Petitioned CDC Stalwart Urges Representative Fallah to Abandon Senatorial Race

Atty. Phil T. Dixon makes remarks after accepting the petition to contest for the Senate.

A stalwart of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Atty. Phil Tarpeh Dixon, who recently resigned from the Ministry of Labor as Deputy Minister for Manpower Planning and Human Resource Development, has thrown his hat in the December 8 senatorial race in Montserrado County, calling on his party’s endorsed candidate, Representative Thomas P. Fallah, to back off from the race.

Though Dixon has the constitutional right to contest, this is the least expected decision for a partisan of ruling coalition to take after the party has endorsed Montserrado County District #5 Representative Thomas Fallah.

He was petitioned by former District #13 (now #15) Representative Victoria A. Lynch, along with a cross-section of social and political youth groupings on August 30 to contest as an  Independent Candidate.

The former Deputy Labor Minister, who still remains a stalwart of the ruling party told journalists that Representative Fallah has benefited a lot from President George Weah and, as such, his senatorial bid would be a waste of resources.

The group said in their petition that Atty. Dixon is the best candidate suited for the senatorial post of the county because he is knowledgeable in lawmaking.

During the petitioning ceremony, the group, through their spokesperson, William V.C. Vanween indicated that the Liberian Senate is not only for the elders but also for young people who have adequately prepared themselves and are ready to lead.

“We believe that Atty. Dixon, with the vast knowledge and the education he has received over the years as a young, energetic, and erudite former Minister, can better transform the Liberian Senate,” he added.

“Once again, on behalf of the like-minded, duly registered voters of Montserrado County, we hereby submit this petition to Atty. Phil Tarpeh Dixon, a man who is our kind, a man who understands our feelings.

Madam Lynch, who pledged her full-fledged support to Atty. Dixon’s senatorial bid, has called on her supporters to see reason to follow her trend in supporting Atty. Dixon for the Senate.

She recalled that being a former lawmaker of District #13 was the dream and aspiration of Atty. Dixon, “because he did all he could to see me elected in 2005 to serve my people, and by that, I am going to give all my support to him though the money is not there.”

Accepting the petition from the groups, Atty. Dixon thanked the petitioners and promised not to disappoint them if he is given the opportunity to serve.

According to Atty. Dixon, his resignation from the Ministry of Labor puts him in a better position to contest as an independent candidate.

Atty. Dixon stated that his dream of becoming the next Senator of Montserrado County must come to reality by defeating incumbent Senator Darius Dillon in the December 8 senatorial elections.

He boasted of having worked in two of the three branches of government which, according to him, makes him the most qualified for the vacant post of Montserrado County in the Senate.

Dixon said, “Montserrado County is the first county in Liberia; Montserrado County must be first in examination and analysis, and we need somebody with experience, tested experience of working in various branches of government.”

He added: “I am privileged to have worked in two branches of government. My profession consistently causes me to interact with the third branch of government — Judiciary Branch.”

According to him, he has worked at the Legislature as Special Assistant for six years; and also served as first Legal Consul at the National Aids Commission and held many other top positions including his recent position at the Ministry of Labor.


  1. Aww wow! Atty. Phil Dixon, tho’ l don’t know him, must be a shameless demagogue who is purely and unwittingly exposing the corrupt, irresponsible machinations of the top office: that Senator Thomas Fallah has ALREADY benefited a lot from President Weah, and hence should relinquish the position to him, Dixon.
    What the inept Atty. is saying is that CDC Parliamentarians are not there to serve their voters actually; but to accrue wealth for themselves thru the endorsement of President Weah.
    But let his would-be voters hear this and make up their minds.
    Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA

  2. Philip Tarpeh Dixon is not serious. He believes another person should backoff from a lucrative seat for him, because it is his time to benefit. Philip, do you think politics is some church? You are very humorous , Philip. Someone should deny himself, not because of any common good, but absolutely for your personal, individual, and selfish benefit. REALLY??


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