Pochano Returns

Legendary Hipco rapper and producer Pochano.

Hipco rapper and producer Pochano has released his first ever single nearly after a five-year break from the music industry.

The new single “Monrovia” is available on all top international streaming sites and digs deep into the everyday hustle in Liberia’s capital city, Monrovia. It was solely produced by the artist and is reportedly a teaser single from the legendary rapper’s rumored upcoming album scheduled for release by the end of this year.

“I cannot say whether I’m back for good. I’m still observing the current landscape and will make any decisions soon. I released this track just to let the fans know I have not forgotten about them since they have not heard from me for a long time,” Pochano said.

When pressed whether the single is a teaser track for his upcoming album, Pochano could not deny nor confirm the rumor that “Monrovia” is one of the tease tracks for his album.

“Active or not, I’m always working on music during my spare time. I have a couple of track in stock but I don’t know yet if I will be returning to the industry anytime soon. I took a longtime sabbatical because of lack of opportunity in the industry and to focus on my business.  Music is my life but I cannot be doing music without any profit.

“However, anything is possible.  I can return or not. The time now is different from ours. And once I’m done assessing the current financial opportunity in the industry, I will let the fans know,” he added.


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