Plans Underway for Terminal B at RIA

Terminal A departure lounge at the Roberts International Airport

-MD Bishop Klayee discloses

The Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA), Bishop John Allan Klayee, has disclosed plans for the construction of another terminal to be named ‘Terminal B’ at the Roberts International Airport (RIA), to allow the passage of more flights through the airport.

The major entry point to Liberia, Roberts International Airport, can now boast of a modern state-of-the-art terminal that is attractive to both citizens and foreigners visiting and leaving the country.

Liberia, since the war ended in 2003, opened its first modern airport terminal this year, following a loan agreement between the Government of Liberia (signed during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration) and the People’s Republic of China.  Erection of the terminal commenced in 2016 and was finally opened during the Liberian Independence Week in July, 2019.

With high ambition to get more than what is available now; MD Klayee told journalists on November 5, 2019 that, among other things, the RIA Management is planning to construct another terminal, which will see the old terminal building demolished.

RIA Management is planning to construct another terminal, which will see the old terminal building (pictured) demolished.

According to the Managing Director, the [new] Terminal A building and rehabilitation of the runway were two major projects completed to make RIA accessible and attractive to flights.  Nevertheless, he said constructing a new terminal in addition to what is currently available will draw in more flights that will enable the institution to generate income.

At the same time, Bishop Klayee has disclosed that they have negotiated with the Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), to construct an Aircraft Maintenance Center in Liberia, which according to him will make the country a hub for aircraft spare parts and repair.

Furthermore, the Managing Director, having visited a number of countries in recent days to connect Liberia’s airport with other airports around the world, disclosed that the Management has negotiated with Delta Airlines and it has agreed to resume flights to Liberia, albeit only for cargo business. During Delta Airlines’s previous business in Liberia, the airline ran a very attractive service, flying passengers directly from Liberia to the United States up to 2014, but cancelled its flight due to unspecified reasons.

Terminal A at RIA

The Government of Liberia reported earlier this week that it just concluded negotiations for the return of Air France to Liberia. One of the key issues that led to Air France’s earlier termination of services in Liberia was the faulty runway at RIA. Now that the airport boasts of a “brand new runway”, Klayee said, Air France is encouraged to resume service to Liberia.

Another airline the RIA Management is negotiating with to extend services to Liberia is  Turkish Airlines.

Currently, airlines that make constant lands at RIA include Kenya Airways, Brussels Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Africa World Airlines, Air Peace and Air Cote d’Ivoire.

Bishop Klayee’s ambition to see a new terminal and inflow of airplanes in Liberia, however, is confronted by some challenges; one of which is the cost of power to run the airport.

“We use generators to power the airport, with 80% of our income at the RIA going to the cost of power to run the airport.  In this direction, we are in contact with a company that will build a solar energy plant here to help address the situation,” he said.

Meanwhile, a South African airline company, Klayee added, is strongly considering coming to Liberia to provide domestic flight services.

According to him, domestic air travel has also come to a halt because of the outdated condition of the James Spriggs Payne Airfield, which he described as the lifeline for domestic flights in Liberia.

Bishop John Allan Klayee, Managing Director, Liberia Airport Authority (right) and Deputy Managing Director, Martin Hayes

“Domestic flights will have much positive impact on the ordinary citizens in the country considering the bad road condition that makes it difficult for a lot of people to reach out across the country.  When we have domestic flights, it is easy to transport an ill person from rural parts of the country to a medical facility, and it will be easy to travel to inaccessible counties like Maryland and other parts of south-east,” Bishop Klayee said.

In an effort to address this problem, Bishop Klayee said, they have contacted a company that will rehabilitate the James Spriggs Payne Airfield, which has been inactive in the air transport activities close to two years now. When rehabilitated, he said, LAA will do some minor repair on airstrips across the country to pave a way for resumption of domestic flight service.

Prior to the press briefing by the Liberia Airport Authority Management, information circulated on various news media and social media platforms that sewage lines and air conditioning equipment at the RIA Terminal A were already experiencing major malfunctions, since the terminal opened in July.

Therefore, journalists were invited to tour the Terminal A facilities and operations, including escalators, elevator, digital flight information displays, as well as the airport’s solutions to the afore-mentioned sewage and air conditioning problems. The Terminal also features shops and restaurants, as well as an exclusive lounge for premier travelers.

The old terminal that was destroyed during the war has been renovated to host the LAA Management and other administrative departments.


  1. Demonstrate the statistical needs and not esthetic needs. In other words, how many times do you experience passenger over crowdedness that warrants the expenses for such terminal B?

    • Harry, the project is for the future. Liberia will once again be the hub in West Africa. Our beloved nation will rise again. Just vote out this government in 2023.

    • Exactly my point too, Harry. You have just 6 airlines using the airport currently. As a result of the current spree of negotiations, perhaps another 3 or 4 or even fleet of airlines will be added to the original 6. So for 10 or even 15 airlines you want to build another terminal? And as if all the airlines will arrive 7 days a week? Underutilized! will be the best description for such waste of resources. The current airport should be able to accommodate up to 20 or more airlines arriving different days of the week. The news that there was plans underway to revamp the James S. Payne airfield in Monrovia to handle additional air traffic for domestic and smaller airlines, makes a whole lot of sense and some than this big bluff.

    • Congratulations for what? Wishful thinking? This is exactly why we keep retrogressing while other countries in the subregion are progressing. The man merely pitched an “idea” and you’re a congratulating him? Why not wait until the darn thing is completed before resorting to your sycophancy?

      Moreover, the Bishop seems devoid of a concrete plan for making the airport competitive. He recognizes that a huge chunk of the airport’s revenue is being directed to electricity generation, so why isn’t a cost-effective solution to the energy issue (in addition to the myriad problems being encountered in the newly commissioned Terminal A) given priority over the construction of new terminal?

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
        Mr. Bango, the Bishop is doing his best. You don’t want me to congratulate him?
        Don’t get angry with me please. I have to congratulate a bishop who is not on the pulpit but running an international airport.

        Please calm down. Have a nice day.

  2. Passengers have been complaining of non-working air conditioning, broken toilets, etc. in this new terminal but Bishop Klayee is already planning to build a second one? Doesn’t the Legislature have to appropriate fund that the government doesn’t have? If I was President Weah, I would tell him to stop his grandstanding and fix the toilets, and AC at the airport.

  3. Solving Our Problems, Looking The East—way, Is Positive.

    This is the good result of science and advanced technology. The investment in quality education has a dividend. The East has mastered it. We in Liberia/Sub Saharan Africa, are plying a catch up! By the way, it’s loan from a communist/socialist—free market economy nation. A nation that was no where around, when we , ( Liberian) were signing our Declaration of Independence.

    We have had friends since our beginning, we have been doing things their way, however; we are the poorest and more backward. A “good friend” do not allow his friend to sink in the dungeon of obscurity. We must learn how to do things that will benefit us and unborn generations. Not to satisfy others.

    M. S. Bah NP ( Nurse Practitioner) Meridian

    • Mamadu Bah – A government job in Liberia is a path to quick riches. That’s the main reason why Liberia is a dirt poor country. From one government to the next, same shit. Liberians are their own worst enemy and no one can save them. Government officials are so brazen to steal public funds because there is no threat of going to prison so long they’re willing to payoff judges and prosecutors. Who will prosecute who when everyone is doing the same stealing from the President on down? That’s how it’s done my brother. No grand plan will develop that country. The government is run by criminals. How can you entrust criminals with anything of value and expect them to be good stewards? Ellen’s government was somewhat bad, but this government is off the scale! bad to worse!! It’s crazy.

