Pervocate Expands Diabetes Testing and Awareness

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The management of Pervocate, a diabetes testing and awareness center, has taken its ‘free’ diabetes testing and awareness community initiative to Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The community initiative, which took place recently, brought together a cross-section of residents of the county, among them the Buchanan City Mayor, Julia K. Bono.  

Pervocate’s chief executive officer (CEO), James Momoh, told Buchanan residents of the importance of diabetes testing and awareness, which he described as a key component in the management of the disease.

The Pervocate executive said diabetes had become a global medical condition affecting the vast majority of the world’s population, “but with testing and awareness, sufferers can better manage the highs and lows of their sugar content.”

He said that the establishment of Pervocate in Liberia should be an opportunity for all Liberians, regardless of the content of their individual sugar level.

According to Mr. Momoh, his entity currently has one of the newest diabetes testing equipment in the country that is capable of giving results in less than six seconds.   “Our goal,” he said, “is to ensure that the technology is made affordable and accessible to every household in the country.”

“Since the establishment of the diabetes diagnostic center in the country a couple of months ago, it has been of greater service to the residents of Monrovia,  identifying the level of their sugar content, and providing onsite counseling to individuals with high sugar content.”

Mayor Bono, who received a donation of the diabetes technology from Mr. Momoh in Buchanan, said while testing and awareness are key components to diabetes management, sufferers need to be proactive in managing  life style changes, including dieting, exercise and being mindful of what foods to consume.

Mayor Bono then lauded the effort of Pervocate in bringing the technology into the country.  According to her, the engagement of Pervocate in Buchanan is a demonstration that Mr. Momoh is concerned about the health care delivery system of the locals.

The City Mayor, who also benefited from the testing exercise, told the participants that getting tested and knowing one’s diabetes status was a relief to them.

“I always thought I was diabetic until I was tested and found to be negative through Pervocate’s community initiative,” she said.

She promised to spread the message and ensure that every health care delivery system in Buchanan has access to the technology.


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