Pharmacists Taught To Make Hand Sanitizer


The capacity of Liberian pharmacists was recently boosted when a Swiss-educated Malian doctor trained them in the production of anti-germ substances to stop the chain of transmission of germs and virus.

The pharmacists underwent a four-day training program, held at the Family Medical Center (FMC) located in Jacob Town on Somalia Drive in Paynesville.

The training was organized by the University Hospital of Switzerland, in collaboration with the Swiss Corporation in Liberia. The workshop was facilitated by Malian Pharmacist, Dr. Loseni Bengaly of the University Hospital Gabriel Toure in Bamako, Mali. The participants were 22.

Facilitator Bengaly said the 22 pharmacists were being trained in the production of a substance known as alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR).

According to him, it allows the hands to be free of virus and stops the transmission of germs. It could also be effective in the fight against the Ebola virus, Dr. Bengaly noted.

The Malian medical practitioner noted that the ABHR substance is essential in breaking the transmission of common germs and virus. He also indicated that at the end the workshop, the pharmacists will have the capacities to produce the ABHR substance and will be able to control the quality of their products.

He disclosed that the final products coming out of the training exercises will be distributed to hospitals in Monrovia.

The workshop’s 22 participants were divided into two groups. Each group was trained for two days. The first group consisted of 12 persons, among whom was the Chief Pharmacist of Liberia, Rev. T. Tyee Teh.

Dr. Bengaly, who has spent over 20 years in the medical field, now teaches at one of Mali’s universities as a professor of pharmacy.

He indicated that the challenges in the health sector are not unique to Liberia, but many African nations as well.

The University Hospital Switzerland provided all the logistics and equipment that were used in the training while the Swiss Corporation in collaboration with the Ministry of Health coordinated the training.


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