Police Challenge Students in Fighting Crimes


Dao Freeman, a Commissioner of the Liberia National Police (LNP) for Training and Manpower Development has challenged students attending the Joseph J. Roberts United Methodist School (JJRUMS) to serve as ambassadors in their quest to help police fight crimes.

Freeman spoke at the 5th edition of the School Law and Justice program organized by NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development, held on the campus in Sinkor, outside Monrovia.

The program brings experienced police officers and lawyers to the classrooms to educate students in practical law, crimes prevention, conflict resolution and adherence to the rule of law, due process and access to justice.

Freeman spoke on the topic, “Crime Prevention” with focus on “What is Crime and How the Youth Can Prevent it.” He said any country that allows it citizens to abide by the rule of law will succeed, because a crime is an unlawful act punishable by a state or its authorities.

Officers Freeman then called on the students to be law-abiding to prevent crimes, adding, “Be that light in society not to join others in breaking the law.”

Freeman said citizens can join the fight to prevent suspected crimes through their behaviors, which require collaborating with law enforcers. He then called on the students to be developmental-oriented and law abiding.

“One reason why people are educated is to transform the way they think and how they can contribute to society, because deviant behavior remains a wrong path for anyone in a given society,” the LNP officer said.

The director of the Judicial Public Information Division at the temple of Justice, Darryl Ambrose Nmah, spoke on adherence to rule of law with focus on what is due process and how youth can access justice.

“The law says one should not take anyone’s property without the due process, and most importantly, everyone has the right to legal representation,” Mr. Nmah told the students.

Eddie D. Jarwolo, NAYMOTE executive director, said the program is to advance justice, promote peace, rule of law and democracy through seminars, lectures and mock court trials to support the criminal justice system.

Jarwolo said the initiative will help participating students become citizens with knowledge of the law in dealing with issues and not personalities.

“We want you to take advantage of this initiative to make better decision, because this program is directly meant to empower the students,” Jarwolo said.


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