  4. Brother Phill George, you are so right, sir.
    I sometimes write these comments, because I went to school in the East. These guys ( Asians), have moved so fast than us. Look at Singapore. We all went through this colonial and imperial mess, but they have gone so fast than us.
    Thank you so much for your insight, brother.
    Let’s continue “ Barking “. Maybe the Old Man up there will hear our cry and sent us someone better.

    M.S. Bah, NP ( Nurse Practitioner)
    Meridian Health

  5. I can say with an absolute degree of certainty that the new RIA Terminal is not as “state of the art” as most people had thought it would be. For instance, after performing a voluntary function three weeks ago at the airport, a young employee came from behind to hand me a one-sheet napkin to wipe my hands. That is unheard of. The water from the sink did not gush with speed. The water didn’t drip, but it didn’t flow as one would expect at a new terminal.

    For now, the new airport terminal has got some problems. Hopefully, more improvements will be made. In any case, the new terminal is 100 times better than all the airport terminals Liberia has had since 1847.

    I am concerned about the projects that are awarded to the Chinese. Their road construction projects aren’t impressive. (I am speaking for myself). Some of the asphalt the Chinese have used on roads in Monrovia and elsewhere, didn’t last. Today in Liberia, lots of potholes exist in the roads that the Chinese contractors have worked on.

    I am optimistic about future improvements. 😜

  6. Complain, complain and complain. That is all some of us Liberians are good for. Complaining is our life.
    Even though we have nothing to offer, but we take pleasure in complaining about everything.
    Father God please help us.

  7. Brother Dikenah,

    When you mention a problem/ill that exist in our society, that is not complain. It is just mentioning the ill that exist. besides, no one is more Liberian than the other. We care about our Mama Liberia, so when she bleeds, our children bleed.

    Perhaps you do not see anything wrong with what is going on in Liberia, but some of us do, and we will continue to call out those ills until we can get some positive results.


  8. Our Short Coming and Fault

    In Mombasa, Kenya, the only electric underground rail road built in Africa by the Chinese, is not leaking. It has replaced the 100 years old British-Colonial Rail track that was built in 1908. The hydro electric dam built by the Chinese in Ethiopia, is serving the people of that nation. Several other projects in Latin America are up and functioning.

    We have “engineers “in Liberia. The Liberian Government Engineering Department, is the ministry of public works. I m sure that any projects by foreign construction firm, should be approved by that department. I stand corrected on this.

    Like brother Phil George said, we are INTRINSICALLY CORRUPT in Liberia. If our “engineers “ cannot tell the difference between a bad project and a good one, others in foreign lands can. I m in the medical field, if I ever work in Liberia, I will never prescribe any counterfeit drug for any of my Liberian brothers and sisters. I make sure the labels on every drug is widely read, understood along with ingredients and chemical make up, before administration.

    Even in the great USA, just 3 weeks ago, a 3-story structures collapsed in Las Vegas, killing 1 or 2 people.

    Most Liberians should be aware that we ( Liberians) went to school on tax payer money. We owed it to our people to serve them the best possible way in our various professions. But if we look the other way to connive with foreign entities and line our various pockets, our people will keep suffering. Our public work ministry approved projects, before there is ground broken. Our “ engineers read through the blue prints, look at various walls, staircases, they are “professional people”. Furthermore, they are on the ground working with these guys. They are the eyes of the Liberian people. If a Chinese brick layer have a blue print for 1/2 foot wall, a Liberian engineer assigned to evaluate the drawing agrees, knowing fully well it is inappropriate, well he is not serving his country.
    Let’s seek the interest of our people first, and every other thing will follow.

    M.S. Bah, Meridian Health

  9. Mr. Mamadu Bah,
    The newly built underground railroad was constructed by the Chinese in order to serve the growing population of Kenya. The construction work was done by the Chinese because the Kenyans felt it was the right thing to do. The 1908 British constructed rail which was recently replaced by the Chinese built rail, has served its purpose. After 111 years, a new railroad was imperative! No one is complaining about the fact that the Chinese cannot built railroads or houses or airport terminals. My earlier point is unchanged.
    Some of the construction work that the Chinese did on roads during the early years of EJS, are badly deteriorating. A typical example is the road that goes from the Freeport to the Red Light area. The said road is being re-done by the Japanese! When I was in Liberia recently, one side of the road was almost done. According to sources, the Japanese temporarily halted the project because of the rain.

    The Ethiopian Hydro:
    Once again, the question is not whether the Chinese do not have the technology to build dams. They certainly do. I am not sure whether the Ethiopian Hydro or the Kenyan railroad will go on for ten years without developing problems. I will be blunt. The Chinese do well, but they’re not as sophisticated technologically as the Western nations and Japan. Fact! Some Nigerians and others I have met from African countries aren’t too happy with the Chinese. I am not the only human being who is critical of Chinese construction projects!

    In the 1970s, the Russians exported cars to Liberia, called Lada. The cars were inexpensive. I didn’t buy any, but I knew someone who purchased a Lada. Guess what? At least 3 years later, Liberians who purchased the Ladas were mad at themselves! The Russians had the ability to destroy the whole world during the 50s, 60s and even now. But their technology in building cars 40 or more years ago was not as good as the French, the Japanese, the British or the Americans!

    Gentleman, some of us love Mama Liberia. There’re some thugs who disparage Liberians and Liberia as if they’re not Liberians. You’re right. Some Liberians were given scholarships. After some of them have completed their studies, they decided to forget Liberia. It’s a travesty. Unfortunately, I am not one of those who obtained a Liberian government scholarship. I was brought to America through the loving grace of God by African American missionaries. I obtained my education through hard work.

    Finally, everything is not sound proof in the US. Although the US is good at building cars, sometimes cars are recalled in order to repair something. The Ethiopian 747 that crashed recently was built by Boeing, an American company. On the whole, I prefer an American manufactured car than a car that’s manufactured in China.

  10. The writer of this news/feature article mentioned that the LAA gave Daily Observer (DO) a tour to check out the AC and toilet. Good move by the LAA, but the DO did a poor job in informing its audience about their findings from the tour. Are the facilities mentioned functioning properly? The article is incomplete and unbalanced. If the problems still persist, why are they not being addressed? What is the cause of the malfunction? Details please!!!

  11. Busboy Mentality

    If I m invited to dinner, I certainly want to have a seat at the table. I don’t want to leave a dining hall hungry, nor do I want to be seen bussing the dining table for crumps.

    The Chinese technology, like other advanced nations technology, emerged out of curiosity. We want to sit around and criticize, but cannot even make a toothpick or shoes lace. We are in the 21ist century, how many Sub Saharan African nation can sent rocket into orbit.

    I want us to find out how did the Wright Brothers learned how to fly, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Let’s find out how the Chinese built the first projectile rocket in human history. All these ideas started from “Scratch”.

    I m not building up an East -West war. I simply telling our Liberian brothers and sisters plus Sub Saharan Africans as a whole that we all, like the Asians, were once colonized. We all suffered in the hands of imperial powers domination, however; they learned to “shake it off”, dust themselves up, and have become a DINNER ON TABLE.

    An American, British , Australian and other Westerners can sent their citizens to China to get university education and seek medical attentions. How many of them ever want to go Liberia or Sub Saharan Africa, for the same thing?

    If you are left in the kitchen with the door wide open, you have access to meat, frozen vegetables, and all the ingredients, and don’t know how to prepare a meal, you certainly become a BUSBOY. All you can do is to buss the tables, and praise the chefs. I don’t want my fellow Liberian and African brothers and sisters keep bussing tables. I want them to learn how to be a chef, or managers. We need to built our own institutions, and do away with “service mentality”.

