Petro-Trade Identifies With Flood Victims

PetroTrade staff with the items donated to the flood victims

Donate Several Relief Items

By Lewis S. Teh

It was a joyous moment for the residents of the flooded communities of Mount Barclay Oldfield and Soul Clinic, when three Cargo Trucks, filled with relief items, showed up in the area. The generous relief effort was carried out by Petro Trade Inc., in response to the urgent need of Liberians who were displaced as a result of the recent floods that occurred in their respective communities.

The staff of Petro Trade, an affiliate company of Super Petroleum (SP) and Liberian Petroleum (LP), went out to these communities on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, to identify with citizens in Mount Barclay and the Soul Clinic community after the heavy flood took their houses and personal belongings, leaving many community residents with nothing.

The relief effort provided 300 mattresses, 400 bags of rice, 400 gallons of oil and other provision items for over four hundred families. In her remarks, Marketing Manager Jefyne Togba stated that, “We know that these items cannot replace what these families have lost but it is our hope that it will bring a little joy to these families during this festive holiday season.”

Many of the residents expressed their gratitude to Petro Trade for the intervention that they were not even expecting. They were so grateful that a local company was able to respond to their SOS call.

Making the Presentation on behalf of the company, Petro-Trade Inc. Chief Coordinating Officer (CCO), Mr. Abraham Kaydea, told residents of the Mount Barclay Oldfield and Soul Clinic communities that, as part of their corporate social responsibility, they thought it wise to respond to their urgent needs of the citizens as a company.

In his remarks, Mr. Abraham Kaydea told the community residents, “On behalf of our company Petro Trade, we want to use this medium to say we are sorry for your misfortune. We know how difficult it is to lose your homes and everything you have. You may not know but every time you buy gas from our stations, it helps us as a company to reciprocate especially in these difficult periods. It is against this backdrop that we thought it wise to come and identify with you during your time of need and we will remain working with you.”

Petro Trade Inc. is a Liberian based importer and supplier of petroleum products and is the parent company of the Super Petroleum (SP) and Liberian Petroleum (LP) brands. As one of the leading petroleum companies.

According to Kaydea, the vision of the company is to be a Class A petroleum company and undisputed market leader in the Liberian petroleum market, noting that the company has a mission which is also to provide quality service to its customers with a positive impact on the environment in which they operate.

Speaking on behalf of the Mount Barclay Oldfield community, Pastor Fallah Armstrong Forleh expressed delight over the donation by the company, noting that since the incident occurred, no one had come to their rescue, not even government.

“I strongly want to thank the Petro Trade family for taking up their time, efforts, and resources to respond to our needs. We never thought this would have happen, we the victims were thinking what do for this July 26 celebration, but God has done it for us through this company”, he adds.

“You know when we experienced the Ebola, no one came to our aid, this a first of its kind to see a Liberian company coming to help us, this is a sign of blessing from God.”

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Soul Clinic community, Pastor James Molubah, founder of the Mighty Fortress Worldwide Ministry, also expressed thanks to Petro Trade for the donation. He said since the incident took place only the former Representative now Senatorial Candidate Madam Josephine Francis identified with them by providing rice and water to the victims.

“But today’s donation to this community by this company is different, there is a saying that when you worry anyone that comes to you is a friend.”


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