“Perform or Take the Bench”


Pres. Weah warns cabinet

President George Manneh Weah has told members of the cabinet that the year 2021 is a year of performance, commitment and diligence, and has threatened to dismiss any cabinet member who fails to strictly execute his agenda.

Addressing the cabinet at its first sitting for the year on Thursday, February 4, 2021, Dr. Weah warned that there will be zero tolerance for non-performing cabinet members and other government officials.

“This year and onwards, you must implement my agenda to stay on or take the bench. I will dismiss any official of government who fails to perform”, President Weah warned.

The Liberian Chief Executive said agriculture, the second flagship program of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), remains a priority as his government embarks on making Liberia food secure and improving the livelihood of Liberians.

President Weah, who is expected to attend this year’s agriculture fair in Gbarnga on February 12, 2021, mandated the Minister of Agriculture, Jeanine Cooper, to ensure that all government farms are cultivated.

“Madam Minister, please make sure we develop and cultivate our farm lands throughout the country this year. Let’s begin with the 5,000 acres in Grand Cape Mount. I will lead the entire cabinet to plant rice and crops by April this year”, Dr. Weah said.

Commending Min. Cooper, the Liberian President said: “I was told you are the best in terms of changing the dynamics of agriculture in the Country, and that you can help make my dreams of “made in Liberia” come true. You have so far exhibited that. I want you to do more”.

The Liberian Chief Executive urged all members of the cabinet to get involved in agriculture, saying: “Living by example is cardinal.”

President Weah then commended members of the cabinet for submitting detailed reports on their various achievements, which he promised to peruse before acting on a way forward. But he insisted that people who don’t perform will take the bench as there would be no sacred cow.

The cabinet also discussed and approved the President’s tour which begins on February 12, 2021 in Bong County. The first phase of the tour will take him to Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru Counties.

President Weah is expected to hold town hall meetings with locals, county caucuses and administrations, as well as commission projects including roads, administrative buildings and housing units.

Also during the tour, Dr. Weah is expected to become the first ever President of Liberia to visit and interact with residents of Gbi and Doru, where one of his farms is located.

Additionally, the cabinet received and discussed recommendations from the universal periodic human rights report. 

Following cabinet’s review, the Minister of Justice and other line ministries including Gender, were mandated to accept and make recommendation to the international body in cognizance with Liberia’s laws and traditions.


  1. Mr. President, you need to develop a system to objectively measure your cabinet officials’ performance. Instead of saying, “you must perform or you take the bench,” assign each cabinet member a number of tasks and timelines to complete them. That will compel them to work harder because they know if they don’t complete those tasks, they’re out. That will separate the sheep from the goats so to speak.

  2. Phil George

    Thanks Phil. A pun is not intended, but if some Liberians think that what you are talking about is from outer space, then their confusion is either derived from their inability to analytically reflect on Liberian history, or maybe they had not come of age during the administration of the late Dr. William Richard Tolbert.

    I say this because the late Dr. Tolbert compelled all cabinet ministers to submit their annual reports to the president’s office. The annual report was given a mandatory year-end deadline because it was when the late Dr. Tolbert would deliver his state of the union address. It often explained all the constraints and successes of all the government ministries and how monies were allocated and expended. The exercise also give the president the opportunity to prepare and present to the Liberian people his justifications for the various spending proposals under a new fiscal year.

    Each and every cabinet minister explained in the annual report his roadmap and what he/she achieved during the year in review plus what he/she wishes to achieve during the following year under new budgetary allocations.

    The annual report does help the president to develop statistical algorithms to go by in the preparation, planning, and implementation of government projects.

    The late Dr. Tolbert may not be considered by some as the best president Liberia has ever had, but he had a plan and an organization. This led to his achievement of many national goals and for which he has been missed by Liberians of all walks of life.

    Does the current president have a roadmap? If so, then I do not think Liberians feel he has one because the country seems to be trekking in an endless wilderness with no compass to give them a direction.

    Thanks again Phil.

  3. Mr. Solomon Latro Blamkpai,
    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021. Reading and reflecting on your write-up, I need not remind you that although everything you have written and published relative to Liberia’s Honorable Ministers, Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah and his CDC-led Government is the truth and nothing but the truth, notwithstanding, President William Richard Tolbert and Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah, the current President of Liberia, are not one and the same.

    During President William Richard Tolbert’s administration, he required resourceful and self-sustaining reports from each Ministers working in the Tolbert-led Government. But unlike Mr. Tolbert, Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah and his CDC-led Government have a distinct and different priority for Liberia and its residents. President Manneh Tarpeh Weah, instead of daily working to develop and transform Liberia and its residents’ economic condition and day-to-day suffering, President George Manneh Tarpeh Weah, come what may, is busy and totally consumed by writing and making GREAT MUSIC in Liberia and on Liberia’s time.