    M. S. Bah ( NP) Nurse practitioner, Meridian Health.

  12. Bah,
    First of all, I wrote a letter to you at your university in Australia. I don’t know whether you received the letter or not. When you went to Liberia a few months ago, you supplied a telephone number. I used that number to send you a text. Still, I got no response from you. In any case, I wish you and your girlfriend well. I know you’re not a pope over there, neither are you a saint. So don’t give any excuses. A young guy who’s in his 30s must do something in order to relax his mind!

    Secondly, I don’t know how the word “busboy mentality” is defined in Australia. But I know for sure that you do not display a “busboy mentality”. You’re a bright individual. The fact of the matter is that your arguments are persuasive; I disagree with some of them. Isn’t that how intelligent people live in this world?

    Back to basics:
    The Chinese do well in almost everything they do. They’re advancing in technology. They have good colleges and universities. Unfortunately, the bug of technology has not bitten us in Africa. I really, really don’t know what’s wrong with our people. Should we cover our heads with sackcloth and ashes alone with our livestock and fast for three days so God’s grace can redeem all black people from stupidity? In the Bible, when Jonah finally delivered God’s message to the King of Nineveh, the King decreed for all the residents and all domesticated animals to fast and cover their heads with sackcloth. It worked. God withdrew the punishment He had threatened. I really think all Africans need some kind of an introspection!

    Without a shred of doubt, I have a right to disagree or condemn any project that has been undertaken by any company or country. Whether it is the Chinese or not, I will call my shots! Also, whether Liberians cannot manufacture a diaper pin or a shoe lace, I will not desist from being critical of the Chinese or whomever. The fact that we Africans and specifically we Liberians do not produce or manufacture anything does not mean I should not condemn a Chinese project that has gone wrong. Their road projects in Liberia are shamefully off the charts. I am sorry, but it’s the truth!

    There are two kinds of electrical wires in Liberia. If you are not sure, ask any knowledgeable person in Liberia. The question is why do we have two kinds of electrical wires? Well, one of the electrical wires is of superior quality, the other wire is not too good. It’s your extra homework to figure out who the manufacturers are of both electrical wires.

    The RIA highway that commences from the Catholic junction was done before the Chinese came to town. The said highway still survives, although it needs repairs. But some of the roads our Asian friends constructed just less than ten years ago are worst off. You and I are Marylanders. We ought not have open disagreements. Okay? You know a guy called Joe Moses? If he hears about our scuffle as it relates to the Chinese, he will exploit us. Shhhhhh.

  13. Uncle Hney,I know you and I love Liberia dearly. I m using the “busboy” figuratively here. All Liberians, including me, and Africans, are too relaxed and timid.I live around these Asians, I went to school with them. They fight for success.
    They are curious of others success. They want to move up that ladder.
    We sit around and ask, ask, and ask and beg.
    There is no dignity in begging, uncle.

    I always say this, anything a person achieves another person can do the same or even more.

    The American Story
    A band of patriots took arm against the mighty British Empire and defeated them. Just a handful of colony, declared themselves independent. Self rule, self determination, deciding their own destiny. Today, they are the one kicking a****es around the globe. You no the rest of the story than me, probably.

    If I ever become a decision maker in Liberia, people will not like it at all. I will probably be killed. Reason, our people can be fool by outsiders to work against their own interests. They don’t look at long term achievements, but pockets before country.

    For the achievement the Chinese have made, and looking at what they have gone through just in 60 years, my hearts off to them. We ( Africans), can learn a lot from them.

    M.S Bah NP, (Nurse Practitioner) Meridian Health

    • Thank you Sir.
      We hope the best will get up and lead in all directions.

  14. Well said, Bah. Your analogy of the Chinese has been understood.

    I have identified two schools of thought:

    1. Business as usual and
    2. Business as of now.

    In the school of “business as usual”, most of Sub-saharan black Africa is stuck. The leaders in black Africa are not vision-oriented. In other words, there’s no foresight in the “boxes” that the Almighty creator bestowed on them. In most cases, they’re opposed to any positive change. Furthermore, the leaders are contemptous. Because of their refusal to embrace change for the good of their respective countries in Africa, no progress is being made. Everything remains as it was 20 to 30 years ago. There’s massive degradation. While poverty rises exponentially and while population explodes, the leaders turn a blind eye.

    In the school of “business as of now”, you’ve got millions of young educated Africans who are stuck! The young educated Africans are like you and millions more who are scattered all over the world. They’re stuck because after acquiring there education, they discover that their talents cannot be utilized effectively at home. This charming group of intellectuals want positive change in their respective countries. But sadly somehow, the leaders of the “business as usual school” view the progressives (meaning those who are in the school of business as of now) with extreme scepticism. Sometimes the progressives are seen as “destabilizers, dangerous people, etc. The truth of the matter is that the entrenched leaders are threatened. They’re opposed to any positive change because they are simply protecting their turf at the expanse of the progressives!

    As you can see, we’ve got a problem. The Chinese are open to change. Bah, you related
    to that before in one of your earlier comments.
    The Chinese society was rigid at one time in the past. But when they embarked on the concept of change, they didn’t look back. That’s not the case in black Africa. Just take a look at the Cameroonian president. Mr. Paul Biyah doesn’t want to resign after being in office for more than 25 years. Where is he taking his country? Directly in the ditch filled dirty water and mud! Take another quick look at the former South African leader, Jacob Zuma…..(the last name could have been misspelled). The gentleman used his country’s money to repair his private property. As old as he is, he married young women (probably with the help of Viagra) to free his mind. If a white leader or an Asian leader did as Zuma did, would that leader be allowed to continue as a president? Think about that!

    What’s wrong with us? That’s the question most educated Africans are asking? The Chinese and all Asian countries are way ahead of us… Africans!

    Lastly Bah, I am not swearing you neither am I scaring you. I will never do that to you. Never! But I’d like you to listen to this: When you return to Liberia to serve, you will get a job. But, if you work for a period of four months without getting a paycheck, you will be mentally unsettled. Furthermore, while in Liberia, you may want to visit my cousin (your mom) in Maryland. What happens if the road to Pleebo is impassable because of torrential rain fall? What else can you do? Since 1847, no highway has been constructed in Liberia. None! And yet, money is borrowed all the time in order to undertake developmental projects. But still, one cannot see progress.

    Hang in there young fella!

    • Hi Hney,

      You are hanging in there again. Just a point of correction to your post: Paul Biya of Cameroun has been in power since November 6, 1982; it means he’s been in power for 37 unbroken years and 3 days.

      Bravo!, now I get your point. You want us to vet you? You want to be our next president? Start now. Let me know you. Start posting your blog so that I can get to know who you are, your platform, your policy (ies), etc.

      May God bless and protect Liberia.
      Have a nice weekend

    • Hney,
      Are there Nord-Saharan blacks? If yes, why didn’t you mentioned them?

  15. Dolo,
    Thanks for your observation my dear friend. You’re great. But, I am not wrong to say Biya has been in power for more than 25 years. If I had sad that he has been in power for “25 years”‘, I would have been wrong. The words “more than” make the difference.The spelling of the Paul’s last name was an error on my part. I thank you for your correction!

    Hney for President of Liberia? That would be fantastic. But I take a pass brother. I tell you though, if I ran against your man Cummings, the dust from the streets of Liberia would rise up and up to the skies. I would label and define your bossom buddy as a reckless “one of them” politician. Cummings said that he would cause the creation of 100,000 jobs in a few months. That’s a scary childish statement. Not only is it impossible, it is highly unlikely. The CEO of Coco-Cola company, the very company Cummings had worked for would never have announced how many jobs he could create in three months. You’re talking about a country where you’ve various types of issues. Who would train the new employees? Where on Earth would he obtain millions of bucks to pay the 100,000 people plus those who are in the payroll?

