion says the cancellation of capital punishment, which calls for hanging of convicted murderers, may be responsible for the alleged murder of Thompson and her ward.

“Once there is no harsh punishment for murderers, there will always be this kind of gruesome killing and you will see the perpetrator freely going about his normal duties,” said an elderly man.

On Tuesday, March 14, Ms. Richmond and her ward Annie Johnson, were found dead in the bathroom of their apartment, with their doors, backed by iron bars, locked.

There was no sign of an intrusion into the house but after a 15 jury investigation, it was established that the deceased and her ward were murdered.

The little girl had her mouth tied and her head was left in a drum filled with water, while Ms. Richmond was allegedly struck in the head.


  1. I want to take this time to thank the Ganta police detachment for their hard work in arresting to murderers, Justin Dolo and Exodus Wamah who brutally killed Violet Thompson Richmond and her 13 year old ward Annie Johnson on Tuesday March 14, 2017 in the Peace Community section of Ganta. These two animals should be charged with criminal homicide, burglary, robbery and a list of related offenses.

    It’s a little weight off the shoulders of the community, because the men not walking around, but it don’t change nothing. Violet and Annie are not with us any longer, it won’t bring them back. It is a little bit of relief, it gives a lot of people closure. We never expected this kind of cowardly act in our community.
    Police are not saying much about what might have motivated the crime by a boyfriend, but greed for money seems like a factor. I hope they can be hanged or put away for the rest of their lives


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