Petro-Trade Identifies with LPRC Workers

Petro-Trade CCO, Abraham Kaydea, in handshake with LPRC staff during the presentation of items

It was a remarkable and joyous moment for the workers of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) when Petro-Trade, Incorporated presented the staff with 600 bags of rice and oil for July 26 (Independence Day), a release has said.

According to the release, the Petro-Trade staff went out on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, and identified with LPRC’s workers to appreciate them, based on the long-standing, good working relationship between Petro-Trade and LPRC.

Petro-Trade is an affiliate company of Super Petroleum (SP) and Liberian Petroleum (LP).

Its management donated 20 large boxes of Maggi Cubes, 600 bags of rice and 600 gallons of cooking oil for the entire workforce, as gift for the festive season.

Ibrahim Hamdan, Petro-Trade, Incorporated’s Chairman and Chief Business Development Officer, who made the presentation on behalf of the company, told officials and workers of LPRC that as part of their corporate social responsibility, they decided to assist the LPRC family as their way of celebrating Liberia’s Independence Day with them.

Mr. Hamdan said: “On behalf of our company Petro-Trade, we want to use this medium to say we are happy to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day with you by donating these items. We know how difficult it is now with the state of the economy.

“It is against this backdrop that we thought it wise to come and identify with you during this time of need, and we will remain working with you.

“Petro-Trade wants LPRC to know that we will be partners with you and we will make sure that all our petroleum products come through the LPRC storage terminal,” Hamdan told the LPRC family.

The company is a Liberian-based importer and supplier of petroleum products, and is the parent company of Super Petroleum and Liberian Petroleum brands. It is one of the leading petroleum companies in Liberia.

According to Mr. Hamdan, the vision of the company is to be a “Class A” petroleum company, and the undisputed market leader in the Liberian petroleum market.

He noted that the company has a mission, which is to provide quality service to its customers with a positive impact on the environment in which they operate.

Hamdan explained further that the company was upgrading its Retail Network of up to 40 gas stations to international standard.

Petro-Trade Chief Coordinating Officer, Abraham Kaydea, expressed gratitude to LPRC for two decades of good working relationship with his company.

Mr. Kaydea promised that Petro-Trade will remain with LPRC Terminal and do all its business with them. He said at present, Petro-Trade is the leading importer of petroleum products at LPRC at the moment.

He wants to maintain the current good working relationship with LPRC as the company is going through a period of expansion.

Mr. Kaydea also spoke of the on-going project that will see Petro-Trade upgrading up to 40 Retail Service stations to international standard. He said that this is something he believes will make LPRC proud of Petro-Trade very soon.


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