Phase Two of US$40M Substantial Water Project Enters Final Stage

LWSC facilities in the Soul Clinic community

The final Phase of a US$40 million Urban Water, Sanitation and Supply Project (UWSSP), funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB), has entered its substantial completion inspection stage.

The project’s manager Gabriel S. Flaboe on Monday, April 23, led a team of water engineers, representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and contractors of a Chinese construction firm to the New Georgia and Soul Clinic water and sanitation projects.

During the inspection, engineers from the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) and representatives from MFDP filled out questionnaires regarding some of the minor technical problems at the facilities.

However, members of the combined teams of inspectors observed some challenges in one of the communities that was said to have rejected the construction exercise.

Mr. Flaboe puts the cost of the two projects at US$3.8 million.

In addition, Flaboe said that the total cost of the sanitation component is about US$690,000 and the facilities are up to technical and durable standards.

At the Soul Clinic newly-constructed water tower, he said the water storage capacity of the elevated tower is expected to hold 105,668 gallons and the height is 45 feet.

He further added that prior to the construction of the facilities in the two communities, the entity’s experts carried out an environmental assessment to determine the hygienic conditions of the areas.

Mr. Flaboe expressed delight for the commencement of the project because, according to him, the contractors were able to meet up with time line as provided in the documents.

“We committed ourselves to work for our country; therefore, we will always ensure that quality work is done for our people,” Flaboe said.

Due to challenges in the projects’ implementation, Mr. Flaboe stressed the need for lawmakers of the affected communities to prevail on residents to accept “the golden opportunity” of benefiting from safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities.

Meanwhile, Mr. Flaboe commended all stakeholders to the projects for their commitment, cooperation and hard work in ensuring that the two projects are completed on time.


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