Police Brutalize Judicial Staff in Peaceful Protest

Police in riot gear manhandled judicial staff who staged at peaceful protest at the gate fo the Temple of Justice.

Several aggrieved workers of the Judicial Branch of Government were manhandled by officers of the Liberia National Police riot squad on Monday, October 12, 2020, when they assembled at the entrance of the Supreme with the thought that staging a peaceful protest during the opening of the Supreme Court would provide them the opportunity to have redress for the 12-month unpaid Liberian dollar component of their salaries.

It was not clear under whose authorization the officers used force to drag the protesters outside of the compound of the Temple of Justice to the Executive Manson entrance opposite the Supreme Court.

It started when the aggrieved employees assembled at the entrance of the Supreme Court building in an attempt to ensure that their plight grasps the attention of senior public officials including President George Weah who are usually invited to grace the opening of the Supreme Court.

A judicial staffer who joined the peaceful protest fainted as a result of police brutality against him and his colleagues.

Before they assembled, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor had informed the aggrieved workers that Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, would visit the Temple of Justice on Wednesday, October 14 to address their concern that had led to numerous protests against him (Korkpor), which resulted into the disruption of court activities.

While the protesters took their peaceful posture, standing at the entrance of the Supreme Court, it was when the head of the LNP’s Police Support Unit (PSU), with a request from the Chief Justice, issued an order to have the workers forcefully removed from the premises of the Temple of Justice. With that order, the police began beating the protesters, leaving several judicial workers wounded and unconscious. Their leader, Archie Ponpon, was taken to the hospital for treatment along with others.

Shortly after the police succeeded in driving out the protesters from the premises of the Temple of Justice, Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah appeared and addressed some of the aggrieved workers.

Minister Tweah publicly told the workers that “Chief Justice Francis Korkpor did not eat your money. Even, the government is indebted to Justice Korkpor,” he explained.

“I have witnessed people raining insults on Chief Justice Korkpor and other Justices. They did not eat a dime of your money,” Minister Tweah told the workers who were not touched when the police brutalized their colleagues. “Harmonization ended the Liberian dollars salaries payment,” Minister Tweah added.

The victims of police brutality being attended to at the gate of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

Minister Tweah also informed the protesters that the government was going to make available three months of their salaries before the end of the week.

“We are going to pay you for three months; July August and September, but the check will be one bulk check as a restoration in addition to the October 2020 pay,” Minister Tweah assured the protesters.

Minister Tweah also told the workers that, while their concerns are genuine, those issues will be discussed with their (aggrieved workers’) leadership and staff of his ministry.

“You will now notice the changes in your salaries after the meeting with our staff, because the formula we are using would be explained to you by October 13,” Tweah said.


  1. Why should people be protesting before getting paid in delinquency on one year salaries? To add insults to injuries, you will be paying them for only 3 months after being beating and disgrace without any consideration of your failed responsibilities that led to the protest to start with. Why beat on your own citizens for demanding what due them? You Chief Justice told the employees about Tweh schedule visit at the temple of Justice and they should excercise good will to enable them directly asked Tweah about their backlog salaries and soon Tweah was in route to the building, you order the police to disburse the crowd ending into violence. By the way, did I heard Tewah telling the employees that, from next month, they are going to notice changes in their salaries. The question is, will this changes lead to increase or decrease? My guess is, decrease since that’s when the harmonization kicks in.

    • You do not blamed the police, you blamed the wolf in the sheep clothing calling himself Chief Justice. This man was a thorn in the flesh of the late Chief Justice(Lewis), holding secret meetings with the staffs and other officials of the Judiciary, pretending to be the best person to lead the Judiciary: He succeeded in ousting Kabineh Ja’neh with an impeachment that cannot stand the basic legal litmus test. he has been trying to silence the president of the LNBA, when he tried to speak against the illegal removal. Now the staffers of the Judiciary are now seen the “true” color of this deceit. He give the police the orders to mal-handle the protesting staffs for their salaries.
      Here is a man who made fooled of the late Catholic Arch-Bishop(Micheal K.Francis) that he Korkpor stood for social justice in Liberia, by being the Chairman of the Board of Catholic Justice and Peace Commission(JPC), while Kofi Woods was the Executive-Director; look how he ordered those people who are looking for daily bread for their families were treated today? What happened with those so-called values that he believed in yesterday? He is even making decision against people without giving them a fair hearing in court, is this not a fundamental issue in our constitution? Due process of law? He just did that against Atty. Isaac Jackson.
      The late Arch-Bishop is turning in his grave because of this deception!

  2. wow, liberia is something. you owe them one years pay but you shut their mouths with three months pay. Those workers are idiots. why demonstrate and protest when you will be given crumbs. Tweah is laughing all the way to the bank. Yes the justices did not take the workers’ money. TWEAH AND GMW DID

  3. THIS IS CRAZY. the riot police make $125 a month. Those poor police officers and beating people who have the same issues that they have. The police have not been paid either but they are the conduits for Tweah. Why the hell would they beat their own citizens in the same boat as they are

  4. Harmonization only affects poor workers whose wages have already plummetted as a result of a staggering two-digit inflation. It did not affect Weah’s right to drive a pick-up to the CBL and take any amount from vaults as he likes. It did not affect the filthy fingers of the clown Tweah who has turned into an overnight millionaire and now has the audacity to undermine the VP with the intention of taking her place. harmonization did not undermine Bill Tweahway who has lotted the NPA dry and is carrying out serial killings against professsional auditors who refused to cover up his dirt. The wrath of the people is on the horizon. This is the lesson of history!

  5. Tombekai Boakai

    Why would a Country Boy, Francis Korpor, the Chief Justice of Liberia, order his security forces to mete out ill-treatment to and deny our people the right to assemble freely? No doubt our court system under his administration remains in tatters. The entire judiciary is corrupt and it rots from the head down to the messenger. Only God can save us all.!!
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  6. When you travel to neighboring Countries, you will see them transacting in their local currencies. For example; Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory coast, Ghana and Nigeria.
    But when it comes to Liberia now a days, everything is about, “US, US and US.
    Even the so-called “ignorant Samuel K Doe Government” paid salaries in Liberian Dollars (the Seven Corners Silver Dollars followed by the JJ Roberts Bank Notes).

    The “Rebel” Charles Taylor Government paid salaries in Liberian Dollars.

    This US Dollars and hugh salary payment scheme was introduced by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Government, as the fastest means of looting the Country. It was intended for the CRIMINAL CARTEL to easily transfer their illegal FUNDS to foreign banking institutions.
    There is no need for the George Menneh Weah led CDC Government to continue such scheme, unless they have the same intentions.

    The idea of a US Dollars vs Liberian Dollars salary payment is very NONSENSICAL.
    In short, it should have never happened.
    All monetary transactions in the United States of America are done in US Dollars.
    The issue of dual currency in Liberia does not make sense.

    There is a need for the Government and people of LIBERIA to support a one (LIBERIAN DOLLARS) currency system.

  7. Isaac Dikenah, you are right. Dual currency is as disadvantageous to Liberia, and was PARTICULARLY and SOLELY in the SELFISH interest of Ellen, her children, and cronies at the CBL to effortlessly LAUNDER their unauthorized printed Liberian bank notes.

  8. Isaac Dikenah, you are right. Dual currency is as disadvantageous AS DUAL CITIZENSHIP to Liberia, and was PARTICULARLY and SOLELY in the SELFISH interest of Ellen, her children, and cronies at the CBL to effortlessly LAUNDER their unauthorized printed Liberian bank notes.

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