Plans Afoot to Dethrone Speaker Chambers ‘In Six Months’

Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh

— Rep. Sloh reveals

Time appears to be running out on the Speakership of Representative Bhofal Chambers, as Sinoe County District #2 Representative, J. Nagbe Sloh yesterday disclosed on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS) that six months (as of February 19, 2020) is enough time to vote him (Chambers) out of the office of Speaker of the 54th Legislature.

“Right now we are short of nine (9) votes to get him out,” Rep. Sloh said, adding that Speaker Chambers “is of no help to President George Weah, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the entire government.”

When asked about when he (Sloh) and his colleagues got to know that Chambers has nothing good to offer while serving the Speaker-ship position, Sloh said they got to know immediately after making the mistake of electing Rep. Chambers to the position of Speaker.

Although the Sinoe Lawmaker did not give details concerning their decision to lobby for the removal of Chambers from the office of Speaker, he pointed out that, had it been that the current House of Representatives possesses the courage and force of the 52nd and 53rd Legislature, Chamber’s Speakership role could have become history by now.

“If we were as strong as the Representatives of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s time, Chambers would have been gone a long time ago. He is just buying time now,” Sloh said.

Although difficult to conclude on the many allegations of Lawmakers accepting bribes from concession companies seeking opportunities to operate in the country, as well as the President of the day, lots of people in the public have alarmed over the Legislators being manipulated by the President of the day to take decisions, even if those decisions are detrimental to the general welfare of the country.

Nagbe, who neither minced his words nor sounded conflicting in his statements about he and his colleagues’ disenchantment about Chambers’ alleged poor management of affairs at the House of Representatives, said, for the fact that former Speakers Edwin Melvin Snowe and Alex Tyler did not survive their respective removals from speakership, Rep. Chambers, too, will be dethroned.

Rep. Snowe, who formerly represented Montserrado County District #6 during his speakership, now represents Bomi Electoral District #1, the former constituency of Alex Tyler when he (Tyler) served as Speaker of the 52nd and part of 53rd Legislature.

Concerning other developments, Rep. Sloh said he is deeply involved in farming in his hard-to-reach district.

“I want to establish myself as a leader who is interested in seeing his people being self sufficient in food. My people lack road connectivity and hunger is common, but I will change the narrative,” he boasted.

He decried government’s alleged deliberate neglect of the welfare of the people of Sinoe and other counties in the Southeast.

“Since God created this earth, no government, including 1847’s administration of first President Joseph Jenkins Roberts, has ever made Sinoe and a number of Southeastern counties part of national development. Almost all of the administrations have been and continue to be Monrovia based leaderships,” he alleged.

He boasted that he is the only Lawmaker who has slept in every village, town or hamlet of his District.

“From Monrovia to my district is 26 hours drive, even in the dry season. The road condition is extremely deplorable but, within my District, I will make sure there is road connectivity before 2023,” he promised, noting that he is doing all he can now so the people of his District will see reasons enough to reelect him in 2023.

“With or without government’s support, i will get clinics, roads, hand pumps built for my people,” he boasted further.

Other Representatives too have complained about Rep. Chambers’ lack of interest in their concerns, even if they are legitimate.

Since the inception of the CDC-led government, Rep. Bhofal Chambers and Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado District #10 have not agreed on almost every decision by the majority number of the Lower House of the Legislature.


  1. Nagbe Sloh, if you have nothing politically sound to say, just keep quiet. Such APOLITICAL OR ACTUALLY CHILDISH RUBBISH RUBBISHED OUT FROM YOU AS “If we were as strong as the Representatives of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s time” and ” I am the only Lawmaker who has slept in every village, town or hamlet of his District” spewed out by you confirms you are simply another noise making rascal!

    Is it in six month you and your thuggish gang without legislative wisdom nor the required numbers can ever do what you have failed and failed to do in more than two long years? Keep quiet, you little rascal!

  2. Rep. Sloh,

    I am indeed ebullient to read about your concerns and statements about Sinoe County. If you have really slept in every hamlet, village and town of Sinoe, then you are indeed a man of the people. My hat off to you in respect, Mr. Sloh.

    Work on your promise. You said with or without the government’s support, you will get clinics, roads, hand pumps built for your people, great brother!
    Talk to your people in New Kru Town to only come to Monrovia to work or make business or go to school and return to happily live in Sinoe. Your bushes are left uncultivated, your rich ocean resources are left unexploited. Your vast rich natural resources are clandestinely exploited by foreign nationals. Your beautiful scenery with verdure stretch of arable land lays waste and is unadmired by tourists.

    Do something for Sinoe. Work with representatives and senators from Nimba and Grand Gedeh to get the roads paved from Ganta to Zwedru, and then from Zwedru to Greenville. You have the authority to commit the Liberian government.
    I really like to hear and read people like you, Rep. Sloh. You can make it, believe in your dream for Liberia. I only hope you were with the ANC.

    My respect, Sir!

  3. Mr. Nagbe Sloh’s fight to oust Speaker Chambers is serious. But nothing is more serious than to have the whole law-making body of the republic of Liberia replaced. It will be a beautiful idea to replace the Liberian lawmakers because they are egocentric. For instance, the Liberian lawmakers are paid high salaries per annum, but yet, public school students do not have their full set of textbooks. Also, instead of talking about building and repairing roads during the rainy season, the Liberian lawmakers bicker amongst themselves about little or nothing. Rep. Sloh may have slept in every hamlet in his constituency during the dry season. It could not have been possible for the lawmaker to have slept in every corner of his constituency between June and December. Why? Because it rains tremendously in Liberia between the months of June to November or sometimes December. When one weighs the option, it really makes no sense for a member of a “do nothing” body to call for the ouster of its Speaker. They’re all the same.

    Not a sermon. The truth is being told.


  4. “Birds of the same feathers fly togrther,” it is written. Did Yekeh Kolubah, Adolph Lawrence, and Nagbe Sloh, not say ” President Weah would be removed from power in three months “??

    They said it and were even incited and financed by that corrupt, greedy, and selfish, Joe Boakai. But what happened NOTHING, with President Weah’s stay in power for his two terms of 12 years more and VERY CERTAIN than any Liberian President.

  5. It’s not bad to talk about issues, but let’s do something positively to help. We say a lots and do Little, we only get one Liberia. I love Liberia.


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