Pipeline Road, Bridges in Bad State

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Road and bridges in Pipeline Road in Paynesville outside Monrovia that hosts thousands of residents are in a very deplorable condition, according to Bishop Jensen D. Senyenkulo of the Lutheran Church of Liberia (LCL).

In an interview with Bishop Senyenkulo last Friday at the St. Matthew Lutheran Church’s parish in Paynesville he said since this year’s rainy season started, the quarter mile road in the community has become so deplorable that on many occasions, residents have been cut off.

The Lutheran Bishop underscored the urgent need for the Ministry of Public Works to place on its priority agenda during the dry season the rehabilitation of the Pipeline road and its dilapidated bridges.

Bishop Senyenkulo further explained that due to the recent heavy downpour, hundreds of small business people and residents were stranded across the creek connecting the business district to the Red-light Market.

He also said that potholes on the steep hills on the Pipeline road make the road impassable which affects the community.

Bishop Senyenkulo also added that due to the deplorable road condition, few commercial vehicles that ply the road spend many hours to reach their destinations.

“Inconveniences are so great our people now feel that they are abandoned at the Pipeline Community,” Bishop Senyenkulo asserted. “I feel discouraged about the deplorable nature of our road for the last two years.”

He stressed the need for the Minister of Public Works and his principal deputies to leave their offices and tour community roads in Monrovia and its environs for practical experience.

“Access to connections of neighborhood roads in Monrovia and other parts will boost the conveyance of goods, services, trade and commerce,” Bishop Senyenkulo emphasized.

On a brief tour of the Pipeline Community our reporter observed several roads that need the Ministry of Public Works’ attention.

Shedding light on the issue of pipe-borne water in the community, Bishop Senyenkulo also stressed that the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) should consider the expansion of its kiosks (hand-pumps) in the community.


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