    We’ll see Dolo. Keep yanking me into politics and maybe I could change my mind and surprise you and the Liberian electorate. Don’t worry my friend,we will connect.

    Peace. 🖐️

  16. Bother Bah,

    Uncle Hney is my uncle, so I am the only person who should call him Uncle on this forum. Just kidding.
    The issue at the core of all of the this quagmire that we are going thru is lack of knowledge and Uncle hney knows what the good Book says about a people without knowledge.

    We can compare ourselves with all the countries around the world and it will not mean a fig if we are willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is why i appreciate this forum where positive views can be aired but we have to do more…or we go nowhere.

    This is where voter education/registration is very important, that people can be aware of the fact that their vote counts… a whole lot. because if we dont, the fake politician will come again and spew all kinds of unnecessary rhetorics to try to convince us that he is capable of doing ABC, like Cummings who said that he will create a certain amount of jobs in a specific period of time. Brother Dolo, talk to your man to tune down his speech, please.

    the only person i will vote for if he runs is my uncle Hney, but on one condition,,he still has to divulge what the F stands for in his name


  17. Enjoy yourself brother Dolo. Keep your eyes away from the”other” people. Or, I could be wrong. I mean….. what’s the purpose of a party. Enjoy, right? Go ahead, bro.

    I just can’t wait until your immenent return! May our soon returning Lord lead you.

    • Dear Hney,

      Good afternoon and I wish you a nice week.
      However, I promised to react to your comments last week. Please allow me to remind you of comments you made to which I want to react:

      Heny: “Hney for President of Liberia? That would be fantastic. But I take a pass brother. I tell you though, if I ran against your man Cummings, the dust from the streets of Liberia would rise up and up to the skies. I would label and define your bossom buddy as a reckless “one of them” politician. Cummings said that he would cause the creation of 100,000 jobs in a few months. That’s a scary childish statement. Not only is it impossible, it is highly unlikely. The CEO of Coco-Cola company, the very company Cummings had worked for would never have announced how many jobs he could create in three months. You’re talking about a country where you’ve various types of issues. Who would train the new employees? Where on Earth would he obtain millions of bucks to pay the 100,000 people plus those who are in the payroll?”

      Dolo: You would label and define my bossom buddy as a reckless ‘one of them” politician, wow! I don’t know how to describe these wordings bro. Strong or passionate or infantine or ……. I just don’t know.
      I do not know your academic background but I will tell mine. I obtained by AA (BTS) in Accounting and Finance, and then my Bachelor’s degree (DSS) in Accounting and Auditing and finally my DESS (lacking in some credits for a Master’s degree in the American system) in Finance. From my academic background and as a businessman with an experience of more 15 years, I can boldly tell you Cummings’ estimate of the 100,000 jobs in a few months in Liberia is possible and he can even go beyond that figure. I will give you practical scenario that I encourage you to try. If you had been owning a company and successfully running it for about 10 years, it would be easier for you to get a loan from a bank to develop your business than someone who has just started a business. For a start-up, the bank is surely going to screen you until you yourself will give up and say “that’s enough, take your money”.
      Cummings’ signature assures, it attracts excellence and easily brings in foreign investors. His signature guarantees peace, stability, growth and development.
      What are you going to say or do that the dust from the streets of Liberia would rise up and up to the skies? Are you going to indulge in verbosity? You know the caliber of person Cummings is. Are you going to exhibit passion and infantine grimaces? He’s an accomplished and cold-headed proven world-class manager. What are you going to do then, brother Hney?
      Multinationals like Cocoa cola will announce their annual projection already decided upon and voted by stakeholders. Yes, it happens. Cocoa cola will announce the number of jobs to be created, regional and continental prospects before the onset of a new fiscal year. If it’s strange for you, I’m scary for you!
      If Cummings were to become the president of Liberia, me Dolo would create 50 jobs in the next 6 months in Liberia. I am alone with minimal investment capacity. If I can do that, imagine the multinationals and prospect investors who want to go into Liberia to undertake?
      You are asking where the money will come from. I understand you. If you were financially literate, that question could easily be answered.
      Liberia just need the right person to kick start sustainable development. There is money knocking at the door all the time but as the say goes, money is afraid of disorders. Until there can be a cold-headed leadership in the Executive Mansion, things will be a mirage, don’t let vain efforts move you an iota.

      Hney: We’ll see Dolo. Keep yanking me into politics and maybe I could change my mind and surprise you and the Liberian electorate. Don’t worry my friend,we will connect.

      Dolo: I am not yanking you into politics. I want you and Peter Curran to be my development partner under the leadership of Alexander B. Cummings. Like me, you guys love your country and would do anything to see your compatriots happy and living confidently. What we need is the right signature under which we can add our quota to the upliftment of Liberia. Let’s not develop the star complex, a team is better. A star may shine brightly, but NEVER like a cluster of them together. Liberia is rich in its length and breadth. I would love to see 5 or 10 Liberian families come together to start a fishing company that could supply our nationwide consummation and even in the subregion. I would love to see Liberians coming together to grow the vegetables we eat every day and not import them from Ghana, the Ivory Coast etc. I would love to see Liberians coming together to set up a manufacturing company to transform at least our red palm oil. I would like private initiatives into setting up a viable logistics company, transportation companies, etc.
      These are my dreams and aspirations. Let’s not talk rhetoric all the time. It’s high time you guys came down and decided to contribute at least US $10,000 to create a holding that may create many small companies that grow up to esteem in the subregion. Do we have a stock market in Liberia? Do we buy shares in companies in Liberia? How many Liberians know about these things?
      Let’s stop the rhetoric. Our senators deserve a better pay. Our civil servants deserve an improved living conditions with good salaries. Salary cut is not a way out, it’s a result of lack of creativity and stagnation. We must grow and send our children to decent schools at home and abroad. It should not be limited to a privileged few. You are I are living the consequences to such policies in Libera nowadays; promotion of mediocrity and insolence. You can read some people’s reactions on this very medium, are you proud to see them?


  18. JM,
    God willing, you will meet my brothers next week in Monrovia. One of them has been informed. Tell me when and where. I will call or text my brother. Finally, he’ll tell you what F stands for. But there’s a price! Be prepared to dip into your deep pockets.


  19. A Bishop heading a technical area? Good luck; same old, same more?

  20. Pete Curran,
    Do you think it is ludicrous or comical for a Bishop to be appointed to a technical position?
    First of all, have you peaked at the Bishop’s educational background?

  21. Pete Curran,
    To start up with, I don’t know what you mean by Nord-Saharan blacks.

    By Nord, do you mean North?

    So south of the Sahara, most of the inhabitants are black.

    North of the Sahara, there are millions of black people. There are hundreds of thousands of black Egyptians.

    What’s your point my friend?

  22. Hello Brother Dolo,
    I hope you enjoyed every ounce of your weekend.

    I am a simple guy. I am not interested in publicity. I am not on Facebook. Messenger, yes!

    Regarding Cummings, I strongly believe that he cannot create 100,000 thousand jobs in three months. The reasons you gave in support of how Cummings could create 100,000 jobs in three months are based on hypotheticals. You would love for me and others to believe that it is possible. Too bad, brother Dolo. It doesn’t work out like that.

