Physically challenged Wants Pres. Weah Dismiss Leadership

Mr. Dean Sr. insists that President Weah remove the present NCD leadership

A group of physically challenged people under the banner Disabled of Like Mind for Good Governance (DLMGG) wants President George Weah to listen to their cries, show sympathy for the challenges they are being faced with, and withdraw the reinstatement of three directors at the National Commission on Disabilities (NCD) with immediate effect.

The group, in a position statement over the weekend, said those at the NCD are not working in the interest of physically challenged people, adding, “this is why many of us that are perpetually disabled are in the street begging with our children, and we want the present leadership removed.”

Samuel S. Dean, Sr., Chairperson of the group, said for too long people who are physically challenged have suffered and lived like slaves in their own homes, something he wants the government to address within the pro-poor agenda.

Mr. Dean said the reinstatement of the NCD three directors by the president is worrisome, indicating that these individuals were incompetent and corrupt to the core, without a proven track record, lacked the ability to effectively articulate or promote a suitable agenda at the national level for physically challenged people; that they are out of touch with the day-to-day challenges of the disabled community in Liberia, just to name a few reasons to have them removed.

He said the office of the president through its special aid security advisors Sakou  Kalasco and Jefferson  Kamoh, promised the group that a seven-man delegation would meet the president on Wednesday, March 21; a promise, they said, was not fulfilled.

“When we went to meet with the president on that Wednesday, March 19, we were informed by the Executive Protective Service (EPS) detail that we were not on his official itinerary for that day. We realized we had once again been deceived. Nevertheless, we insisted that they meet their end of the agreement mutually as agreed earlier,” Dean said.

The group said if the president cannot address their concerns as a community by removing those directors at the NCD, then the government’s pro-poor Agenda is a big bluff.

“We want to say unequivocally here today that our next protest action will bring Monrovia to a standstill until those three directors are removed, because the only dialogue will be the announcement of the president’s removing Madam Dennis and Messrs. Boima and Bull from the NCD”, Dean said.

The three being mentioned are the director and two of her deputies.

Dean said members of the community valiantly fought and campaigned for change, and they are still calling on the government to give them said change.

He added, “This is not the Change for Hope that we fought to introduce, so the president needs to understand that he is for all, including the disabled.”

It can be recalled that recently, a huge traffic holdup was created along the Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor when a group of physically challenged persons blocked the motor way leading to Congo Town, demanding President George Weah to reverse his recent decision endorsing the present leadership at the National Commission on Disability (NCD).

Calm was restored when Jefferson S. Kanmoh, the security advisor to President Weah, intervened by assuring the protestors of the president’s wish to address their complaints.

“The reason for the delay is that the president is investigating the allegations of the disabled independently and plans to come up in the shortest time with a balanced decision that will not be based on speculations,” Kanmoh assured the protestors.


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