    One of our President’s wonderful and self-executing beats is “MR. LAIR MAN”

    • If you don’t want them to “cause” your ma, their traditional and common language, you better write Dr. Dr. Dr. Manneh Tweah Weah next time.
      I beg you, we have good people coming on here contributing and reading, use his title of doctorate degrees before we hear vituperations here.
      Don’t think the person is old or is a woman and so s/he will not abuse ooooh, they are all birds of the same feathers.

  4. Our dear president has spoken. “If you don’t perform, you take the bench.” Great injunction to the executive branch of government.

    But Mr. President, we will begin with you. Get ready to take the bench if you don’t perform ooooooh!.
    For your ministers to perform, you must give them the roadmaps; set monthly or quarterly semester objectives with the required budget allocations.
    Most of your ministers are great people, especially your Agriculture Minister. Give her a good budget. You see the $30 million you borrowed to feed your lazy partisans the last time, give her the double or the triple per year and see if Liberians will suffer or go hungry. Just try it, Mr. President.
    Also, close your eyes and give your Minister of Education a budget of at least $100 million over the next 3 years and see if Liberia will not make you proud. Stop downplaying education, it is the key to our sustainable development.

    To meet the above objectives, close your eyes Mr. President, launch a call for proposals for the positions of Director of Customs, Director of Tax and Director of Ports for qualified Liberians with the best ideas to help you augment annual budget to at least $2 billion. Mr. President, IT IS POSSIBLE if you go on a non-partisan line. Find qualified Liberians to help you, leave them to professionally work for the country and not a clan, you will succeed the remaining 3 years and then we can give you another 6.

    You have the choice to be reelected or ejected in 2023, decide, Mr. President!

  5. Cabinet ministers are human being in this new dispensation of professional working environment. They also need liberty as well as any other human. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient! The President have played his best part by giving his ministers stern warnings how they should take their job seriously. Such warning from the President can be quickly understood than any other roadmap or benchmark setup to meet performance expectations. Ministers are not slaves neither to the president or the country they took vows to honestly serve.

    Such statistical report by the late president Tolbert have no place to fit in this modern day government. Maybe President Tolbert was somehow less busy and comfortable in his position, things were normal ( foods and other necessities) were surplus, he feel no pressure from citizens that’s why he initiated such loitering reporting system. Modern day governments are setup in the best way that covers all those coruscating speeches. Evidentially, in modern day government, is not only by saying but by implementation. When we talk about transparency, we have so many anti-graft institutions that are responsible to fight ills in government, and so on; in this way, it free the president to focus on other quick impact projects for the benefit of it citizens.

    The ministers would freely use their Term of Reference (TOR) to the best of their functionalities-Performance Base Expectation (PBE)to adequately deliver their expected goals to the president.

  6. Mr Defender,
    If the President’s appointed Ministers perform their assigned duties effectively, it simply means that the president is doing his job. In other words, the president gets the credit if things go well in the right direction. Lastly Mr. Defender, the country is broke! Where do you expect the president to get humongous amounts of money to be dispensed to the Ministries?

    I totally agree with you on some issues. For instance, the issue of Education is very, very important. If I had the opportunity to advise the president, I would suggest an overhaul of all public schools from K to grade 12. In my view, Liberia needs a Teacher’s college. So Mon Petit Frere, we’ve got areas of agreement. My main point is that you are throwing figures around without telling your readers where the money is and in some cases, you don’t have any proof of the things you say.

    Your Suggestion…..
    You suggest that the Ministry of Education should be awarded a three-year budget of 100 million bucks. How did you arrive at your figure? Have you done a feasibility study?

    You stated unequivocally that Weah obtained 30 million dollars and fed his partisans? Where’s the proof?

  7. Grand Frere,

    You said:
    “If the President’s appointed Ministers perform their assigned duties effectively, it simply means that the president is doing his job.”

    The above statement may be true or false, based on the framework.
    In the USA, presidential candidates are voted within the Democratic or Republican Party based on their platform or manifestos. Such president usually vet and choose his cabinet from among people who agree and best understand what s/he stands for.
    In Liberia, a presidential aspirant develops her or manifestos along with his inner circle who, when elected, are usually his closest collaborators at the executive mansion or within the ministries. And so, cabinet ministers will strictly work in accordance with the schedule of works to be given by the presidential team.

    Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah should therefore give his cabinet ministers a clear schedule of executions per month or quarter or semester or year, based on which they (cabinet ministers) will be evaluated to see how efficient and effective they are.
    But if Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah leaves the cabinet ministers alone to use their DISCRETIONS in advancing his pro-pocket agenda, then do NOT blame a minister, an executioner, who doesn’t know what to do.
    It would look like getting a group of stars from different teams on a dream team to perform wonders without coordinated plans or roadmaps. It becomes a show of talents instead of a teamwork.
    And so, it is incumbent upon CDC to provide the way out in accordance with its political orientation/s. Weah must be in charge, not the ministers, for they are executioners of Weah’s idea/s!