    When Coco-Cola states that an X number of jobs can be created, the announcement is usually based on market trends. Also, Coco-Cola’s CEO does not make any decision all by him-self or herself. To say that 100,000 jobs will be created in three months is premature and dictatorial. In a democratic situation, a president is not given broad powers to carry out a humongous project in three months. Finally on this issue, despite his economic ideas, Cummings did not get 10% of the vote. It simply means that Cummings’ economic message was overwhelmingly rejected.

    Liberians need to come to terms with the concept of scrutinization. What I mean is that the Liberian voters should have the opportunity to examine or investigate their presidential candidates. Maybe Taylor was not properly scrutinized. Maybe Ma Ellen was not properly scrutinized. When an in-depth investigation is not done properly, sometimes the people suffer.
    Frankly, I don’t want to see a repeat of our mistakes. Weah is being vetted. Whoever challenges him, (obviously, Cummings is a prospect) must be vetted properly.

    I am sorry to let you know that I am not a “never Cummings”. Whether by a stroke of luck he becomes president, I will be as I am…….a never Cummings! The fact that he worked for Coco-Cola and became a millionaire is insignificant as far as I am concerned. In America, some voters had always said that the country could be run by a person who’s had a business background. Now we’ve got a gentleman who is a former business man. He, meaning Trump, is not liked by a good number of Americans, including those who yearned for such a person.

    I have never said that our lawmakers shouldn’t be paid. My point is that the Liberian lawmakers are paid more money than their US counterparts. Liberia is a poor country. While schools are crumbling, while roads are out of whack, it really doesn’t make good sense for huge salaries to be handed out to lawmakers like that. Whether Liberia is blessed with natural resources of all kinds, it doesn’t make sense for our reserves to be depleted.

    Too much on Cummings. There’s no one on earth who could change my mind about Cummings! Despite all I say about him, I wish y’all good luck.

    Hang in there, buddy!

    • Dear Hney,

      Frankly, let me confess that I’m always interested in exchanging with you, for so many reasons which I cannot enumerate here.

      Regarding the creation of 100,000 jobs in 3 months, let me settle the dust on it once and for all.
      If Cummings were to take over from Weah, maybe it would be cumbersome to create 100,000 jobs in 3 months.
      Had Cummings taken over from Ma Ellen, it could have been very, very easy.
      To conclude on this issue Hney, it is feasible for Cummings to create 100,000 jobs in 3 months, regardless of who he takes over from, provided he’s not ushered in with an obstructionist or anti-development and corrupt parliament.

      Cocoa cola
      You are just rephrasing what I said. The Board makes projections based on market trends and then submit them to the CEO for execution.
      What is DICTATORIAL in saying I can create 100,000 jobs in 3 months? I understand in our American-styled democracy, the president does not have all the powers. Equally so, know that the president disposes of many legal dispositions to execute his platform. You are in the USA, take the case of Donald Trump. Despite the unabated political wrangling he’s subjected to since taking office, the USA has one of the best economies under his leadership for the last 50 years.
      Again, if you tell me Cummings’ economic message was overwhelmingly rejected, I will plainly assert that you DO NOT know Liberia’s political arena, or you have short memory. Do Liberians listen to messages or platforms? Then Taylor or Ellen or Weah could not have been elected. This is the message we are trying to get across. Can you put Weah and Cummings or PYJ and Cummings or Boakai and Cummings on the same stage to debate and expect any of them to make logical sense and analysis of their own platform before Cummings? Never bro! He will intellectually disgrace any of them. Yet, they all had better scores then him.

      Your comments that most Americans don’t like Trump is hypothetical and highly controversial. I will tell you the opposite but that’s another debate that we cannot delve into here. Upcoming elections in 2020 will prove me right or wrong. Trump is the guy America has long been yearning for. He’s putting a lot of things right. He’s anti-system. They will do everything to bring him down. Had he been in an African country, they could have waged war on him by now as they did with the former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo. He’s a nice guy for everyone but most African Americans hate him for no reason. Again, I will not indulge in this argument with you.

      Comparing the living standards and wages of American lawmakers with ours is misleading Hney. How can you, who live in the USA, permit yourself to compare our lawmakers with the USA’s?.
      American lawmakers leave their constituencies for Washington DC, sometimes without even their wardrobes. They have everything at their disposal and sometimes may not even touch or barely spend 5% of their annual income. Ours need to house themselves, create primary security and safety conditions for themselves, spend part of that money to enliven their constituencies, not mentioning the extended family roots we have in Africa. How can you compare both entities? Please, let’s get back to the debate on our nation.
      I understand that our school system has poor infrastructure, unqualified and poorly paid teachers. I understand that our law enforcement officers are poorly equipped with meagre salaries. I understand our civil servants are ill-trained and corrupt. The solution to all these problems, first and foremost, is to elect a sound and cold-headed president and qualified lawmakers. Any other short-cut or improvisation would be a BIG WASTE OF TIME!

      Let me share one reason why I like to exchange with you.
      You know, one of our (Liberians) plagues is our diaspora, mostly those from the USA. When our people travel to the USA, unlike other Africans living there, they forget our African values and cultures. Most of them totally forget where they come from and NEVER make any plans to return home. Most of them come down to pollute the minds of our stupid and illiterate population. Our people tend to think that everything someone from the diaspora says or does is a model that’s worth emulating. Consequently, we (Liberians) have no identity as compared to other African countries. I like the Ivorians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Guineans, etc. they know where they are from. They study assiduously in their respective domains, they work to accumulate wealth and then return home to help in their domains in their respective countries. We have Liberians with great skills and values in the diaspora. I was amazed to read about Peter Curran. Why would he want to become president with the technical knowledge he has? He should make presidents, and not want to be one. If he could humble himself and submit himself to my management, I can make him a great STAR in Liberia, from his educational background and experience. All Liberia needs now is someone like Cummings. If you can show me someone like or better then him, I will also go for that person. But for those who have raised their hands, I see none that is comparable to him. As for me, I will NEVER ever support a rebel leader, a warlord, a thief or a bandit.
      Weah missed is calling for Liberia. Weah could have uplifted many Liberians from the slump but unfortunately, he will plunge many of them even deeper into starvation, untold sufferings and hardships.

      Have a wonderful day Hney!

  23. Dolo,
    Like you, it’s always my pleasure to respond intelligently to you.

    The 100,000-job issue:
    You may think you’re settling the score for me my friend. Be assured you’re not making a dent! For you and others who are diehard supporters of Cummings, it’s okay to preach the Cummings doctrine. I completely remain unchanged. If he became president (God forbid) Cummings would probably be able to create a good number of jobs during his tenure. But to say if he became president, Cummings’ work experience would have enabled him to create 100,000 jobs in three months is a call to obfuscate the Liberian people! Thanks be to God. Cummings was not elected!

    The Coco-Cola issue:
    Dolo, I did not rephrase anything you said. I introduced a scenario. The operation of a company is not the moral equivalent of being a president. Listen to this…. Based on market trends, economists and others can predict what could happen in terms of job creation. Sadly with all their predictions, the pundits are not always right. Finally, we’ve got the dubious distinction of being the third poorest country on earth. With such a record, jobs are needed. But it is not possible to create 100,000 jobs in “three months”. The US is one of the most developed countries on earth. Sometimes, it’s impossible for 150,000 jobs to be created in 30 days when the economy is slow. My argument is not whether 100,000 thousand jobs cannot be created at all. It’s possible perhaps within a time period of 3-4 years, for those many jobs to be created.

    When Ebola struck with a devastating blow, the Liberian economy stagnated for a period of years. Investors and donor nations were not eager to throw their money to anyone in Liberia. Given that scenario, it would have been highly unlikely for Cummings to have secured funds and create 100,000 jobs in three months.

