Police-Action Awaits Motorcyclists


Ahead of alleged planned protest by motorcyclists in Monrovia, the Liberia National Police (LNP) on Thursday, December 19, warned any motorcyclists not to do anything outside of the law.

Inspector General Chris Massaquoi said that a failure to ask for permit before getting into the streets, would leave the police with no alternative, but to take steps to protect life, property, and maintain peace.

Recently, the secretary-general of the Motorcyclist Union of Liberia threatened that on today, Friday, December 20, he would lead a group of his members to the Foreign Ministry office of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in a demonstration.

But, addressing journalists at the headquarters of the LNP, Col. Massaquoi hoped that the secretary-general and his followers strictly adhere (stick) to the rules laid down for any such assembly.”

According to him, the police have not received any communication from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) authorizing such an assembly or demonstration by motorcyclists.

“As an institution, charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order while protecting life and property, “LNP will respect the right of citizens to peaceably assembly to petition their leaders in keeping with the Constitution; however, there are legal procedures and ramifications, (consequences, outcomes) to consider when planning such an undertaking.”

Announcing plans to deploy police around the community, Col. Massaquoi said he “wished to inform the general public that in a bid to improve police/community relations, we will within one week commence a robust exercise in pursuit of this objective.”

“We call upon all those residing in the various communities in and around Monrovia, to assist us in this endeavor in order to create a needed and necessary,  collaborative relationship,” he added.

In conclusion, the Police chief said, “we reiterate our commitment to ensuring that all citizens and our friends enjoy quiet and peaceful Christmas and New Year holidays.”

“We reassure all within our borders that the LNP stands ready to do everything to  provide maximum protection for all, with the public going about its normal business, during this festive seasons.”


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