Petrol Station Manager Drowns in Backyard Well in Tappita


The manager of a local petrol station, the Ma Queen Filling Station, in Tappita City, Nimba County, has mysteriously drowned in his backyard well, leaving the family members and community people in total disbelief.

According to family sources, on Monday, November 2, 2020, the local manager, identified as Gontorwon Menlor, left his bedroom by 3 a.m. and went outside, but could not be seen for the whole day, creating an alarm and fear among the residents of Tappita.

However, after a rigorous search, he was found drowned in a well in his back yard, sending shockwaves of dismay among the community members and the entire Tappita District.

The actual cause of the accident that led to Gontorwon’s death is not clear, but unconfirmed report suggests that he has been worrying and complaining over an undisclosed situation. It therefore remains unclear whether or not his death is suicide or homicide as the cause is yet to be fully established.

Two years ago, Menlor’s predecessor and manager of the same gas station allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with a single barrel gun.

When contacted, the head of the Crime Services Department of Nimba, Oscar Sayer, said there was no foul play and they suspect the incident as a suicide.

He quoted the late Menlor’s wife as saying that her husband has been worrying over some financial mismanagement after making his financial or sales report to his bossman in October.

She told the CSD officers that ever since her husband returned from reporting to his bossman in Ganta, he had been worrying about how to get the replacement of the fund he mismanaged, and prior to the night he went missing, he was crying and she invited friends to counsel him.

According to accounts by his wife, she and some friends were counseling him when he got out later hours in the night and could not be seen until his body was found in the well in his back yard.

“His body was removed from the well and taken to the hospital, where a 15-man jury carried out a check on him and no foul play was discovered,” said Nimba Chief Detective Oscar Sayer.


  1. That’s a very good question WARNINGSHOT because the international community is now fully aware and does regard Weah’s government as a bunch of cannibalistic savages trying to run a democracy.

    And if I was to coin a phrase to describe this government, I would call it a SAVAGEOCRACY with the first syllable “savage” meaning a barbaric or uncouth human and “ocracy” deriving from the Greek root for form of government.

    • Yup, barbarism has taken control of the country since Weah came to power. The country is very dangerous because killers walk free so why would stop killing? They won’t.

  2. Who is the boss man for this gas station? If a political figure or former warlord, then it’s a criminal case.
    Liberia, oh sweet Liberia, when will the barbarism cease?

    • The owner is Sam Zean Carr, never work in his life but have money, businesses , and known for killing and covering up. Please send a real investigator to look into this matter. Sam Carr is friends with those so-called investors in Tappita. I don’t believe this man committed suicide. The case have murder written all over it. Please my people, please investigate this man, this is the second mysterious death at the same gas station owned by Sam Carr ( a.k.a Ganta Ambassador).

  3. The unwarranted killings in Liberia is getting very scary and uncontrivable. What is even more frightening and troubling about this latest incident in Tappetta is the response from the Liberia National Police assigned in the County.

    So, the critical question is, how did this Police Officer, Sayer know that Mr. Menlor’s death was a result of suicide and that he was not murder, especially given the unexplained death of previous manager of this gas station? Has the police ever made any inquiry to the owner regarding these unexplained deaths and if so, what was the response from their inquiries?

    I think the owner of this station is a person of interest and must be investigated. Additionally, who were these 15-man jury that supposedly examined this body and what are their expertise in establishing the death of a human being? Quite honestly, there is something sinister about these two unexplained deaths.

    • I agree with you tonyleeway, the needs to be investigated. This is not the first time and could not be dismissed as suicide. Owner Sam Zean Carr need to be question, not by his friends but real investigators.


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