    What was dictatorial about Cummings?
    Cummings made statements without consultation. It is blatantly dictatorial to make economic forecasts without consulting with anyone, especially in this case the country’s lawmakers! My undergraduate degree is in Business and Management. I know what I am talking about. Again, to say he could create 100,000 jobs in three months was a political “talking point”. I get it! In reality, a person who sits in the Oval Office does not say how many jobs he’ll create. Such a leader can hope to create many jobs. To put a number on the number of jobs that could be created is being outlandish.

    Dolo, in this debate, let’s be respectful of each other’s views whether we disagree bitterly or not. You’ve accused me of being shortsighted because of an issue I raised. I am not being shortsighted neither am I shortsighted in any shape or form my friend! I disagree on issues based on principle.

    In America, a president takes credit when the economy is good. Unfortunately, a president is usually condemned when the economy is in the ditch. Donald Trump inherited a good economy from Obama. It’s an undeniable fact! You can disagree if you want. Trump’s economic advisers are doing everything that’s possible to keep the economy going. Donald Trump does not deserve 100% credit for the growth of the economy. Please, don’t give lectures regarding how good Donald Trump is. I know a whole lot about him than you think.

    Nigerians, Guineans, Ivorians, Ghanaians etc:
    The economies of the above countries are in a better shape than ours. I am not proud of our economic situation. But I would like to remind you that Liberia has gone through a lot of calamities during the last 30 years. First, we’ve had a bloody uncivil war that lasted over 14 years. The war accomplished nothing. Zilch! As you know, during the war, the moral fabric of our country was degraded to ashes. During that sad period, the above named countries were not fighting. I will be careful according to how I compare Nigerians or the Ivorians with Liberia. I want to see economic and political progress in Liberia. But it would be naively preposterous for me to anoint any presidential aspirant before 2023!

    Pete Curran:
    Any educated Liberian who wishes to run for the presidency should run Irrespective of his or her specialty area. There’s no rule of thumb or a law that forbids a person from becoming a politician. In the US Congress, their are politicians who are accountants, former college professors, rocket scientists, doctors, etc. If Curran wants to run, he should do so without being discouraged by you or anyone. The former president, Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, by training he was a nuclear physicist. What’s wrong with that?

    • Dear Hney,

      Congratulations for your temperamental control in holding hot and controversial debate. Let me make a request and I pray and hope you will accept: Could you join me in a political party in Liberia? By the way, let me underscore here that I am neither a partisan of the ANC nor of any political establishment in Liberia yet, but a staunch supporter of Cummings.

      The 100,000 job issue
      Let’s close this case. I believe it can be done, you don’t believe it can be done, fine! Case closed. To see who is right, vote Cummings as the next president of Liberia.
      But be reminded of the following facts about your country:
      Bong Mines, which was providing about 80 thousand direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs is not in operation.
      Lamco, which accounted for more than 25% of the workforce in Libera, has been taken over by Arcelor Mittal barely providing 5 thousand direct jobs. Only about 15% of our once lively community (note that I was born and grew up in the Yekepa area) is habitable, both in Yekepa and Buchanan.
      Firestone has not really resumed full fleshed operations like in the past.
      The Liberian subsoil is lain and rich with minerals from the breadth and length of the entire country, yet unexploited.
      Look at the number of people being absorbed into civil service. They represent almost 30% of Liberia’s workforce.
      Fishery was and is still being done by foreign nationals and companies plying our coast, by the way, be reminded of the French vessel that just sank offshore Monrovia.
      Agriculture, for the most part, is still being done at the subsistence level whereas the length and breadth of Liberia is conducive for industrial farming and animal husbandry, as well as forestry.
      None of our raw materials is being transformed.
      Look Hney, the Geography of your country is fantastic, and we are just over 4 million people, less than the population of Abidjan city. Why do you find it impossible to put everyone to work in the shortest time possible if we have the right signature at the helm of government?

      The Cocoa Cola Issue
      Again, let’s close this case.
      But note that the USA and other countries you mentioned are experiencing smooth transitions and their economies are on the move.
      Unlike Liberia, the fabrics of our social and economic tissues were disintegrated and completed withered away from the more than 14 years of fratricide. A nation building should have begun under Ma Ellen, but she always chose to concentrate on a given and very small sector because maybe the individual to develop that sector was somehow her stooge or right-handed person. You don’t run a nation of more than 16 ethnic groups and 4 million people like that.

      Case of Cummings being a dictator
      Again, I still do not grasp your point here. Do you want a presidential candidate, not yet a president, to consult lawmakers before he can give figures to his electorate to win them over? Maybe I’m still not getting you but maybe you wanted Cummings to consult you before making that statement, not the Liberian lawmakers.

      Hney, short memory is NOT the same as shortsightedness. I apologize if you took it out of context, but the two expressions do not mean the same.

      For the case of America and Trump and so forth, sorry no more comments from me. I have enough problems in my country Liberia to concentrate on, but Trump is a good guy. OBAMA was given the Nobel Peace Prize upon entering the White House, yet he destroyed seven (7) peaceful nations before leaving office. Trump will destroy none, take my word for it.

      Nigerians, Guineans, Ivorians, Ghanaians, etc
      You did not get my point here again. Listen, if an Ivorian or a Ghanaian or a Nigerian were to invite you to his country, he would be happy to take you to his village. I know Ivorians who bring their business partners to the Ivory Coast and host them directly in their villages instead of in Abidjan. It means they identify with their origin, their culture. They provide the same conditions of living in their villages like in the cities. They are proud to identify with their people and culture. If I send you images of Ivorian villages, you will think you are in a European village.
      Whenever a Liberian gets to Monrovia, the people in the village are “bush” people. The road back home is forgotten. When he gets to the USA, Liberia becomes a farm. Who then will develop our cities, villages and hamlets?
      Hope you get my point this time.

      Peter Curran
      My geophysicist shouldn’t be a topic of discussion between us please. My point about him: being good at what we do should not always be construed as good leadership ability. Look, let’s learn to do politics like the Americans or Europeans. Let’s learn to come together under an ideology (Democrats and Republicans in the USA) and develop our perception in the form of platform from whence we would be vetted to choose the best from the group. The best guy of the day should be submitted to popular votes with an opposing ideology for the people to decide.
      It’s not because I can make cellphones out of firewood and so I will stand up for president. Though everyone has the right to express his opinion, I think Liberia should accept candidates with at least a thousand signatures of endorsements. Let’s learn to have maximum 3 candidates in a presidential election to see and hear what each person is proposing. We need to give credence to our vetting process.

      Think about the New Breed Party against maybe CDC or UP or LP tomorrow in Liberia. We could bring Cummings over to the New Breed Party, with you course on board Hney.

      Good night bro. I enjoy every exchange with you.

  24. Dear comrade Dolo,
    Joining you in a political party in Liberia is a no brainer. Secondly, if I were to get involved in politics in Liberia, I would form my own party. During the last presidential contest in Liberia, most politicians who formed parties did not campaign all over the country. Frankly, those politicians were job and publicity seekers. Once it became abundantly clear that Weah would win the presidential contest, they threw their weight in Weah’s camp in order to negotiate for jobs. Sorry, I will never collaborate with you like that. I am a leader, not a bigoted follower. Irrespective of whether you are or not affiliated with ANC, you are a Cummings acolyte. Don’t play games. You always say that Cummings is the creme de la creme of all presidential contestants. Am I wrong?