    Liberia is NOT broke, Hney! Liberia has incompetent rulership!
    The $100 million I have referred to was not for 3 years, but per year. I must correct this sentence. It is possible to allocate this amount to revamp the educational system over 3 years and make the country’s educational system competitive.

    Where can we get the money?
    From Customs duties and Taxes, wise and expedient investments in vital sectors of the economy.
    If the GOL can privatize LEC today, substantial sums will be generated from the company next year, 100 times more than what is generated to date.
    If the education system can be revamped by injecting $300 million over the next 3 years, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali and other neighboring French speaking countries will send students to Liberia every year to attend school. The direct, indirect and induced values to be created will be substantial.
    If you disregard partisan affiliation and open the positions of Directors of Ports, Customs and Tax to qualified Liberians with the brightest ideas, and leave them to work in the interest of the country without strains, at least Liberia can vote minimum annual budget of $2 billion per year.

    We can go on to cite many commonsense examples of how we can make Liberia to become part of the comity and community of nations.
    We have great Liberians like you (Hney) in the USA who can help immensely to revamp the educational sector. All we need to do is to create the conducive atmosphere for you to come home. I do not want you and others to find it SCURRILOUS to come back to your country.

    I hope you now have hints on our ideas of where the money can be generated. Please visit the ANC’s 2017 platform. We have our detailed proposals to the Liberian people, which they did not read unfortunately.
    If you think it is impossible, give us the country in 2023. We (ANC) will NEVER work with a meagre budget of half a billion, NEVER!
    Maybe the first year, to close some loopholes, we may begin with $1.5 billion, 3 times more than what we’ve been seeing around here.

    If Weah loves Liberia, for the next 3 years, let him get rid of some “don” ministers and managers and open to other Liberians, like the minister of agriculture, who are not forcibly part of his political party. Reshuffle and use people like Kemayah in their rightful positions to make great strides. Provide them with the appropriate budget, and do not impose your unqualified thugs on them.

    Our people are famished and dying of common diseases, CDC! Bring us the FIXES you promised!

    Are you asking me of proof of the $30 million borrowed to buy food recently? Daily Observer, please help Grand Frere Hney.

  8. The lyrics in one of the the songs of the late king of soul music, James Brown, used to go like this: “Just talking loud, and saying nothing!” In other words, a person’s talks are considered as nothing but noise because no one seems to be listening neither responding to him or her; this is the situation with Weah and his cabinet members. How many times has he not made the same pronouncements repeatedly, and yet his lieutenants did not bulge?

    And one reason that the cabinet ministers are always intent on the same old course is because they have learned, time after time, to associate Weah’s tone as one that emanates from a president who is knowledgeably clueless and whose utterances are childlike and non-consequential.

    How will the ministers perform efficiently when the president has established no routine in constantly monitoring their activities and encouraging constant feedback; Worst, how will they perform when the president cares less about their malfeasance and intentional dereliction of duties?

  9. His Excellency
    Mr. President,
    The saying “if you don’t perform, you will take the bench” is definitely not a bad one.
    But to have your dream come through Mr. President you need to assign or distribute to each cabinet members or officials a specific targets to meet within a particular time firm. The cabinet members are human and they need to rest and have peace too. But some are like turtles, they need fire on their backs before they move faster.
    Mr. President, working with targets in every expect of life, keeps your brain always at work.
    Mama Liberia is for every citizens so those that is in various key positions need to double up theur efforts to have your dream come through and have mama liberia on the map.
    Thanks Mr. President and I pray and hope that your dreams for this nation be fulfill through your cabinet members or officials.
    May God blessed mama Liberia.

  10. Mon Petit Frere,
    You have a way of taking my words out of context. My question was and still is…. how do you know that the borrowed thirty million dollars was used to feed Weah’s partisans?

    All of us raise issues. Sometimes when an issue is raised by me, I am presenting myself as a defender.

    If your demigod ever becomes president, he will certainly be accused and probably sometimes cursed by his enemies…..not by me! Never! You know I don’t play that type of game. There are fair-minded people like myself who would like to know if the charges that are being leveled at your demigod are real. Although I have vowed not to ever join his camp by any means, will I be seen as a staunch supporter of his just by asking a question? I would like you to cogitate over this for a second.

    I asked the question because I wanted to Know how you obtained the information. How can thirty million dollars be borrowed and then used to feed one’s partisans when the country as a whole is going through the mud? That’s what you want us to believe. You’ve got to have proof my friend. I am not defending Weah. I am asking a simple question.



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