PFA Concludes WASSCE Tutorial for High School Students in Cape Mount

Madam Kula Fofana speaking at Robertsport High School

People’s Foundation Africa (PFA) concluded nearly a month-long tutorial for high school students in the Commonwealth and Gawula School Districts of Grand Cape Mount County. According to the President Madam Kula Nyei Fofana, this was her institution’s way of contributing to the county’s education sector.

Students of Grand Cape Mount County have over the years underperformed in the West African Examination Council (WAEC), now West African Senior School Certification Exam (WASSCE), and has been attributed to the poor state of the country’s education system, according to Madam Fofana.

The tutorial classes focused on eight of the nine subjects including Math, English, Geography, History, Physics, Economics, Biology, and Chemistry. Among the seven high schools earmarked, Robertsport High School, Alwelayah Islamic High School, AGM, St. John Episcopal and Methodist High School showed interest in the classes.

Madam Fofana called on sons and daughters of the county to join efforts to save the county’s appalling and rapidly declining education system. She said it was disheartening to learn during an assessment visit that some of the high schools had not seen teachers of geography, history and other subjects since the beginning of the school year and that the majority, if not all the schools, are ill-prepared to sit the exams. She hopes that her effort, as minimal as it may seem, will create an impact.

The exam is expected to begin Wednesday, April 24, 2019, across the country.  

The tutorial classes were held in partnership with the Cape Mount University Students Union (CAMUSU). She further thanked CAMUSU for the commitment of the volunteer tutors and looked to future partnership and collaboration.

Also speaking was the President of CAMUSU, Mr. Mohammed Degbo, who extended appreciation to Madam Fofana and team for the level of patience, partnership, and cooperation.

“This is the first time for such a program in our county and we look forward to future collaboration from Madam Fofana and PFA” Mr. Degbo said.  Also speaking was Ms. Fatumata Jalloh, the only female among the tutors, who said it was concerning to realize that twelfth grade students couldn’t read simple passages, something that is often seen in the exams. “I must admit that I underestimated the challenges in our school system until I volunteered to be a tutor for the upcoming WASSCE,” Ms. Jalloh intoned. 

Madam Kpana Gaygay, PFA’s Program Associate and coordinator of the tutorials, sees it as a wake-up call for the government and partners to improve focus on literacy and numeracy skills for the students. She was also happy that young people can come together for a good cause such as education.

Despite the broader challenges, Madam Fofana hopes that this can be replicated in other districts in the county and country. However, with its meager resources, PFA can do just so much. She also thanked Mobilizing for Cape Mount and other donors who contributed to the success of the program. Funds were raised through Gofundme, a fundraising platform, and mobile money contributions.

People’s Foundation Africa works with challenged, poor and hard-to-reach communities on education, health, agriculture, mentorship, and tourism. The foundation is expected to be officially launched in Monrovia soon.


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