    The 100,000 job issue:
    You’re telling me that the job issue should be dropped. Right? My friend, I cannot and will not operate according to your terms. Don’t forget that we are co-equals! If you strongly feel that a particular subject should be dropped, your lecture is completely unnecessary. For instance, why do you think you should lecture to me about the geography of Liberia and its natural resources? Do you think I am uninformed in this area? Think about that! The issue of natural resources is a different topic. To try to connect natural resources to the issue of 100,000 jobs that your man cannot create in 100 days is a ploy. We’re both entitled to our opinions. If you want a specific issue dropped, so be it. No lectures!

    Shortsighted vs short memory vs short-term memory:
    You did not give a logical explanation when you explained the difference between shortsightedness and short memory. I don’t know if you meant to say “short-term memory”. In any case my friend, I continue to warn you. Please refrain from arguing with me by using snide remarks. That could be counterproductive. I really think it is oxymoronic on your part to accuse me of having a short memory. You don’t know me at all. Do you have problems with people who debate pertinent issues with you?

    On the issue of Obama, you gave two false narratives! First you said, upon entering the White House, Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize. In the same document, you inform your readers by saying Obama destroyed seven peaceful nations during his presidency. But you didn’t give an example of one of the peaceful nations that Obama had destroyed. The Nobel Committee does not give Nobel Prizes fraudulently. You are dead wrong my friend. Obama did something and that’s why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

    On the issue of Trump, you want me to take your word? That’s not being serious. I am surprised to hear you make an illogical statement such as that. Trump insulted your black African countries as “shit hole” countries. Trump is causing a split in NATO. Trump lied when ISIS’s leader was recently killed. Trump said before his death, the ISIS leader was “yelling like a coward”. Trump lied! If Trump is not fortunate, he will be impeached. If you are a Trumper, keep him.

    Dolo, I have better things to do than to visit a farm of any of the mentioned nations. I prefer to do something in my country than spending my precious time on a Nigerian farm. I don’t give a hoot as to whether my country”s boondocks are worse off than any of the above countries. Again, I see no reason why it was necessary to talk about any of the above countries.

    Dolo, I think it’s fair to say I grew up in America. I don’t need any lecture about how we ought to
    debate. Again, if you do not wish to make Curran an issue, it’s okay. Why do you say we should forget an issue and then all of a sudden, you give a pep talk? If you want to forget everything, let us do it. However, if you make any attempt to justify your reason before you drop it, I will be left with no alternative. I will respond in kind.


    • Hney: Shortsighted vs short memory vs short-term memory:
      You did not give a logical explanation when you explained the difference between shortsightedness and short memory. I don’t know if you meant to say “short-term memory”. In any case my friend, I continue to warn you. Please refrain from arguing with me by using snide remarks. That could be counterproductive. I really think it is oxymoronic on your part to accuse me of having a short memory. You don’t know me at all. Do you have problems with people who debate pertinent issues with you?

      Dolo: I think we must look up the definitions of these expressions to settle the dust because I see things slipping offhand.
      Sir, in no way my remarks are derogatory or mocking, stop the “for nothing” verbosity and let the people who are following us understand the message each of us are putting out there. Look at the illiteracy rate in Liberia. Let’s lead a simple and comprehensive debate for the benefit of all.
      You are warning me, wow! Do you measure the gravity of this expression on this forum? I forgot that you are a Weah’s guy but let me also remind you that there has been enough blood shed in Liberia. The children of that beautiful land should learn to live together again in peace.
      Once upon a time, there live Peter Paul in a certain community who always tried to show that he was a man over John Brown by intimidating him and always destroying his property and taking the lives of his children. Unfortunately, John Brown later proved he was a man enough to reverse the situation. He took the lead to show Peter Paul that violence is not inherent in a given group.
      The name you see on this page is my real name and not a pseudonym. Find me anywhere and show me who you are, I don’t know who you are.

      Having said the above, let me address few of your judicious points.
      Forming your own political party in Liberia doesn’t make you a leader. Joining a political party in Liberia doesn’t equally make you a follower. I said this before and I will repeat, one major plague Liberia has is its diaspora. You went to school and live in a civilized community like the United States of America and yet you think you can become a shining star, all powerful king alone in a country with more than 4 million people? How many political parties do we have in Liberia? No one party is good enough to accommodate your ideology? Currently, you are following the democratic primary debate with great interest, I guess. Are those in the race all “bigoted followers’? Why couldn’t they form their own political party? Your reasoning here is laughable and ludicrous, sorry to say. Hope you will point your pistols at me again, Mr. American.

      If you DO NOT have the intellectual capacity to refute an argument, leave it. Cummings is not a starter. He said he could create 100,000 jobs in ABOUT 3 months, experts heard him speak and they did not rebuke him. I Dolo, from my little knowledge, can stand with him that it is feasible. If you think it’s not possible, demonstrate that with figures, like what happens in the USA when a candidate submits a budget plan.

      Again, it’s a big mistake to despise other African nations because I will frankly tell you we are among the least, in every capacity, of the African countries I cited. I saw the University of Liberia turning over to ENSEA, the school of statistics at the University of Cocody, for partnership which I applauded. I will even encourage any government in Liberia to introduce intensive French courses to our young brains to send them over to INP-HB in Yamoussoukro, a prestigious Polytechnique whose graduates have contributed immensely to the development of the subregion.
      You are one of those dumbfounded Liberians who do not want to open your eyes. Do you know that since August to date, the southeastern region is practically cut off from the rest of the country? Consequences, go-slow in economic activities, movement of people and goods greatly hampered, etc.
      I live in the Ivory, I will like to drive on my farm to Yekepa like most Nigerians, Beninese, Togolese and Ghanaians living here in the Ivory Coast. You think Monrovia is Liberia without the other counties? These countries you are despising are far ahead of us. In nearly every village in the Ivory Coast, you drink icy cold pipe borne water. It makes mechanized farming easier thereby creating more jobs for the people.
      Liberia must change. Look, Hney, Liberia is not like before. I think you better stay over there. That your mentality can no longer work here. We will pray and strive to see Cummings through and then put things right in our beloved Liberia. We are not doomed and will never be doomed.
      Africa went through the nonsense of colonization and is still suffering from imperialism because of the SELFISH people that founded Liberia. Had they been statesmen who cared for the black race, they could have explored the rest of Africa and develop the minds of the people they met on the ground to form a strong nation-state. The first batch of settlers, if I still remember my history well, arrived on the Sherbro Island in 1821, the second in Mensurado (now Monrovia) in 1822. The Germans, French and British started colonizing Africa around 1896 because it was not properly governed while our ex-slaves were now behaving like superior beings on the natives they met on the ground by subduing them to hard work. I even remember my history where they used canon on the people to kill them indiscriminately. Those eras are gone brother, wake up from your slumber, Mr. American.

      Now, I keep avoiding geopolitics, but you are always dragging me into it. Let me give you the names of countries OBAMA destroyed:
      Libya was a peaceful, breadwinning and a haven country for many sub-Saharan countries. NATO, led by France and Great Britain and backed by OBAMA, slaughtered Khaddaffi to make the country a failed state like you see today. Though Khaddaffi was a dictator, his country was at peace and the people were living in peace with dignity, Country No. 1
      Tunisia was relatively peaceful until your lovely OBAMA started preaching democracy and inciting and financing people there to fight for change. The consequence was the Arab Spring which saw Ben Ali being overthrown. Thank God the people have been able to piece together their differences and are now living in peace and harmony, Country No. 2.
      Egypt was enjoying relative peace under Mubarak. Like the case of Tunisia, OBAMA wanted democracy. Well, the first ever democratically elected president of Egypt was ushered into office. Why then did the OBAMA regime endorse a coup against that democratically elected president? Country No. 3
      Yemen, though poor, was enjoying relative peace. For some good security reasons invoked by OBAMA, which maybe are eradicated today, a regime change was ordered. The children of that country are lingering around today in search of food, shelter and clothing. May God protect them. Country No. 4
      The Arab Republic of Syria, that beautiful country, lays in waste today while its wealth is illegally being exploited. The blood of the children of that peaceful nation is crying out to God. Country No. 5
      Ukraine was a united country until OBAMA, Biden and McCain set eye on it. Through that country, they wanted to intimidate and subdue Russia. You know the story better than me. Today, Crimea is no longer a part of mainland Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk are independent states. May the new president succeed in his bid to unite his country anew. Country No. 6
      Sorry that I will not mention the 7th country due to some sensitive issues that may affect my own security.

