Police Arrest 94 in Connection to Ganta Mob Violence

Accused of being in possession of human skeleton, an angry mob beat two suspects to death, while a third is being treated at a medical facility in Ganta.

Police in Nimba County with backing from officers of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) said they have arrested at least 94 people suspected of being among those that carried on violent activities that resulted to the deaths of two persons in Ganta City on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

The ERU officers were dispatched from the Gbarnga, Bong County Security Hub following the mob violence that disrupted normal activities in Ganta.

Ganta Police Detail Commander, Adolphus Zuah informed the Daily Observer via mobile phone that the arrest of the 94 suspects is in connection to the mob violence that resulted in the deaths of two persons.

Zuah added, “because of the volatile security situation, 69 of those arrested are already being transferred to Gbarnga in Bong County, while 25 others are being transferred to Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County to remain detained at the county’s Correction Palace awaiting court trial.”

“As we speak, police have deposited corpses of the mob violence at a funeral home awaiting the arrival of family members,” he said.

It can be recalled that commercial activities in Ganta City, Nimba County came to a standstill on Wednesday when some angry residents reportedly attacked three people suspected of ritualistic killings. The suspects were being escorted to Police headquarters for “interrogation.”

The mob action, according to reports, resulted to the death of two of the suspects, while the third suspect, who eyewitnesses said was ‘flogged severely’ remains admitted at a health center in the city. The crowd had accused the trio of being in possession of human skeleton.

Police had yet to verify the information when angry crowd reportedly took the law into their own hands. “I don’t know what went wrong before the suspects were mobbed to death. I heard that the taxi cab they were traveling on broke down, and so the crowd came against them,” Zuah said via mobile phone on Wednesday.

“I only heard that a police undercover agent in Saclepea, central Nimba, was escorting three suspects from the district to Sanniquellie, the county political capital, when a commercial vehicle they were riding on broke down, thus giving rise to marauding gangs to mob two of the suspects to death, while the third person was severely wounded,” he said.

Commander Zuah said two of the police officers that were among other unarmed officers dispatched to quell the situation sustained wounds from the angry crowd that were reportedly using sticks, stones and any deadly objects to mob their victims. The crowd, according to Zuah had claimed that the accused individuals were suspected of carrying on ‘heartmen’ activities (ritualistic killings), but the allegation was yet to be substantiated when two of them were mobbed to death.

Also, confirming the information, the head of the county police Criminal Investigation Division (CID), James Katoe, said the suspects were reportedly mobbed to death by “some suspected criminals; some of them on police wanted list.”

In the wake of the mounting tension, Ganta has remained heavily guarded by the presence of a contingent of police officers from a garrison of the ERU that are being dispatched to restore sanity to the city.

Our investigation continues.


  1. Arrest the ones with the camera. Our country is sowly sliding into anarchy. What kind of human does this? And the little kids are also being exposed to this kind of violence. Please deal with them harshly. the onlookers and the ones taking photos should also be arrested.

  2. “Police have deposited corpses at a funeral home awaiting arrival of family” and “arrest of 94 suspects” inform why convictions are hard to get in our courts for majority of homicide cases: poorly-conducted autopsies, or none as in this one, and dragnet arrests without solid evidence actually tying accused to commission of the crime, ala hearsay nonsense. It reminds of Einstein’s belabored definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”.

    Let’s leave trained and experienced officers with certain skills-set in place, otherwise, crime reduction would be a mirage. Criminals are emboldened by inability of officers to catch, prosecute, and convict them, and nobody needs a degree in Criminal Justice to do that, just training in best practice techniques and hands-on supervision by professionals who know bloody well what they’re doing. It’s so exasperating!

    • mr sylvester gbayahforh moses. what the hell do you know about public safety. as nsa director you witness the deaths and torture of thousands and what did you do……nothing? what do you know about best practices…….nothing. you are a useless swine of a human will no ethics and value. you are a party to the disaster in liberia called SECURITY . i hope you go to hell. my dad hated your guts. bastard

  3. Liberians are beginning to see what illiteracy and backwardness can do to a nation. The images depict a country that is stuck in time, or it is stuck in the Barbarian Age.

    It will be an overstatement to compare Liberians to the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea – a subregion of the lost continent of Oceania, where the natives have absolutely become impervious to civilization or minimally accepted civilization.

    One factor that accounts for this upsurge of savagery is the 14-year unprecedented civil war which have bred the culture of impunity that the country is witnessing today. Many of the young men, who have come of age today, witnessed the baneful violence of that era, and it left a psychotic impact on their minds.

    The mindless killings somewhat subsided during the Ellen administration because of the presence of the UN Peace Keeping Forces. Nevertheless, the peace that was felt in the country during the Ellen administration was only temporary, as it only created false impressions that all was now well in the country. But many of the mindless killers were only lying in wait and praying for an opportune time like this, when the government seems to lack the will to take this issue head-on.

    Moreover, the dubious and mysterious murders of our citizens whenever they stick their necks out to speak against the political corruption or the financial mismanagement of the country are not helping either.

    Whenever a perception creeps into the collective psyche of the citizenry that the powers that be are themselves orchestrating heinous crimes within the society that they lead, it sets the stage, or it re-enforces a very dangerous behavior especially among people with criminal tendencies. For them, taking the law into their hands by committing felonious offenses is a norm of the Liberian society.

    They see their public officials doing it and getting by with it. And so, they feel that they can do it and get by with it too.


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