Physically Challenged People Appeal for School

Evangelist James Tour, Sr., principal and founder of the school for the disabled in Saclepea

The physical challenged living in Saclepea, Nimba County, have appealed to the general public to assist them complete their ongoing school project.

The principal and founder of the school for the disabled, Evangelist James Tour, Sr., told the Daily Observer recently that the administration of the school has already paid for two deeded and probated plots of land.

Currently, he said they are running a pre–primary school for predominantly disabled children.

“This is the only school for the physically challenged that is under the umbrella of Saclepea Handicap Community School System,” Mr. Tour said.

He said the school was established on July 10, 2010 to provide sound and quality education for children born to disabled parents from Saclepea and its immediate environs.

Nimba County has one of the nation’s largest disabled communities, with some of them residing in Saclepea, Bahn, Karnplay, Tappita, Sanniquellie and Ganta.


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