      What is the essence of NATO today? What role is NATO playing today, if not to destroy small and peaceful country. That new world order will never be established. God created His world. He will be the Supreme Being to destroy it, and no man.
      Look, taking the lives of people like me will not stop people from talking. Lumumba talked and was killed. It did not stop the struggle of Jerry Rawlings who is still vocal. Thomas Sankara talked and was slain. It did not hinder Laurent GBAGBO for saying no, resulting to his shameful prison sentence.

      Angrily Yours,
      Petarus Dolo

  25. Dolo concludes by saying:

    “Angrily yours, Petarus Dolo. I don’t know precisely why you are angry. But I can hypothesize why that could be the case:

    1. You tried by employing one of your best tricks. You wanted me to waddle in the Cummings camp with you. Although you originally denied that you weren’t interested in recruiting me in the Cummings orbit, you had hoped that you’d woo me over. Sorry brother Dolo. You can try another time, but your efforts will always be met with overwhelming resistance. You’re incapable of changing my understanding of an individual I refuse to endorse. Let me say this for the record: Cummings is a patriot. I don’t hate the guy. I am politically opposed to his antics. If he wins the presidency, so be it! For sure, I will remain as a loyal opponent of his! I break no bones. I tell the truth.

    2. Some of the things you’re saying are false narratives!
    A false narrative……
    You’ve said that Obama got a Nobel Prize because he entered the White House. That doesn’t make sense at all. The truth is that Obama ran a good campaign. He worked hard to bring about peace worldwide. You’ve blatantly made an infantile insult on the Nobel Committee by suggesting that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded because Obama “entered” the White House. The Nobel Committee does not kow-tow to the whims of anyone. How dare you?

    You’ve said that Obama had destroyed 7 peaceful countries during his presidency. By making such a low-life insensitive statement like that, there’s no reasonable person who believes you. If you had the opportunity to tell Alexander Cummings that Obama had destroyed 7 peaceful countries during his presidency, it’s a sure bet that Cummings would expel you from his presence. If you don’t believe me, try it whenever you see him. You left out the 7th country that you claim Obama destroyed. What are you afraid of?

    First of all, it’s very unfortunate that the Arab rebellion came about during the Obama years. But the truth is that the rebellion to change the rigid culture of the Arab countries had been in the works for a long period of time. In Libya, Khadafy had been in power for over 35 years. (Note well….over 35 years!) Despite all the praise you unashamedly heaped on Khadafy, there was no joy in the ranks of the hoi polloi!

    When Hosni Mubarak took over from Sadat, Mubarak became an ironclad leader even in his old age. Again, many Egyptians, including the Coptics didn’t have a religious freedom. There were all sorts of issues. A tinder box of explosion was hanging over the heads of people. Unfortunately, when the Tunisian rebellion broke loose, most of the Arab countries of North Africa felt it was time to call for awareness and openness! That’s how things fell apart so quickly! Dolo, you are not properly informed about Obama. Obama was and is not a spacker! Obama didn’t destroy any country. It is disengenious for a gentleman like you to spew venomous falsehoods about Obama. Stop it! You sound like a good guy. Keep it up.

    One of the strangest things you continue to do that befuddles me is this….you say you are a patriot. But you trash Liberia all the time when you compare the Ivory coast and other countries with Liberia. Yet you’re living in the Ivory Coast. I wonder about how your reaction would have been if you lived in Europe or the US. You seem very intractable because you’re illiberal about certain things. The Ivorians are doing well because they are following a plan. Liberia is playing a catch up game because of the 14-year uncivil war. I am not happy with our progress in Liberia. But I stand with my poor Liberian people! I will not trash them as you do.

    About the Ivory Coast:
    I know the Ivory Coast fairly well, but not as good as you. I dated a beautiful Ivorian lady in the Plateau Doqui area. At one time, I spent a few days at Dimba hotel. This happened years and years ago, maybe before you were born. Our courtship fell apart because she was poisoned by two of her friends. Prior to the breakup, I had filed for her to join me in the states. I ate futu banan (sp) and almost all the traditional Ivorian food you can think of. I know that the country is more developed than Liberia. But I am optimistic about one thing: we Liberians will get there!

    What’s the essence of NATO?
    Why did you bother to ask this shameful question? When France was liberated from Nazi occupation by the the western allies during the second WW, it was felt that a military alliance was needed. France became an active member of NATO. Then in the 60s, France pulled out of the alliance’s military wing. However, when the cold war ended between the Warsaw Pact nations and the West, France re-joined the military wing of NATO once again. The NATO alliance exists in order to keep peace. I know you’re adamantly opposed to what I have said. But, it’s okay. Knowing you, I will not argue!

    As poor as Liberia is, you’re not opposed to the idea of a pay cut in the salaries of our country’s lawmakers. The take home pay of a Liberian senator is $16,000 per month. By earning such money every month, no money is left in the coffers of the Liberian Treasury. The Southeastern portion of our country is suffering because the roads are messed up. But there’s no money because high salaries are being paid to a bunch of people. It’s a shame.

    If you want our good readers to understand what’s being said, let’s state the truth. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, but not the facts.

    Happily yours,

    • Dear Happy Hney,

      I now understand why you will not support Cummings. By the way, he doesn’t need your support anymore. We will get the job done for the sake of Liberia.
      We have people hoping and yearning to see Liberia doomed and yet they pretend to love the country. No one can dispute the standard of living in Europe and the USA. It will take us years to achieve their standards for sure.
      I am angry because the people who copied our development plans have a better living conditions for their people than we have.
      I am angry because the same people who kept us in the dark are still roaring around as sheep in wolf clothing.
      I am angry because they have again embarked on snare actions to divide and kill Liberians again, God forbid this time. “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.
      I am angry because my country Liberia doesn’t deserve the stagnant state of development it finds itself in.
      I am angry because the people who do not know and represent us will always be allowed to speak for us.
      I am angry because the children of my country are deprived of enjoying the resources God freely gave them.

      There is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. To all Liberians reading me here, God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, is telling me to deliver this message to you; Like the children of Israel when they crossing the red sea, “The Egyptians you see today, you will see them no more someday”. Keep hope alive!

    • By the way, I forgot to make this point. Cummings may even NEVER see me or hear about me. I like freedom. I will always like to be free to express my opinion. If I were to get into politics, I would go as a free man. Don’t think I will ever solicit hearing from Cummings to make myself known. I will get the job done for my country, not him, like I did in the 2017 elections. Cummings doesn’t know how he got the number of votes and support he is enjoying from Nimba. I am a major actor to that because I believe in the guy. That’s the ideal candidate I’ve long been wanting for my country since the end of the war in Liberia.
      So Hney, don’t worry. I will not solicit audience from Hney to be hammered of my analysis of global events. That’s my opinion I hold about OBAMA. I love to monitor 3 TV stations for international news: CNN to get analyses from the mainstream media, Fox News to hear what the conservatives think, and RT International to have the Russian take on events unfolding.


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