Petro Trade Fulfills CSR to Bomi Hospital, Communities

Petro Trade provided to two groups; The Sadaya Group (Elderly & Vulnerable Citizens) and the Group of 77 Agriculture Project

Local petroleum dealer Petro Trade yesterday fulfilled one of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and celebrated this year’s Independence Day by supporting patients at the government hospital in Bomi County and communities.

As part of that effort, Petro Trade’s staffers visited Tubmanburg on the eve of the holiday and delivered care packages consistent with their agreement.

“Liberia is in need of support in many areas and we at Petro Trade want to make a lasting impact so in addition to donating basic necessities we are also providing the community with the tools and means to be self-sufficient,” said Chairman Ibrahim Hamdan. “We look forward to this continuous relationship with this community and are excited to see the products that come from this exceptional day.”

Petro Trade provided to two groups; The Sadaya Group (Elderly & Vulnerable Citizens) and the Group of 77 Agriculture Project with materials for their farming, baking, sewing, and soap making projects.

Some of the items included: sewing machines, flour, sugar, baking powder, wheelbarrows, gardening hoes, rain boots, fertilizer and more! Petro Trade also provided the elderly and vulnerable citizens with medical equipment such as; wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks, and sunglasses.

Petro Trade staffs gave out 500 care packages to communities in need for the Independence Day holiday

The donation is phase one of the MOU that was signed with the community. Petro Trade will support the community and their initiatives for the duration of one year, with the hope of implementing new programs and building on existing programs.

Petro Trade topped off the day with 500 care packages donated to the community, with a special trip to the Bomi Hospital. Staff personally visited sick patients and went to the door steps of the elderly to deliver the packages that included; gari, rice, vegetable oil, sardines, bathing soap, detergent soap, tissue, tooth brush, tooth paste, and more.

Both Petro Trade and the citizens left the day with smiles and hopeful hearts. “Getting to know your communities on a deeper level is important to understand your demographic, we could have just brought rice but scratching the surface just a bit revealed a community with many skill sets,” said Jefyne Togba, Marketing Manager. “It is such a rewarding feeling to give back, but an even better feeling knowing you are empowering a deserving group of people.”

This initiative is part of Petro Trade’s CSR program, which focuses on contributing to the social and economic development of Liberia in a more meaningful way. In order to achieve this goal Petro Trade monitors the program through clear objectives and activities and are evaluated through these measurements; impact, relevance, measurability, and visibility.


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